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Congratulations to Amb Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Chairman of External Affairs Committee:

 Excellency Chairman Dr. Machar,

Gaajak 2015-08-25 at 5.22.22 AM

August 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The community of Gajaak in Diaspora is so euphoric for the appointment of its great son comrade Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth who was entrusted by Chairman Dr. Riek Macahar to lead the Foreign Affairs Committee in the SPLM/A in Opposition. On behalf of Gajaak Peace and Advocacy International (GPAI), Gajaak Leaders worldwide are so excited when hearing the appointment of Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth to lead the Foreign Affairs relation. As a community which has consistence support of your wise leadership Dr. Riek Macahr with clear objective of promoting peace, the democracy, Justice and call for federal state of South Sudan, we the Gajaak Community will always stance behind you. With no reservations, we urge your Excellency, Gajaak Peace & Advocacy International (GPAI) give you big round of applaud for signing peace to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan. As a chairman of the SPLM/A in opposition, move forward and the people of South Sudan will always rally behind you until the enemies and the killer regime which massacred its people on daily basis listen to your call for democracy.

Your Excellency, the Gajaak Peace and Advocacy International (GPAI) leadership would like to take this moment to reflect some few historical events that confirm our constant and loyalties in support to your visionary leadership started from 1991 and its proved again in this current struggle and Gajaak as a community stance behind your leadership 100% while fighting the war which was imposed on us by the enemies of peace who work against the rule of law. Gajaak is a unify community which speaks with one voice and as sons and daughters of this beloved community, we are very proud more than ever knowing that, Cde. Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth will do better in his new assignment due to his experience in Foreign Affairs Relation. Ambassador Ezekiel Gatkuoth deserves promotion because he stances with his people while other have chosen to be neutral in this war of resistance.

Gajaak Peace and Advocacy International is an international origination advocating for peace and political rights of Gajaak both in South Sudan and Ethiopia. As new organization founded in early 2014 by this community’s intellectuals, this organization has made a lot of achievements in a short period of time and this organization serves as a security watch dog for Gajaak community terriitoral integrity.


Signed by………………

  1. Bol Dey Loal; the Chairman, United States
  2. Thomas Oguek Thok; The Chairman, Australia
  3. James Dobuol Khat; Deputy Chairman, United States
  4. Thanker Bidit Tuany; Secretary General, Australia
  5. Bidit Luak Dar; Secretary General, United States
  6. Chuol Dojiok Doap; Secretary for Media & Information, Australia
  7. Changkuoth Gatkuoth Ruach; Secretary for Media & Information, United States
  8. Peter Jal Ngor; Secretary of Finance, United States
  9. Ruot Khat Marwang; Secretary of Finance, Australia
  10. Paul Khor Puoch; Legal & Political Affairs Advisor, United States
  11. Bichiok Gony Guandong; Chairman of the bylaws Review Committee for GPAI
  12. Dep Nhial Tuany; Advisor for Community Affairs, United States
  13. David Buom Nguen; Advisor, Australia

Gajaak Peace and Advocacy International’s mission statement

To ensure the security and welfare of Gajaak’s territorial integrity by advocating for peace in both political & humanitarian arena in South Sudan and Ethiopia. You can reach us at bolnyakai@yahoo.com

CC: H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon; Chairman of SPLM & C-In-C of Army Forces/Oppositions

CC: Ambassador Ezekiel Gatkuoth; Secretary for foreign Affair of SPLM/A

CC: Gajaak Peace & Advocacy International’ Board Members, USA & Australia

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