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South Sudan students in Malaysia declare allegiance to SPLM/AIO

SPLM-SPLANov 03, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We decided to join hands with our gallant movement under the leadership of the former vice president Dr Riek machar against the genocidal regime in Juba. It should be unwise siding with the same regime that massacred our loved ones. A government that works based on the traditional policies of the past that divides would indeed deserve to be left alone.

Salva kiir policies were clear even before the massacre, there were signs that Salva kiir would one time row his boat alone, and the truth emerged in front of our eyes like lightening and its thunderstorm reached every one. Even a child would never need a lecture on Salva kiir’s tribally infested government. We declare that the genocidal regime in Juba has no support from us except his tribally affiliated community and the opportunists who are interested in alms giving, embezzlement and ransom.

It doesn’t need a genius to figure out why the regime under kiir is bad, there are many solid evidences that proof the staggering regime’s failure. A government that calls corruption, rampant insecurity, rapes, massacres as achievements deserve a thorough kick in the ass, and its our stand to replace the downtrodden president with a sound and a uniting factor since the actions South Sudanese people are seeing are indeed a disgrace and also an insult to the vote of South Sudanese masses for an independent south Sudan.

We wonder, many corrupt officials and looters under kiir’s circles keep singing that “he is an elected president”, South Sudanese did not elect Salva kiir as their president but only voted for an independent South Sudan which he abused. To remove Salva kiir on power doesn’t need a symbol of cloudy sky or a thunder, he can be removed without an election since no one voted for him.


It was under that ministry that enabled us reach malaysia but we came to loggerheads when the massacres of the Nuer happened in juba. The directives under the under-secretary  Machar Achiek Ader did not go down well with us, they want us to report to juba even with the presence of wide targeted killing. We say ‘No’ because we have a practical training that is still pending, the ministry should talk with petronas staffs at the institute Technologi petroleum petronas to organize our practical here in malaysia than to report to juba, or choose a neighbouring country so that we complete the practical course.

Instead, the decide to go ahead with their plan. They denied us our certificates include the transcripts as a sign of punisment. Those are the clear signs that the South Sudan government even with its ministries are all tribally infested against a specific group in the country. We are much bigger than the certificates or the transcripts, if they have something to do with them its up to them, it would not be like the loss of the whole body altogether.

We shall get them as we are breathing. What is happening in the country is incoherent and horrendous and hence, we shouldn’t be part of it.

Therefore, we stand with the masses in this tragic movement against the hijackers.

We ask the people of “Good Will” to intervene and bring peace to the people of South Sudan, especially the international community, US, EU to stop this quagmire and let the South Sudanese people realize peace, and not to leave the whole issue to IGAD that divide it self into segments where some IGAD members busy participating in the fight and the others are negotiating and also mediators at the same time.

Gatkuoth Gatjiek Nyang

Vice chairman SPLM/AIO Kuala-Lumpur chapter,

General Secretary of Information

Email gatkuoth_gatjenyang@yahoo.com or


Kuala-lumpur MALAYSIA

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