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South Sudan: Ugandan Tanks Drivers Killed In Recent Battles In Upper Nile As Allied Governments Troops Lose Severely!

Following a two days battle South of Malakal town in Upper State, the Opposition believe that they gained control of the towns near Malakal.(Photo: supplied)
Following a two days battle South of Malakal town in Upper State, the Opposition believe that they gained control of the towns near Malakal.(Photo: supplied)

Oct 11, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from the two warring factions confirmed that the government troops lost control of towns, more personnel and weaponry in the recent fighting in Upper Nile state.

According to Col. Philip Aguer, the military spokesman for SPLA-Juba faction, the government troops repulsed rebels attacks at Achabanil on 10 Oct October 2014, however, Aguer believes that their forces are still battling for control of Doleib Hills.

“The rebels of Riek Machar today on 10th October, 2014, at 6:00 am launched attacks on the positions of our forces in Doleib hill and Achabanil, as a result the fighting is ongoing in Doleib hill but our forces have repulsed the one on Achabanil. The general command at the general headquarters has communicated this violation to the IGAD monitors,” Aguer told reporters Friday.

Latest reports from Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, the Director for Military Information and Military Spokesman for SPLA – Opposition faction, on the contrary, confirm that the government troops did not only lose towns but also hundreds of soldiers, loads of big guns, stores full of shells of different weaponry and food items.

According to Brig. Gen Lul, their troops which had an upper hand, inflicted heavy casualties in terms of personnel and equipment on the government troops as follow:

  1. An estimated 400-500 loyal troops were killed in action
  2. Three (3) T-72 battle tanks and 1 Armored Personnel Carrier captured in good conditions were later destroyed after the barge that was supposed to ferry them across southern bank of Sobat River could not handle their sheer weight
  3. One (1) 120MM captured in good condition.
  4. Five(5) 82MM captured in good condition.
  5. Thirty(30) PRGs captured in good condition.
  6. Fifty (50) PKM light machine guns captured in good condition.
  7. Three hundred (300) AKM-47 captured in good condition.
  8. Eight (8) 12.7 captured in good condition.
  9. One store full of shells of different weaponry and food items was captured.
  10. One store full of ammunitions for different weaponry was destroyed.

Lul assures that his office will release identifications of two Ugandans, male and a female tank drivers that were recovered at the front line.

“To be included in the next press statement are pictures of some of the latest versions of AKM-47 assault rifles captured in the battles, IDs of Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) 1 female and 1 male Tank Drivers killed in action.” Lul said.

“Once released, they would provide undeniable proofs that Uganda had heavily deployed forces in all the ten states of the Republic of South Sudan and that it’s not only confined to the protection of vital installations in Juba, Bor and Gadiang as previously reported or thought.” Lul continued.

Allied Troops Reinforcements in Upper Nile State.

According to Brig. Lul, the allied governments of Uganda and South Sudan are tactically planning air strikes to bombard the areas controlled by the SPLA in Opposition.

“By yesterday evening, the government in Juba sent in more personnel and equipment to Malakal town including Attacker Helicopters, Gunships and Jet Fighters from UPDF’s Air Force. These war planes are expected to carry out air strikes on unidentified and unspecified SPLA targets in Greater Upper Nile Region.” Lul said.

Lul believes that the SPLA-iO controls the recently contested towns in the oil rich region of Upper Nile state.
“SPLA Forces remain in full control of aforesaid military barracks and have completed searches & mopping up operations, done with consolidation and beefing up of defensive lines. Kiir’s forces seemed not convinced by our decisive victory and might make more attempts to recapture these hotly contesting areas in the next few days and weeks.” Lul said.

In other reports, among the over 400 fallen soldiers include three Brigadiers Generals, two Lt. Colonel and unidentified number of soldiers.

Sources from Malakal confirmed that the state government headquarters in Malakal are vacated. A number of IDPs, reached on phone by Nyamilepedia correspondent reiterates that government officials are sheltering within the UNMISS camp for their safety.
Since the conflict began in December, the capital of Upper Nile state, Malakal, has exchanged hands several times.

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