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By Elbow Chuol,
Sobat State governor, Duer Tut Duer, at his headquarters in Madeng, Nasir County(Photo: supplied)
Sobat State governor, Duer Tut Duer, at his headquarters in Madeng, Nasir County(Photo: supplied)
Jan 13, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The state of Sobat under H.E Governor Duer Tut Duer held a successful SPLM Convention aiming to restructure the state administrative system.
It is the first SPLM state convention to be conducted in the Sobat state of South Sudan. The meeting was convened in Jikmir of Nasir County on the 3nd – 8th January, 2016.  The convention has therefore passed the party’s basic documents – manifesto, Constitution and Code of conduct which meant to regulate and govern the party’s activity.
The SPLM convention at Jikmir of Nasir County attended by the 11 counties authority selected  6 slc members  to State liberation council (SLC) of the Viva  – SPLM.  The  Viva -SPLM SLC shall act as congregation that will conduct the  party daily business activities and run political affairs  in the state.

According to Hon. Kech Nguotg Tiem the state Secretary for Information, Orientation and Documentation in a document extened to Nyamilepedia Correspondent. The following were the resolution passed by the representatives:

1. The SPLM State congress  urged the government to be fully committed for implementation of the Addis Ababa deal, and urged all the people of South Sudan to forgive one another and start peace and reconciliation among themselves.
2. The people of Sobat state initiated peace, reconciliation and healing process among Sobat and Upper Nile state communities.

The SPLM state congress was attended by representative from the 11 Counties including Akoka, Abuong and Baliet state – Dinka Ngook.  This signified peace and reconciliation initiative among Sobat State communities, and it is essential to unite the Upper Nile state communities.

3. The SPLM State meeting also acknowledged the usual support of the regional and international bodies (– IGAD, AU Trioka, EU, China and Rusia) but urge the international bodies to engage the warring parties and other stakeholders during the implementation process of the compromised peace agreement.

4. The SPLM State meeting urged the commissioners of the Counties to adopt the standard political and administrative structure. All Counties commissioners shall appoint volunteer Payam administrators who will work in collaboration with traditional leaders and law enforcement officers in the County. This is important to keep the rule of law in the County and other designated areas.

5. The SPLM state congress also urged the people of Sobat and Upper Nile state to keep and respect rule of law, and vital tradition and values which safeguard the peaceful coexistence of the communities. The communities were urged to basic human rights, norms and values and more importantly customary laws which governed our communities.

6. The meeting calls for prohibition of harmful traditional practice and other related human rights abuses (early and forceful marriage) in the state.

7. The meeting urged the State Authority to support and strengthen the capacity law enforcement body and traditional court in order to manage crime and civil related cases committed in the Counties. The meeting has therefore established a threshold intend to be pay to open a case in the establish court. The amounts agree to open the case in the courts (A, B and C) shall be the same all over the Counties of Sobat State, and the agreed amounts shall be implemented immediately. The amount agreed to open a case to Court A, B and C shall be 100, 80, 50 and 30 South Sudanese Pound (SSP) respectively.

8. The SLC will also advocate for reform and federal system of governance in the state and across the South Sudan.

9.The white army ,Traditional leadership and faith base group  on behalf of people’s of the  sobat have  endorsed the military governor Lt general Duer Tut Duer Makuach to be  the governor of Upper Nile State during the upcoming transitional government of national unity.

10. The sobat state communities urge the leadership of splm-io under 1st Lt Gen Dr Riek Machar to respect their choice as they were the  one who nominated Governor Duer Tut Duer for the Sobat State governorship last year.

11. The Sobat State people pledge that they want to see South Sudan where citizens have equality, wealth are equally distributed, equal freedom, free of corruptions,  equal employment opportunity,  diversity are being respected and South Sudan where citizens are ask to decide on their matter not the leaders.

12. The sobat people rejected the creation of 28 state unilaterally created by salva kiir because it gives major land potion of the  state to the neighboring Dinka Apandang and tribalism and conflict fueling in the future.  They also said the recent map of 28 States is inciting past conflicts as it give shilluk and Nuer land to Dinkas both in Greater Ulang and Greater Maiwut and also in Fashoda state. The citizens warns  that, any attempt to implement that proposal would be a violation  of  peace agreement by kiir side  and clear signal for the parties  to go back to war.

The convention also recognized and appreciated the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar.
Sobat State people congratulated the Chairman and Commander in Chief of the SPLM/A for his wisdom and leadership that he has shown to the people of South Sudan during this political and leadership crisis in the world’s newest nation – South Sudan.

The people of Sobat State had therefore expressed their strong support to SPLM/A – in opposition and fully committed for the implementation of the compromised peace agreement signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the 17 August, 2015.

The people of Sobat State thanked the Chairman and Commander in Chief, Dr. Machar once again for the recent promotion of comrade Duer Tut Duer to the rank of Lt General in the Army and for the previous appointment as the governor of Sobat State during this hard time where his people need him most.

The appointment of comrade Duer came in right time. The Sobat would have been deserted or fully occupied by the enemy of peace (government) if it wasn’t because of Cde Duer Tut Duer Makuac.
His commitment to serve the Movement (SPLM/A), people of Sobat and South Sudan at large encouraged various forces in the Sobat state. The participatory leadership of Cde Duer Tut has encouraged the SPLA force and youth to protect civilians and their properties in the Sobat State.
Full text:
Office of Secretary for Information, Orientation and Documentation
Sobat State, South Sudan.

This report was compiled by Elbow Chuol, our chief Correspondent on the ground. You can reach elbow chuol through his email (elbow.chuol@gmail.com) or through Nyamilepedia

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