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Salva Kiir government Organizes Protests Against IGAD-Plus Peace Agreement


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Earlier protests show government supporters ralling for peace, however, the government now believes that the citizens are not ready for peace(Photo: file)

AGUSUST 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia)  — In an apparent move taken by the south Sudan president in protest against what he calls forced and imposed Peace agreement rammed on the people of south Sudan by IGAD and western nations, in particular the US, UK, Norway and EU, President Kiir orders and dispatches all the representatives of the national legislative assembly, and states members of Parliaments to go back to their constituencies to mobilized their people to denounce the signed peace agreement by Riek Machar and Pagan Amum.

President Kiir wants the demonstration to be covered extensively by SSTV and other media outlets in the country controlled by the government and others including BBC and Aljazeera, to show the world that the South Sudanese people stands with him in rejection of the IGAD Plus compromised peace draft Proposal, and denounce Western Imperialistic goals in attempting to wheel powers and take the country over in order to steal the resources of his country and for wanting to demilitarized the capital city Juba by doing so, giving its sovereignty and security in the hands of foreign nations.

According to one of the MPs from central Equatoria state who spoke in condition of anonymity said “Mr. Kiir has given a strong order that all citizens residing in every part in the country must take part and walk on the streets to demonstrate against IGAD Plus peace deal, and should anyone refused his/her house should be looted or should be beaten and compelled to participate.

At border towns like Nimule, He, Kiir, ordered the security to close down the border entrances with the neighboring countries to prevent people from getting away from demonstrating”

Report on Radio Eye indicates that the High Coordination Committee of the party leagues has scheduled the protests for tomorrow (Friday).

“Some of the provisions they have rejected include power sharing, demilitarization of Juba, and consultations at the presidency. The committee says members of the leagues include teachers, lawyers, farmers, women, and students were urged to show support to the elected head by demonstrating.” Thus this action symbolizes that south Sudan is heading to “anarchy” absence of elected governors and absolute freedom of the individual been denied therefore they must participate in demonstration to show their support to the absolute authoritarian regime even when they are not in support of what the government wants them to demonstrate against.

“We are rejecting the agreement being enforced on us by IGAD. We treat it as a conspiracy agreement against our political will as sovereign state,” said Simon Machuar, secretary-general of the committee.

“We denounce presence of UNMISS in our Republic; and therefore, we demand their forces to evacuate our Republic. We rejected neo-colonialism in our country.” added Simon Machuar.

Essential this kind of utterance in support of Kiir indicates he and his hardliners believe military option is the best and achievable. And this also illustrates that Kiir has no concern about the dying of our people clearly Peace seems elusive with the man who pledge never to take our country to war, or that was only with the North?

Mr. Machuar says they want the venue of the peace talks to be moved from Ethiopia to South Africa, saying the new venue will be neutral. He added that the leagues want what he calls the Entebbe proposal, referring to a reported draft of a peace proposal some regional leaders made in Uganda this month.

It remains unclear what would happen tomorrow to the people who defies the order to demonstrate against America, The world body United Nations, the EU, the UK and Norway whose people and government stood with this nations even before it became one but more so for now more than three decades.

Kiir whose mandate to govern ended in July 2015, has become a full blown detector while we watch, and he is trying to instigate violence against the world body, the UN and government of America and its people who had spared no efforts to see the creation of south Sudan.

The Citizens are tomorrow on the streets, mandated by our now Tyrant, reminiscences of Saddam Hussein. A police state in which the only demonstration you see is against the infamous great Satan but never against the Satan himself, the Tyrant.

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junubi August 20, 2015 at 11:45 pm

Good Luck! Iraq demonstrated during Sadam Hussen but was all in vain… South Sudan is going to face the full force of international community,let’s wait and see. All the regional leaders are feed up with Kiir’s incompetent government,it’s time to forced Kiir to resign after all his term in Office expired long ago…
And for those our ignorant boot lickers politicians, please, it’s time to released that this government your representing is on a life support,it’s reaching its final hours,so get out or stand your ground.

Mour Muor August 22, 2015 at 9:22 pm

Who ever does not know this country has killed people,we shall demonstrate it one day one time yes indeed,most views here on this so called Nyamilipedia are for Nuers so i can not waste again time on this site.But whoever is runing this nonsence should should work against South Sudan or else u will test the red paper one day.IDIOTS

Adel Sandrai August 21, 2015 at 11:06 am

The Martin Elia Lomuro Alias Marial Elia Lomuro of Equatoria should think of where to bury their heads. Game Over!!!


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