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Sobat State People Congratulates and Appreciates The SPLA-IO CoGS For Rubbishing Malong’s Anti-peace Hate Speech!

By Hon.Kech Nguoth Tiem,

Sobat State Military Governor, Lt General Duer Tut Duir Makuach and his officials during his visit to Thorow County on 7 April 2016.(photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Sobat State Military Governor, Lt General Duer Tut Duir Makuach and his officials during his visit to Thorow County on 7 April 2016.(photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)

April 14, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The people of Sobat State deeply applause and stands behind the SPLA IO Chief Of Staffs, 1st. Lt. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, for responding positively against tribal speeches made by Paul Malong.

Today afternoon the General chief of staff, while briefing the high ranked officers in his office in Pagak, Adar State, about the continues hates and tribal speeches by Gen. Paul Malong Awan condemned and said such speeches and frequent violations of peace will never be tolerated.

General Gatwech urged his top officers to ignored and considered Malong as a child who can said anything.

He said Paul Malong will keep talking like that as long as he still see his hired Ugandans foreign forces still in the country.

Gen. Gatwech warned Malong he should not “talk like kid who does not know what he is talking about,he should behave like a grown up person and as human being”.

“When I left Juba I crossed the nation from Greater Equatoria region through Greater Barelgazel until I arrived home with my head up and now am talking in Pagak yet I support peace.” Said the SPLA-IO CoGS.

He strongly stressed that culture of war mongering on the expense of others should not drive a person that far and it “does not please people like us”.

He told his officers angered by Malong’s threatening words that do not considered lies and propaganda saying “if war is good why bringing others to fight for him?”

General Gatwech Dual urged Malong to stop misbehaving and said “our forces are already in the capital city,why killing innocent civilians in Wau and in Equatoria while the fighters are already in the town?”

General Dual further told his people to remain loyal to peace that we signed because this peace does not belong to him or us but for the entire people of South Sudan.

Sobat State Military Governor Gen Duer Tut Duer praised the Opposition Chief Of Staff for responding to his counterpart in a sound minded manner.

People of Sobat State declared longtime ago their readiness to stand behind people’s leader Dr Riek Machar now and for more times to come. They dismissed and rejected the promised made by Malong Awan that South Sudan will never be led by Dr Machar saying that the future of this country’s leadership will never be determined by individuals but instead by the people and the constitutions.

By law every citizens has a right to be a president or to contest for presidency. Governor Duer urged the people of his State to remain camp as usual and continue preparing their state for full implementation of peace and the return of our Chairman and C in C to Juba.

Governor Duer congratulated First Vice President and Chairman of the Movement for his tireless efforts that he has made towards ending the current crisis in the country through peaceful manner.

Hon.Kech Nguoth Tiem is the Sobat State’s Secretary of Information, Documentation & Orientation. He can be reached at kechnguth@rocketmail.com

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