Press Release

Re-instatement of the Jieng Union Chairman in East Africa, KUOL GAI THIEP

By the Jieng Union Council,

Thursday, the 3rd 2016,

Shine Hotel Kampala (U)

Nov 6, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——  According to the speaker of the council, BOL KUANY KUOL, the chairman KUOL GAI was toppled by disgruntle group following the allegations being propagated against him during his absentia for almost two months in Juba, solving some issues. Through unfounded penalties, they owed public dimes yet the rhetoricians had no evidences that are concrete and binding.

Through the presentation of accountability that the most wanted chairman made, it was satisfactory that he left everyone without doubt including the “worms” in the government. Through his presentation, the chairman narrated how a “dark skinned men” called Ring DENG Ajing and Adiing DENG ADIING tried to drag down his reputation while they are the stakeholders of corruption in previous and current union.

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When a political giant was entrusted with power in may last year, he didn’t hesitate to fulfill the interest of his subjects through mobilizing funds within the family and outside the unit of destiny that he missed a semester as his deputy sectary General, THOMAS TIM LUAC, revealed.

Deliberately, the council did not stop at that but also they asked the so-called intrim chair to forward the achievements he rendered to JIENG subjects in terms of assistant, presentations, and conducting the council but neither were executed during the time of his grabbed period for the last five months hence the parliament spat fire on him for having failed to meet the interests of the stakeholders miserably.

In fact, the rumors were circulated because of the hatred and jealousy. Following the allegations, KUOL GAI THIEP was found innocent before the council after presenting the balance worth 140000ssp equivalent to 2000$ which cheated RING DENG’S teeth from being chewed. The elected chairman was re-instated by 2/3 majority (29) of the 55 unlike 1/3 minority which passed the baseless impeachment because of the personal interests.

The impeachment was nullified on the following grounds;

The absentia of the chairman in the office could not affirm the so called removal.

The meeting was also chaired by the chief advisor Known as ADIING DENG who is neither a parliamentarian nor mandated to participate in council affairs while I, the speaker BOL KUANY KUOL, who is the head of council could have been the one chairing the meeting like the meeting I chaired last Thursday amicably.

More so, the council requested the claimer group to present their evidences but none apart from attendant of 8 members of parliament which do not make up 1/5 of the council which led each of them to go with ulcers. Nevertheless, the speaker enquired the minutes of the previous meetings but nothing was presented rather than roaring like a” wounded lion” David Deng chipath “narrated”.

As the councilors ,we declare KUOL GAI innocent or free from all the allegations from the effect of 3rd November 2016 till may 24th 2017 since we don’t want to practice culture of acquiring leaderships through” shortcuts”.

Unfortunately, the union is running out of its aims and objectives that were exercised by the chairman limiting the privileges students were enjoying thus animated to restore him back. The high profile of five members committee has been constituted to audit notorious malicious who drained the union funds as well as previous government “parliament tabled”. According to the council, the appreciated comrade kuol for supporting 27 vulnerable students out of 10,000$ and loaded general Assembly that was held last year in AUDITORIUM WONDERWORLD which everyone witnessed in November last year 2016. The sum of money collected was 500000ssp pledged by the prominent businessman called KIIR GAI THIEP after the union failed to raise any money that is why the say a leader can try to achieve what he wants to but if he fails, he comes back where lives we appreciate the giant kiir Gaidit for the support he rendered to JIENG UNION in UGANDA through his brother KUOL .all presented are facts if any claim a rise ,we are responsible to answer. Happiness begins in the stomach hence JIENG is not a house without a door that everyone can comes in and goes out KUOL sacrificed himself to unite us.

Due to the above facts and evidences, we declare the stated article posted on 31st march 2016 as baseless and nonsensical because it lacks substantial facts to confirm the impeachment. Theerefore we dismissed the removal our elected leader illegally by intellectual invalids.

On behalf of Council and JIENG in general, we apologize for the harm or damage being caused by the Article posted this year regarding impeachment particularly on GAI THIEP’s family and particularly KUOL GAIdit since he has been falsely attacked by individuals.

Signed by:

SPEAKER BOL KUANY KUOL(head of the assembly)

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