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South Sudan Security Organs Recover An Infant Kidnapped At Aweil Teaching Hospital

By Kawac Deng,

Aweil, South Sudan.

South Sudan's Juba Teaching Hospital...
South Sudan’s Juba Teaching Hospital…

June 14(Nyamilepedia)—- Authorities in Northern Bahr el Ghazal’s Aweil State say today that a women, suspected to have abducted a new born baby, was arrested on Monday.

Speaking to the press, the Aweil State police Deputy Police Commissioner, Major General Mareng Deng, says the child was recovered to its mother after police banned movement and blocked all exits routs on late Sunday.

“the report of the missing kid at Aweil Teaching hospital came into our office, we deployed our forces to close down all corridors leading in and out of the town to ease searching efforts,’’ he said.

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The general applauded the role played by the state criminal investigation department which grasped the wanted on her way to newly created Aweil State.

“ our CID have tried their level best, the caught the criminal on her way to Aweil East State. She is arrested and facing investigations at Aweil State police wards,’’ police chief confirms the arrestment of the charged.

On his part, Deng Chan Chan , a medical staff working with MSAF-France at the Aweil Teaching Hospital reveals that the kidnapper is reportedly said to have spent more than three days at the maternity department in the hospital.

She is believed to have been monitoring unprotected babies with an intent to steal them .

“ the lady spent about three days at the hospital, she was monitoring the mother to ago afar from the child so that she will take it illegally,’’ he reveals.

Deng confesses that the accused has been in constant Telephone call with certain people , telling them that her mission is yet to finish.

“ the lady was in constant call with certain people before she could not stolen the kid, no one has paid much attention on her,” the medical staff says.

Police investigation show that the woman said that she was trying to take the baby to her uncle.

She calims that the mother was her uncle’s former wife but have been separated, adding that the baby was abandoned by both sides which forces her to pick the kid and ran away with it.

Many sources reveal that the suspect has been a focal point of intensive debates on whether she is barren or not. Some believe she is and others claim she might have been   contracted by somebody who wants the baby.

State Government and Health NGO partners are expected to ban random movement to the vicinity.

Ministry of health officials warn mothers to take care of their kids under any circumstances.

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Ter Gatwech Chiok June 16, 2016 at 5:59 am

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