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Opinion: Political corruptions and political bribery, The deadly politics in South Sudan.

By Kech Nguoth Tiem

A South Sudanese man happily counting his much money before the war after his country's independent from the North. Today, the same amount of money can not even feed his family for a day(Photo: file)
A South Sudanese man happily counting his much money before the war after his country’s independent from the North. Today, the same amount of money can not even feed his family for a day(Photo: file)

January 4, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Politics can touch the most personal aspects of our lives. Political decisions regularly impact our families, our health, the culture, relationships between men and women, and our ability to practice our faith and live our beliefs, among other things. But it is challenging to write about politics with a clear head. It can be even harder to present our message effectively to people who disagree with us.

Still, whether you are writing to your local paper, or just responding to your sister-in-law on Facebook, it is possible to express yourself clearly, civilly, politically, and effectivelly.

South Sudanese citizens focus on ideas, instead of politicians or parties.

The media likes to categorize opinions by putting them into politicians’ “camps”, or sticking them into boxes like “SPLM/A IG” , “SPLM/A IO, or ‘’SSOA” Buzzwords allow people to easily dismiss an idea as from the “wrong party” instead of engaging it at a deeper level. This is not only intellectually dishonest, but ineffective. You will usually not change someone’s mind about a person or a party in a few paragraphs. You CAN sometimes win people to your viewpoint on a particular issue—with thorough explanation and plain, substantiated facts.

Your goal is to win people to your argument, not just show off how smart or right you are, how strong you are or whatever else. Keep that goal in mind and avoid confusions, abuses and blaming games on others.

We have to stay true to our voices as we explain our reasoning and that is why the SPLM IO is very popular. But if you’re really a neutral person then speaks neutral tone.

A good rule of thumb is to eliminate adjectives and being bias and let the facts speak for themselves. And for us to see peace in our Country, regardless of one’s political persuasion. People of all political persuasions should be able to agree on the facts.

Even though, the current conflict have taking some tribal dimension, still there are realities that, within Government there are others tribe representing in it and within SPLM/A IO also all the 64 tribes see themselves there too, but the factual confusion is Political corruptions, and political bribery to swapping loyalties now being practiced by some politicians and military generals.

Bribery is an offer or receipt of any gift, loan fee reward or other advantage to or from any person as an inducement to do something which is dishonest, illegal or a breach of trust in politics or business.

Political corruption is the use of powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain. example what is happening in South Sudan .the government of South Sudan lost legitimacy since 2013 when it killed her own citizens and until the formation of the UNITY GOVERNMENT some regions are not under government of South Sudan while  the President and the political Corrupters have been preaching and feeding lies across the Country and beyond international borders that the government is legitimate, and that is the reason why our people continue to suffers because the outsiders could not distinguished the real situation in Country full of people who are politically corrupted and lack the love for their nation. Hence, the factors prolonging the conflicts are the tribal group call (Jieng Council of Elders) JCE the political corrupted and the repudiated Nuer generals and politicians politically bribed and trading to make money in the name of the opposition leader Dr Riek Machar Teny . These two group of people are the core and purpose of me writing this article. They both been bewildering the situation since the start of the conflict. Many  Nuer military general and politicians who were  loyal to Dr Machar after eruption of current crisis have again joined the same government they rebelled again and the reasons for defections were;

1). That, DR Machar is not allowing them to fight or kill enough dnikas

2).  That Dr Machar is again accepting Dinkas in the Movement and give them top positions.

These are the two major reasons behind many Nuer politicians and generals who left SPLMA IO led by Machar. To my surprised, when they returned back to government under kiir, they are given money as bribe and again sent back and accept to fight their fellow brothers, ‘what a confusions’? In the other hands the tribal Jieng Council of elders have been very  busy giving dangerous advises to president kiir that they want to  make sure that the country leadership  remained with Dinkas and Dinka dominations which is very impossible , unless by displaying good leadership that can convince many. The attitude of this familial group have also angered South Sudanese people across the Country not only the Nuer or the SPLM/A IO movement but all the other South Sudanese tribes. IF THIS WAR WERE FOUGHT BY Government of South Sudan vs SPLM/A IO minus those dishonorable group, the problem solving would have been very easy and simple

Therefore, for peace to prevail in our country, these behaviors from the above mentioned group of people who are taking advantages over the poor citizens must end with 2019. This 2020 let that business stop otherwise this war will go to doorstep of everyone including the president if this peace collapses.

This is not an argument instead a reflection of what I termed as a bad politic during the last decade.

The writer is Kech Nguoth Tiem, former Commissioner of Ulang County, Sobat State SPLM/A IO under Dr Machar, He is reachable through his email at peterkechtiem@gmail.com.

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