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South Sudan Government To Hold Anti-Peace Protests On Friday

South Sudanese demonstrate in Juba against threats of sanctions and armed embargo on the warring parties. While the SPLM-Juba opposes sanctions, SPLM-IO encourages(Photo: via Radio Tamazuj)
South Sudanese demonstrate in Juba against threats of sanctions and armed embargo on the warring parties. While the SPLM-Juba opposes sanctions, SPLM-IO encourages(Photo: via Radio Tamazuj)

August 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Just a few hours after president Salva Kiir returned to the country on Tuesday, the ruling Party(SPLM-IG) issued an ultimatum on 19th August for an all-out protest against IGAD-Plus Peace Agreement that Salva Kiir declined to sign in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday.

According to a carefully drafted confidential circulation, named Circular No 5/2015, from the Ministry of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development signed by Hon. Ngor Kalong Ngor, all Ministers, Chairpersons and Constitutional Post Holders in all the government controlled bomas, counties, states and government headquarters in Juba must lead their employees and other government supporters in anti-peace march to their respective Freedom Squares on Friday.

“In reference to correspondence dated August 19th, 2015 from SPLM Secretariate and Syndicated Organization, the Ministry of Labor, Public Service and Human Resources Development is hereby informing all the government institutions, Commissions and the Public at large that there will be a peaceful procession in effort to “just peace” on Friday, August 21, 2015″. reads part of circulation.

According to this circulation the marches will begin as early as 10Am and goes past 12Pm.

“All Ministers, Chairpersons and Constitutional Post Holders are to lead their employees and address the processions in their respective freedom squares at the National, State, County, Boma and Payam levels”. The Minister orders.

Although the proposed agreement gives Salva Kiir government a lion-share in power sharing, the government stands against temporary demilitarization of the capital and major states.

Else where in the UN camps across the country and refugees camps, hundreds of thousands of refugees and IDPs are praying for peace.

According to reports from Juba the IDPs have spent the last two days praying for peace, and also plan major protests in acceptance of the recently signed peace agreement.

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Peter Gai Manyuon Web


Goweng Torbaar August 20, 2015 at 11:39 pm

Only those who are money lover like Ayiu and Agumut will walk to streets

288weechwang August 21, 2015 at 6:51 am

Right on track. It for them cause it how they get fat pay check from with in.

Gatluak Jack August 21, 2015 at 9:07 am

The protest woun,t change any thing it’s too late Juba is out smarted by the IO in politic internationally what u are now planning to do is like Dog barking in a closed compound this is a done deal carefully planned by smart people not like Juba thugs who are only looking for ways and means of taking money from the Government in the name of going abroad to lobby for the supports Marial toured the whole world but the only success of all his tour is the extension of his belly Makui only adde more confussions ,Kiir no English ,Salva mathuok no English,Aleu aye yeny busy drinking, igga busy looting,

Bool Kuich August 21, 2015 at 12:01 pm

Domesday and protesters of the doom days are individuals who have no merited of ideas and ways forward to resolve the self-inflicted war on the peoples of south Sudan. How would the peace come without compromise?

Bool Kuich August 21, 2015 at 4:40 pm

South Sudan is about to be lost unless rescue through peace and reconciliation including the compromise of the warring parties. No mistakes, the belligerent opposes of peace will face tough regionally and internationally coalition both militarily and economically sanction against those obstruction of peace in the New Nation. Nobody needs lecture about bitterness of war, although we retrospect the harmonies and co-existences of our communities before these mess.

junubi August 23, 2015 at 2:54 am

There’s apathy among Kiirs entourage regarding IGAD-puls peace proposal. Kiir and his cohorts were gravely paranoid they’ll hit the Netherlands plane if they didn’t play their cards right. From the indifferent statements coming Juba someone could detect the level fear gripping the entire JCE and their self appointed generals in Bilpham this days. They’re having sleeples night since Dr. Machar and the rest signed the peace agreement in Ethiopia. They believed there’s a conspiracy been played the IGad and international community to sent them on high speed corporate jet to the Hauge for the atrocities they have committed,. However,they tried to mobilized the masses to help them sent a clear message of ” In your face” to Igad-plus,but it seems the South Sudanese in and out are fed up with the Juba government,and they clearly did sent a message by not showing up as expected,even though,threatening official letters were sent to 10 states. The turn up was so poor, and an embarrassment to the Government prompting the president to call a security meeting and tell his office bluntly that his going to most likely sign the document as requested by the Igad-plus on the 2nd of next month after an expiry date he demanded.

JCE and the tribal generals should understand and probably should have learnt from dictatorial governments Gaddafi, Charles Taylor ,Lauren Gbabo, and others,these former presidents were strong militarily,they have the command of their well trained armys and powerful militias but all went down so fast and some ended up being humiliated and sent to the Hague to answer for their criminal behaviours; They all ended up been pulled out a tinny places ! Where was there decorated generals and militia leaders and their forces,all were heading either to a refugee camp or ended in small remote village hiding. So, i wish the army leadership would make a rational that would save them,and save the country the inevitable. It’s just food for thought! Protest wouldn’t help you at this short period…


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