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South Sudan: Government Troops Killed Two Civilians, Wounded Eight at UN Base!

Almost no children attends school in Jammam camp. However, there is being built a few schools in Doro and other camps. 77 percent of South Sudans population is illiterate. Education is absolutely crucial to ensure peace and establish a new South Sudan, and the development often starts in the refugee camps.(photo: via Christian Als)
South Sudan government accused of killing civilians again in Rubkona, Unity State, South Sudan.(photo: via Christian Als)

Nov 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to SPLM/SPLA-IO spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, the government troops launched an attack on the internally displaced persons (IDPs) at UNMISS Camp 6 in Rubkona.

Gen. Lul reports that the attackers have killed a “heavily pregrant woman, a child and wounded eight others”.

“On 31st October 2014, government troops opened fire on Nuer IDPs at UNMISS Camp 6 at Rubkona killing heavily pregnant woman, a child and wounded eight others” Brig. Lul said.

Lul believes that the UNMISS force, which is tasked to protect the helpless civilians, failed to return fire in order to repulse the attackers.

On 30th October, Lul released a report that the rebels have abandoned their position in Rubkona for military reasons, however, confirmed that the opposition maintain their grasp on the capital, Bentiu.

“This is to inform our supporters at home and all over the world our Resistance Forces at 4:00pm embarked on Tactical Withdrawal from Rupkoni (Rubkona) main Military Barracks.”

The spokesman further revealed that 4 insiders from the Government’s Internal Security Bureau were caught at the UNMISS camp, Jebe west, in Juba planning to sneak in guns, hand grenades and explosives.

“Meanwhile, four intelligence personnel from Internal Security Bureau were apprehended while attempting to carry out subversive activities at UNMISS Camp in Jebel west of Juba town.” Lul said.

“Upon interrogation, the four revealed they went to the camp to explore ways and means of sneaking in guns, hand grenades, landmines and other explosives which would be used to cause havoc in the camp” Lul continued.

Lul believes that the 4 suspects were released after the government intervened, however, released the following two ID cards as the proof of the incident.

NIS“two IDs revealing the identities of those involved in subversive activities are here published for the world to know the extent of involvement of government security organs in intensifying insecurity and instability in the country.” Lul said.

In other reports, the government sources alleged that 23 civilians were killed in Bentiu town by the rebels during the recent recapture of the town. The sources claim that 10 civilians were killed in a church and 13 others in their houses in the town. According to Philip Aguer, however, the government repulsed the rebels attack in both Bentiu and Rubkona, and SPLA-Juba controls both towns.

Attempts to reach the UNMISS’ spokesman in Juba to clarify the reports have failed, however, the UN national staff based in Bentiu, reached on phone on 30th October by Nyamilepedia’s editorial team, could not verify the death of civilians else where in Bentiu. UNMISS headquarters in Juba is yet to release their reports.

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