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Details of Mass Graves of Juba Massacres of Nuer People Are Revealed by Lt. Deng Bol Alwat, a Member of Presidential Guards Unit

By Simon Kur Peter, Jub.

Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)
Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)

Dec 17th, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The details of belligerent war exhibited by none other than the president of the state, Lt Gen Salva Kiir, has been revealed by one of his loyalist member of Presidential guard during an unusual meeting with South Sudan Liberty News correspondent Simon Kur.

A man, claiming the ranks of Lieutenant goes by name the Deng Bol Alwat, Lt Deng Bol Alwat, revealed to SSLN in an exclusively one on one interview with our undercover investigating journalist Simon Kur Peter, that the war which turned our nation in to civil war just less than three years of our independence was deliberately executed by President Salva Kiir.

Lt Deng said Kiir is liable for the lives lost and therefore he must he held accountable by the nation.

He said the creation of Presidential guard comprising of 15,000 strong men was solidly to achieve high scale massacre of Nuer people in Juba.

He said the aim of the war was to cause national traumas and fear to scare people from organizing protests like in Arabs spring, which have brought shift of power in north Africa, according to our informant that President Kiir was afraid that the people of south Sudan will revolt against him and unseated him from Power after many senior members of his party called for reform.

He went on saying Juba massacred of Nuer people is exact fulfillment of the purpose for which presidential guard was created.

Lt Deng Bol Alwat claimed he is a member of the President guards unit also known as president’s private militia, mainly recruited from Warrap state, is to protect and give the president safe exit in eventuality of war. He said at the beginning, just before the war, Salva Kiir had no hope and trust in South Sudan army, the SPLA because it was at the time dominated and controlled by Nuer.

Lt Deng Wol Alwat made this shocking revelation, as he claims he is constantly being disturbed by the mass killing of Nuer people some of whom were his closed friends or relations through marriage.

Alwat further said there were seven sites of mass graves located within capital Juba. He claimed that the mass graves were situated behind Nyakuron cultural center, Jabel Kujur and one located in Gumbo, and the remaining four are close to the military bases at New Site. He said that the mass graves were dug by excavators as the numbers of those murdered were huge, exceeding expectation.
According to Lt Alwat, some senior high profile Nuer persons, the likes of Mr. Rech were very hgih on the list. Late Reth was a blood brother of former South Sudan chief of general staff of SPLA, Gen. James Mai Hoth. That James Hoth Mai himself was prime target. He luckily escaped murder by taking refuge in the Presidential Palace.

He gave details of the circumstances in which Reth was murdered, claiming the man was his best friend. Their friendship grew when Reth was working for custom and immigration department in Yei after he (Reth) returned from the Netherlands where his family has been resettled.

He went into details that Dr Barnaba Marial the now foreign affair minister felt very bad during his UK tour in 2014, to lecture about the alleged coup, when Dr Marial met the widow of the late Reth in London, UK. In order to compensate and comfort the grieving widow Dr Marial decided to employ the elder daughter of late Reth to work in South Sudan embassy in Brussels, Belgium despite being young, inexperienced and immature in politics.

Lt Alwat said the initial plan to murder Reth was to provoke his brother Gen James Hoth Mai to either lead the SPLA to crash the rebellious or to prompt him to rebel against the government.

Either way, the presidential guards, who were blood thirsty over the Nuer would still have launched the war to cleanse the Nuer. However, had the Gen James Hoth Mai stooped low to crusht he so called coup, this would have given Kiir the mandate to convinces the international community about an abortive coup. Though he survived the slaughter, he did not survive his position. He did not want to stage war on tribal lines as a professional man.

Though an army man, Lt Alwat said he was very disturbed by the aftermath. The following three days from the onset of the killing saw Juba locked up in isolation to prevent eye witnesses from seeing the movement of tracks loaded fully with bodies, including the body of babies being mutilated beyond reorganization.

He went on saying when the government realized some of the bodies began to decay they decided to damp some of the decayed bodies into River Nile
He said the Juba based government is guilty and is trying to hide the evidences of war crimes against humanity particularly crime committed against unarmed Nuer civilians.

He added that misidentification has also caused some lives among the Dinka from Lake State too. These were Dinka who have the same tribal face marks. Lt Alwat said this was unfortunate because in the process of hunting the locusts, innocent grasshoppers ended up in fire and frying pan instead.

