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Rise Up Above Oneself: An Open Letter To President Salva Kiir

By Lopi Peace Foundation

Juba, South Sudan

Avoiding peace talks in Addis Ababa, President Salva Kiir issued a decree to restore peace in his country(Photo: file)
Avoiding peace talks in Addis Ababa, President Salva Kiir issued a decree to restore peace in his country(Photo: file)

August 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Gen. Salva, everyone vividly remembers how you painfully suffered in the South Sudan wilds. Only and only for one reason. And that is South Sudan liberation! It took you somewhat whole of your life muscling bush related problems that you know better only and only to liberate your admirable South Sudanese from the yoke of Khartoum Government. The yoke of marginalization something not worth mentioning! South Sudanese were denied their rights to economic, social and political development. To which you angrily said, “I cannot stand this.”

Your stand together with the others all culminated to the CPA birthed South Sudan independence (2011). That everyone cherished. However, Mr. President, many, hitherto, do not know why you chose to follow the path of tribally-motivated dopes who did not even touch the nose of the gun you and your rival Dr. Riek Machar held (during the war times) that resulted to the Dec. 2013 fracas? This contradicts yourself as a liberator that all know. You are found to make hard choices just like you made when you saw your peoples (Junubeens) being marginalized in a broad daylight.

Indeed, the December 2013 Crisis was not good. Many died both in the government hands and rebel hands. And too, resulted, in displacing your awesome peoples in Nuer (now in UNMISS camps all over the country). Was this the reason why you joined the bushes for the ¾s of your dear life? You don’t think so? You joined the bushes as a person, and got out of there as one. So why allow some opportunists propel your thinking capacity every now?

Now, IGAD-Plus that all the way mediated the Peace Talks (in Addis) between you and Dr. Riek Machar had come up with a ‘Compromised’ Peace Deal. Your rival (Dr. Riek Machar – Top SPLA-IO leader) despite being given a lesser share, has signed it. Showing the whole world that he is a peace lover and was concerned by the carnage which has affected his beloved peoples (the same peoples you also call your beloved peoples), and you refused to ink on your part showing your were/is anti-peace. Can we say then it is time up, Mr. President for you to wake up that morning (of September 1st, 2015), and march to Addis and bring the much-needed peace to the peoples you hold dear just as Dr. Riek has exhibit-ly shown. All eyes on you and on that day!

We do think you will hear our voices/peoples voices. People are indeed suffering. Join hands with Dr. Riek Machar (The Reformist: check on his tell-tale 10 Points Programs) and curve South Sudan out of the current situation to the next heavens! South Sudan needs peace (now), good governance (in federalism skin), institutional reforms, food security, clean water supply, good roads, electricity supply, good hospitals, good schools, a professional army and police to oversee the economic growth and development of the country for whom you all went to then Southern Sudan bushes. The journey must start now!

Signed by Managing Director, LPF.

Contact: pennerum@gmail.com

CC:   President of South Sudan

CC:   President of Kenya

CC:   Prime Minister of Ethiopia

CC:   IGAAD-Plus Heads

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