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Nuer Youth Position on South Sudan genocide of Nuer community!


Nuer Youth Union

Oct 11, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We the Nuer youth have a pleasure to appreciate the role of the international community and eastern African countries for their commitment to the peace process and our concern as a Nuer community in particular vehemently condemned the crisis that caused ethnical genocide within the newly young nation. We are however, want to know the voice of international community on that innocent death of (17,613) Nuer community members during mid Dec Juba massacre. However, Nuer have got the same right as the other communities in South Sudan, even when Cde Salva Kiir, the president went for election in 2010 they overwhelmingly voted for him without hesitation to the office. So in this sense, how could Kiir today exaggerated that he killed these innocents’ people because they shared the same community with Dr. Machar?? Ok! If it is because his former Vice Dr. Machar voiced out that he would contest on the SPLM leadership at the party convention then he should have targeted him alone not even to touch his tribe because SPLM is neither owned by Nuer nor Dinka instead for the nation. Therefore, if he has taken a decision to kill those who are against him, some members from different tribes should be killed too even their communities. The crimes which Kiir committed to kill only one ethnic, was because he was challenged by the (SPLM) leadership of his miss handling of both party and governance.

These were the points raised by the (SPLM) that caused bitter tempered to Mr. President.

1: SPLM basic document structure and renew the leadership

2: SPLM missing the direction and mission

3: Loosing the popularity in all the ten states

4: No development in the country

5: Poor education& international tied.

6: High insecurity in the country over 8 years

7: Tribalism, Nepotism among the ethnicities.

8: Abuse the power and overlook the country constitution

Those are the points which caused the eruption of war in South Sudan. So the fact is that, Kiir had already made agreement with Mr. Maseveni to genocide this tribe because their son is due to over throw me politically in the country and because it is only one tribe nothing could happen as 63 tribes are already been influenced to weep them out in the country then the most beautiful richer nation would left for the rest of the tribes and their forever ruling tribe which is Dinka tribe. unfortunately Nuer tribe become more powerful then all those influenced (63) tribes even the foreign invasions become toothless to fight Nuer, then hopefully, Kiir has demised from the power because he has neither extra power nor peaceful influence to end the war of South Sudan.

Furthermore, there are some voiced that Kiir has killed Nuer in Juba but Nuer have also killed Dinka in other towns like Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states. Ok! Let us take logic in this statement, in Jonglei state went SPLA-IO started to fight the government forces, all civilians were ordered to camp in UNMISS compound two days before war started then, went the government force retreated back the SPLA-IO, they ordered that all Dinka in UNMISS should come out and crossed the river to Rumbek and Juba, then, after two week went (SPLA-IO) came to retake the town, no single civilian was found in Bor. So based on your claims, I think it is unreasonable but went government troop come to town, they killed innocent people like what they did last April to go and kill people inside the UNMISS compound and they sometimes claims that they are the SPLA-IO that kill civilians.

Also in Upper Nile, they killed Nuer inside the town from house to house and they took pictures and posted them to international community that look! These are the pictures of the innocent people who were killed by SPLA-IO while they are the ones killing them. These people are acting like terrorist the people who did not go to UN compound are Nuer but how Nuer could be also killed by other Nuer? The killing that happened in Malakal that killed (13, 000) troop is undeniable but they were all soldiers wearing uniform.

Hence, if you go to Unity state, you can find that, the inhabitants are Nuer and they were based in UN compound because the Government troops were killing them. But during the attack, no single civilian was found dead unless the Sudan rebels who were helping Salva in Unity state in a sense that, if they overthrow Dr. Riak, they can be taken to Sudan by Juba. But when they see that war was deteriorated, they removed out their uniforms and went hided in the mosque for safety pretended that, they were civilians and they were of course killed. After that SPLA claiming that IO has killed the civilian. The question is that, why foreign traders should stay in the war zones while they have no legal documents from Sudan embassy?

Howa foreigner could stay where all citizens been evacuated the area and live their houses for safety? The claim is unofficial if not, ask Sudanese embassy to provide the list of their traders who were trading in the foreign war zone. Imagine, when the war broke out in Juba, all foreigners evacuated the states and run to Juba to their different embassies some had to ran to their countries, why should Sudanese people could stay where there is fighting if no hidden agenda between Darfurian rebels and the SPLA-Juba?

Ok! Went we trace back to what some leaders judged and comment on the genocide happened in South Sudan like what was voiced out by Barrack Obama, the president of united states of America that Salva Kiir is an elected president who could not be removed out of the position by force. Of course, SalvaKiir was nominated as a president to rule the government of Southern Sudan. But went people of the republic of south demanded the democratic election within the party leadership, he vehemently ordered to kill innocent people that led to perishing of (17,613) Nuer in Juba. However, what is the different between Mahamer el Gadaffi, Sadam el Hussein, and Moursi, the president of the Egypt and the rest who were killed and some of them being kept in jail because of the same practice of killing innocent as happened to Kiir.

We however, strongly denied that allegedly complains rose by the government to the international community that both sides were in the same truck of killing people during the war. Only the government is responsible for the mass killing in South Sudan because it is being proved that no coup was plot by Dr.Riak and his group only the government was trying to assassinate him.

When we come to the issue of the former eleven detainees that had contextualized neutralism after they were released by the government through the pressure from Dr. Machar that if the government does not release the detainees, no negotiation anymore. So how come today they could demand to stay further from the group because they have their own negative illusion that, both Machar and Salva fall in trap and they must deviate themselves away because they want to hijack the leadership which is too far from the truth.

We the Nuer Youth appreciated the peace talks organized by IGAD to mediate the two parties to restore back the country to peaceful co-existence but with the inclusiveness. Therefore, the below conditions are the demands of Nuer Youths worldwide and must be put into consideration effectively:

1: Interim government without Kiir.

2: Federal system within the interim government to prevent upcoming chaotic, tribalism and nepotism, high insecurity in the country which are prevalence happened and also the source that contributed to the destruction.

3: National reconciliation must be done among the beloved citizen of the republic of South Sudan and the international criminal court (ICC) must bring into book the culprits.

John Puol Chuol Jiech

President of Nuer Youth Union (NUYU)

He is reachable at nueryouthoffice@gmail.com or on +249993698967 – +249906489227

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