He also said the President with his defense Minister Koul Manyany, and Gen Paul Malong have recently become worried, and they have doubled security personnel around themselves.

They fear the surging insecurity in Equatoria poses great threats to their lives, and they are worried that with great numbers of Equatorian joining the war, it is likely the war will return to Juba. Paul Malong is concerned that the return of war to Juba is eminent and unavoidable.

Lt Deng said both president and Malong expressed sense of been unsecured. As for Salva Kiir, he no longer trusts for Equatorians in uniform for fear of his personal security. That is why he no longer assigns he likes of Gen Obutu Mamur Mete, and Gen Thomas Cirilo Swaka.

Unfortunately despite acquisition of new weaponry from China Lt Deng says the moral of the army is low because of the army personnel casualties recently inflicted by Arrow Boys and rebel forces under General Kenyi in EES. Besides the Army are never paid on time, if ever and once they are killed in line of duty, their orphans and widows are left to suffer the loss of the breadwinner for the rest of their lives.

On the same note, Lt Deng Bol Aalwat said he is astonished with the lack of respond from some Nuer Politicians and he called them “dim doom” characterizing them as people who are slow in responding in regards to personal issues. He said the silence of Nuer politicians the likes of Dr Riak Gai Kok minister of health, Dr Marial Benjamin, minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, Rachel Nyadak Paul deputy minister of information, and many others about the killing of their people baffled him. He said the true solution of the South Sudan’s future depends on vast majority of Equatorian elites, who at the moment are the buffers of the situation.

The SSLN Editorial team was ever grateful for Awat’s time and contribution but went away asking, will there be a another bloodshed when the Riak Machar and the team return?

Editorial Team
South Sudan Liberty News.
In Memories of those killed by Kiir in Massacre from 15-17 December 2013. The author can be reached at simonkurpeter@gmail.com

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Goweng Torbaar December 18, 2015 at 1:53 pm

Thanks for this article! concerning your last question whether there will be war or no war after SPLA-IO return? yes, there is a big war coming a head where Salva Kiir will meet his fate and Riak will be wounded too. That will be short time but a lot of blood will follow not only South Sudanese this time but also other black Africans, Arabs and White people too.

Tolio December 18, 2015 at 4:47 pm

Arab spring has failed to bring democracy in three north African and Middle Eastern countries where it took place. There it can’t work elsewhere. It is simply known as replacement of old three dictators with new three dictators in North Africa; caused of massive deaths; refugee crisis;destructions and birth of ISIS.

Try the same in South Sudan, the outcomes are same.

Goweng Torbaar December 18, 2015 at 9:31 pm

I hope you Dinka never feel ashamed for thirst of leadership. You massacre Nuer in 1984-1985 because Samuel Gai Tut want self determination and your Dinka John Garang want united Sudan. there fore he plotted coup against Samuel Gai Tut. in 1991 He (John Garang) did the same when Dr.Riak renew call for self determination. After God heard their cry and we end up in self determination then you begins to hate those who fight for it and Dinka Salva kiir want to force people to use united sudan manifesto which can never work and plot coup against reformist. After the whole world knows that Kiir don’t have plans but Riak has he massacre Nuer in Juba. Now you did not comment on article where true son of Dinka reveal the truth but you divert topic to Arab world.

somere991 December 19, 2015 at 2:02 am

Tolio, you really sounds to be one of the suspect behind this unforgiverable act,
Nuer should also do the same thing atleast for final peace in the country, this time will not be Nuer revenging, Equatoria too are targeting to revenge, to allow peace of mind to excist in this country
how can the dinka killed people and allowed to be proud of the act, how shall people share offices and other important functions with killers, donot doubt the revenge shall be done and we are left with equal pain
ugandans should remember the Luwero incident last time in uganda, again here in south sudan your innocent ones shall pay for what happen

Gat.darwich December 19, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Traitorous and the braggarts Jiengs ,cowardly massacred Nuer women, children, elderly, and the sick, only to be decisively and embarrassingly compelled within weeks of warm-up battles by only a fraction of the white army from Nuer clans-clans-Lou and Gawaar, to forcefully and hurriedly bleached and oiled the ass of their tribal chief, Benydit-Killer NyanKiir for Museveni, Malik Agar, JEM bosses(mercenaries to the cowards’ and the traitorous’ rescue !)

What the cowards-coldblooded murderers !


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