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Mabaan SPLM-IO Under Dr. Riek Machar strongly reject and denounce General Kamal Louma defection and deception

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Maj. General Kamal Louma Yange, visit ing office of Paulino David Ketta, the Deputy Governor of Northern Upper Nile state for the regime side(Photo credit: supplied)
Maj. General Kamal Louma Yange, visit ing office of Paulino David Ketta, the Deputy Governor of Northern Upper Nile state for the regime side(Photo credit: supplied)

Nov 03, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — It has been a culture to create deceptions and lies when a general in uniform decide to abundance the struggle and defect to the government. General Kamal Louma is a fugitive, “murdered”, corrupt and being hunted for the crimes he has committed against the innocent lives under his command and it has nothing to do with Mabaan SPLM-IO under charismatic leader Dr. Riek Machar. 

Since we know that J1 is the place where deserted criminals are being protected, Kamal decided to defect the same way as it was done by other generals defected only for the hunt of positions and blame their own failures and weakness on Dr. Riek Machar leadership.

The Mabaan in SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek Machar strongly reject and denounce Kamal Louma defection and deception that the whole Mabaan in SPLM-IO defected with him which is a lies publication. He defected only with his bodyguards and fabricated deception and lies in order for the government of South sudan to accept his defection and help him get away from the crimes that he has been hunted to face justice and accountability. In fact General  Kamal Louma have no supporters in Mabaan land since he has been known to Mabaan people as someone who has been used by the government of Sudan during the 21 years of civil war terrorized and committed atrocities against his own people.

Mabaan in SPLM_IO  under Dr. Riek machar are strongly support the implementation of peace agreement process whereby the government should be advised to shun receiving defected criminals and focus on implementing the agreement in good faith for the people of south sudan to have genuine peace that address the issues of security and proverities severely affected the lives of our people. The misinformation disseminated by the enemies of peace that 5,000 Mabaan in SPLM-IO forces defected with general Kamal Louma is a manufactured lies and deception. 

The forces of SPLM-IO under Dr. Machar in Mabaan are stationed in cantonment areas and waiting for re-training, reintegration and re-assignment as stipulated in the revitalized peace agreement and the defection of Kamal is a violation of the security arrangement by the regime in Juba to celebrate and accept him in the time of the implementation of peace agreement.   

The Mabaan in SPLM-IO are strongly warning Kamal Louma to make his calculation carefully not to be wrongly used to sabotage peace and create insecurity in Mabaan land. It is very shameful for him to defect at the time that regime in Juba refused to help Mabaan people, abundant them helpless in the water, denied them 5% of oil revenues, grabbed Adar land and given away to their people. A leader who betrays his people for food and positions shall never serve the interest of the people. 

General Kamal is a betrayer and  will soon regret for his ill intention since the masses of Mabaan people know that their sons didn’t join the SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek in search of positions or food but they join the struggle for the issue of Adar land disputes that has been grabbed from us by the dictatorial regime and denied Mabaan 5% of oil revenues are supposed to be given to oil producing counties. 

We know It has been a common notion that generals who want to have access to money and positions they create a situation to use as a token for the government to accept their defection when they don’t have an issue with Dr. Riek Machar leadership. Therefore, General Kamal Louma is a victim of misinformation and deception that if you abundant Dr. Riek Machar you shall be given a position and be appointed as a governor of Northern Upper Nile state which to us is not going to happen but they misled and bribed him to silent the voices of Mabaan on Adar land dispute. 

Kamal Louma doesn’t have a long memory and appreciation, If it was not Dr. Riek Machar he wouldn’t come back to South Sudan since he has been a militia in Sudan for his entire life.

President Kiir regime has to know that  Mabaan anger against the government of South Sudan on the land issue is bigger than Kamal defection and position arrangements that the regime might be the solution for Adar land dispute. Kiir knew the vice president James Wani Igga was delegated in July 2017 to solve the Adar land dispute and he reported back the findings but he decided to throw the reports in dust bin because JCE advised him Mabaan have no right to claim the Adar land. 

 In the last 21 years of civil war, Mabaan participated in the liberation of South Sudan without hesitation and fed SPLA for seven years but after the independence of South Sudan some of the Mabaan veterans become hopeless, their children are not in schools, some veterans are working as housemaids at the homes of their colleagues in the liberation in Juba and it’s so painful for us to see comrades in liberation to make their colleagues slaves and work as housemaids in their own country.

Our struggle is to bring a total reforms in all the government institutions so that no citizen shall be subjected to discrimination, abuse and marginalization in his/her own country; therefore defection to the regime can only solve individauls selfish interest but not the entire reforms that the people of South sudan are demanding. 

The defection of general Kamal Louma is an insult to innocent children, women, elderly, vulnerable groups and the helpless Mabaan that are suffering in water caused by devastated floods without government humanitarian intervention and his selfish interest have no place in Mabaan land.

Philemon Daud TOM is a Member of SPLM-IO Mabaan Caucus. He can be reached through his email at philemondaud84@gmail.com

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