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Open Letter To The Government of Amadi State

By Girma Apaya,

Equatorian based new rebel group, SSPPF/Arrow Boys, training near Yambio, the capital of Western Equatoria state(Photo: DW)
Equatorian based new rebel group, SSPPF/Arrow Boys, training near Yambio, the capital of Western Equatoria state(Photo: DW)

March 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- In response to the press statement dated March 16, 2016 released by Mr. Victor Maboruk Clement, designated Minister of Information in the Government of Amadi State, I would want to clarify that those statements he issued are totally smeared propaganda as usual from Juba selected self-interest individuals who claim to be representatives of the people in Greater Mundri of Western Equatoria. Such fabrications of the falsehood are baseless and unfounded from disgruntled and failed leadership.

The people of Greater Mundri are not shortsighted to witness those facts on the ground by themselves to an extent which requires no beggar to lecture them. As you are all aware, the group that have their grips around that deadly created Amadi State, whose operationalization was officially suspended by the Communique of the Extra-ordinary session of the IGAD assembly of heads of state and Government on the current situation in South Sudan which was held earlier in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, holds no ground. You will clearly agree with us that such groups to which Victor Maboruk belongs are made up of people who have no vision for the development of Greater Mundri.

It is very clear from the outset that most of those individuals, where Victor Maboruk comes from, are not well oriented with documents and can commonly be characterized as the kind of people who only want to seek positions to enrich themselves other than working for the people in the area. To make everything nastyand worrisome for such self-seekers, the unrecognized Amadi state created by Kiir’s Establishment Order 36/2015 does not only lack budget to stand on its own feet but also has no capacity to generate revenues of its own to run its affairs, leave alone developing the Greater Mundri.

It is so sad that the Amadi State is run using loans borrowed from the sisterly states; their officials seek and beg for donations from area churches and local citizens in community of the state to run the entire state, something awkward indeed. When all options to sustain the state are exhausted, don’t be surprised if such individuals and groups quit Mundri for Juba to spend their loot with their families there.

The very existent of the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition in Western Equatoria region in general and in Mundri in particular is self-evident and factual, and those who are running around to deceive themselves and others by issuing fabricated press statements mimicking their masters are that are no presence of the SPLM/SPLA [IO] in Western Equatoria is just a white lie.

Fact: on May 22, 2015, the SPLA-IO forces in Mundri clashed with Mathing Anyoor, the Juba based tribal militias, and captured Mundri town from the government, this incident of losing the Mundri town to SPLA in Opposition was later on confirmed by then SPLA/Juba spokesman Col.  Phillip Ager on 24, May 2015. People should not be that ignorant by not following any latest developments as they happen.

Chapter II. 2.2. of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS) reads, “The warring parties agreed that the forces that shall be cantoned shall be those forces previously in combat in Juba, Jonglei, Unity, and Upper Nile States, and any other forces related to the conflict in other areas that are declared by the warring Parties during the Permanent Ceasefire Arrangements workshop”. SPLM/SPLA in Opposition in Western Equatoria existed before the Agreement was effected and the agreement allows it to have a cantonment site as per strength of the same Agreement.

In the same spirit of the rights of the cantonment and the acknowledgement of the forces from both sides, the security workshop was held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in September 2015 by the parties to the conflict, the Parties to the conflict had already declared their forces in which the delegation of SPLA-IO had declared forces in Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal as part and parcel of the SPLM/SPLA [IO] forces in the region and were considered to be cantoned as per the agreement.

So, the claims by those visionless individuals alleging that there is no presence of SPLM/A [IO] forces in Greater Mundri was imaginary and self-centered. The forces of the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition in Greater Mundri are not, and have never been, warmongers as claimed by Victor himself.  Instead, Hon. Ngere and the said self-designated Victor Maboruk and Juba militias are now planning heavy offensive against our forces and planned to order Mathing Anyoor to further kill the innocent youths who disapprove or dislike his policies and poor governance.

As things stand as of now, the SPLM/SPLA [IO] I is aware of SPLA/Juba provocative plans of going to Bangolo, Kadiba and Mvolo with claims that they want to go and talk to people to start opening schools, which we know the intention is purely to provoke our forces to clash with them.

Such statement [from Victor] and the way in which it was formed can only confirmed to the words of some people, in reference to a few visionless Equatorians, that they are coward; they intend to get positions in the government and always tend to be killers of their own people while they are in the positions of power.

To you our people of Amadi, I personally want to discourage you from buying into Victor Maboruk’s baseless claims but rather adhere to the principles in which can brighten the future of our generations. Those kind of statements and talks you will always encounter from such kind of people in the community would only ruin our region, be vigilant and any falsehood these people are disseminating over the media must be confronted, don’t stoop so low to their level of fabrications.

The economic situation is South Sudan is generally too bad, individuals or groups can issue irresponsible statements for the sole purpose of appeasing the master in Juba in exchange of trust and a few cash in return. The words of people like that of Victor Maboruk, people who are hunting for jobs of becoming MPs, Commissioners, Ministers etc., are common but harmful to our people in Greater Mundri and beyond.

I am here to end my statement by telling you, the people of Amadi, that the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition has its presence all over Greater Equatoria and everyone in the region except Victor Maboruk knows and acknowledges such forces very well. They are organized and must be cantoned as required by the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan, and some will take part as special force going to Juba to form Transitional Government of National Unity.

Girma Apaya is the Reporter in the office of the SPLM/A- IO Command in Mundri, Western Equatoria State, he can be reached through gmmoru@gmail.com

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