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Padang Jieng of North America Calls For Appointment of a Padang Son To Presidential Advisors and Opposes Cantoment


  • The government of the Republic of South Sudan
  • president Salva Kiir Mayardit
  • The first Vice president Riek Machar Teny
  • The second vice James Wani Igga
  • The two governors of the greater Padang Community:
    • Mayol Akuei the governor of Ruweng State
    • General Chol Thon Balok the governor of Eastern Nile state
    • And to all Padang intellects, men and women in uniform and youth at home and around the world.

Dear comrades,

June 8, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– We the Padang Jieng citizens in the Diaspora want to thank you as leaders of the Republic of South Sudan for not giving up on peace efforts in our country. As Padang citizens in North America, we would like to express our concern regarding the neglected Padang Jieng communities in South Sudan. Since 1983 until 2011 when South Sudan seceded from North Sudan, our Padang Jieng areas have suffered from Nuer rebellions and lost countless innocent civilians to this day.

Under any circumstances, Padang Jieng does and will continue to endorse the unanimous decree for the creation of 28 States by the President Salva Kiir Mayardit as an only way to bring the very lasting fruitful peace to the people of Republic of South Sudan and build State to State relationship. Incase reality is not overlooked, Padang Jieng has and continue to pay tremendous loses due to the customary rebellion of Riek Machar dating back to 1991 till the present day, beside the Arab North atrocities during the civil War.

Padang community leaders and representatives in a past meeting(Photo: Ngokland/Nyamilepedia)
Padang community leaders and representatives in a past meeting(Photo: Ngokland/Nyamilepedia)

Since the Republic of South Sudan has become an independent country, we are asking the government of Republic of South Sudan under the leadership of the President Salva Kiir Mayardit, first Vice President Riek Machar, and the second Vice President James Wani Igga to strongly consider the voice of Padang Jieng of the two States of ENS and RS on the following accounts. Padang Jieng Community of the two States asked for a representation of its member in the nine presidential advisors. Padang Jieng Community asks for representation of its member in the borders commission. Padang Jieng refused any attempt cantonment of none National formal army such as SPLM/IO tribal army of Riek Machar in the Land of the Padang Jieng of two States of the Eastern Nile and Ruweng State including its counties if it is not an integrated army of the Nation.

The Padang Jieng community does strongly request a representative among the nine Presidential advisors, to give a realistic perspective on many National level issues and concerning Padang Jieng’s core relationship and trades with its neighbor including the troubling border issues between South Sudan’s newly created States and Sudan North. The two Padang states of Ruweng and Eastern Nile are in a critical condition, where the flames of conflict are too high to endure – and recently we have heard that the rebels of Dr. Machar have resurfaced and are going to be assembling in our areas.

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Dear leaders, we the peaceful Padang Jieng community do strongly oppose to this proposed rebel deployment in our two states. These are not protectors, but are dangerous tribal militants with motive of invasion in mind, whom do not represent the will of the Padang Jieng community at large. A true history of bloodshed has shown these insurgents to be untrustworthy. The Padang Jieng community spans a huge region and as such needs representation in the national government, because only we can help resolve the inner conflict between the two Padang states and their neighbors not the outsiders.

Padang Jieng has dearly welcomed the peace between the SPLM and the SPLM/IO, but would reject any attempt cantonment of none National formal army such as SPLM/IO tribal army of Riek Machar in the Land of the Padang Jieng two States of Eastern Nile and Ruweng State, but only an organized national South Sudan army. Padang Jieng Community will only accept the deployment of our recognized national army of Republic of South Sudan and not the Nuer militants or SPLM/IO of Riek Machar. Padang Jieng do welcome a lasting peace, but due to the fact, that the wounds of recent indiscriminate atrocities in the Padang Jieng areas are far yet to be ignored. The Nuers cannot be trusted to take the place of the national army until we see real old neighborhood showed respect and love for peace from them.

To my two governors of the Ruweng and Eastern Nile State, you were our first governors to rule the chiefdom of Padang society and we share with you our deepest concerns on these matters. We also ask you and your administrative to be vocal on the media about things that are strategized to destroy you or your citizens. Many of our fellow citizens from the Diaspora community and around the world have expressed their gratitude and congratulations for your appointment by the president of the Republic of South Sudan–we are hopeful that you will continue to receive praise from Padang citizens around the world and in South Sudan. At this moment our people are suffering at the hands of those who call themselves South Sudanese nationally and yet disregard our local Communities. This behavior is contradictory to the difficulties all South Sudanese have faced since the independence of South Sudan in 2011.

Lastly, after the announcing of the two Padang states were announced, many felt as if they were born again in South Sudan, through a strong presence of our people in social media and on the ground back at home in the two state capitals of Pariang and Malakal. The year 2016 will be a good year for our community and South Sudan at large, in celebration of the creation of the 28 states of our Republic and the appointment of its’ 28 governors. The Padang Community will continue to thank President Kiir for his bold decision to answer the call to aid from towns to rural areas. Our Padang citizens now call upon President Kiir to do something that will never be forgotten for generations to come – we have been neglected by many past leaders of Sudan and now of South Sudan, and we need leadership and recognition from within our own states. The ball is in your court, as you will be the one to establish the system that will help govern our state affairs.

In all of the history of Sudan, it is still a new thing for our citizens to have governors of our own. Our people deserve the same respect the government shows to the rest of South Sudanese communities. The success of the national government depends on the success of the Padang community. To the governors and our traditional leaders, the grassroots of all our leadership, we offer this advice – to have fair representation, the people need someone from the Payams or Bomas districts to hold a leadership seat within the State. There is no need for the Padang Community to be ruled under the influence of the Nuer tribe, as our people have the same right that any South Sudanese community has. Our Padang leaders must be elected based on the coexistence of the Padang forefathers. This is the only way our citizens will live in harmony and peace.

Signed by:

  1. Wilson Thonakur De Lual-Chairperson of Padang Jieng Community in North America
  2. Mayiik Deng Kiir –duty chairperson of Padang Jieng Community in North America
  3. Ngor Kur Mayol –acting secretary of Padang Jieng Community in North America

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