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Nuer Community in Uganda Condemn the Declaration of Top Rebel Generals

By Kang Deng Ruey | NCEC Chairman,

Nuer Cultural dances performing during Independence day 9th July 2011
Nuer Cultural dances performing during Independence day 9th July 2011

August 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On behaf of Liech Community in Uganda and Nuer community in general we condemn the defection of top rebels Generals from SPLA-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar to form their own movement instead of movement which is already there to bring peace to the people of South Sudan because we have been in war for more than two years now while people are suffering in refugee camps, UNMISS Camps inside South Sudan without any adequate water, shortage of food, malnutrition under five years children, suffering with too much rain without good shelters and many other things which are facing them so what is the new things you defected generals can bring part from the existed SPLM/A-IO leadership who deal already with peace process in order to an end continuation conflict in South Sudan? Therefore, we the Liech community in Uganda if you disgraced your big role you play in this movement up to now for the sake of defended your people since war broke out on 15 December 2013 we will not support you with another movement accept this movement run by Dr. Riek Machar “said by Puok Ruach Lam Liech Community Chairman in Uganda.’’

The chairman of Latjor Community in Uganda (Eastern Jikany) Both Gatwech Lum has expressed that Latjor community in particular and Nuer community in general condemned the defection of identified Generals such as Maj. General Peter Gatdet Yak, Maj. General Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang and their politicians and the position of Nuer community in Uganda is to maintain our support toward SPLM/A-In Opposition and we hopes that what is being negotiated in Addis Ababa has reflect some charges. We Nuer community in Uganda appreciated their contributions that they did to SPLM/A-In Opposition but now because they want to rebel within SPLM/A-IO or form their own movement they turn their legacy in Nuer community back into zero (0) because they forgot what they took them to bushes. Nuer community in Uganda never  think of following  such decisions and we can never support them because they are looking for their own interests  and we hopefully that whatever mistake made under Dr. Machar leadership (Administration) would had been solve let it be not their claims.

On behalf of Bieh community and Nuer communities leaders in general we condemned the declaration of generals to form their own movement and they have know people who will support them in their movement no one they will be like Lul Ruach Kong and we love you very much when you turn up for killing of your people in Juba, has now you defected we don’t love you anymore has our leaders. Secondly, we urge IGAD and Troika countries to work hard to bring peace by all mean in order to end a continuation conflict in young nation. ’’Jimma Wechtuor  Both Bieh community chairman.


Phow community in Uganda calls for peace to come and end these 20- months long running conflict in South Sudan. I, James Tayien Koang chairperson of phow community, on behalf of my community and on my own behalf I  argue the anti-peace elements to give peace a chance because it is belong to South Sudanese people but not belong to war investors. In our community we don’t have room for war initiators then we provide room for peace lovers. I also appeal this statement to IGAD-Plus about Peace Proposal compromise Agreement between two warring parties to end this long civil war by signing the proposal on 17 Aug. 2015 as scheduled by IGAD-Plus. We, the people of this nation suffer a lot that’s why we are crying for peace and desperately call for federal system or federalism in the country because the big hatred within South Sudanese tribes can be forget and adopt the sense of One Nation! One People! We need lasting peace because bad peace is better than war that’s why we recognize this proposal and we endorse it as the final one. The conflict, which erupted on December 2013 has killed tens of thousands and displaced over two million people in South Sudan. We request the International Community to pressurize the two rivals to sign the proposal as soon as possible for the sake of South Sudanese people who are suffering a lot.

The current Nuer community Electoral commission chairman Kang Deng Ruey condemned the declaration of defection generals in the maximum term and said that movement of SPLM/A-IO is the movement which is going to transform the bad system we are faced in our Country before into transparent governance in the Republic of South Sudan which all people of South Sudanese will see themselves in the various institutions across the country not tribal government because all sixty four (64) tribes have right to access all opportunities in South Sudan and why  Generals are not patience to wait peace while the peace is near to their doors which is negotiated in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, so Nuer had not go to the bush for their own interest or against the government but were have been killed by their own government that is why they when to bush to defend themselves  and if there is anybody who play his interest from this movement part from Nuer interest in particular and South Sudanese in general we shall deal with him as a Nuer community because this movement is not belong to Dr. Riek, Peter Gatdet Yak, Gathoth kuoth, Taban Deng and so forth, it is belong to the people of South Sudan.

The Nuer community Electoral commission chairman can be reached for further comments at kangdengruey@gmail.com

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