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Eastern Nile State Citizens In Diaspora Condemn The Violence Which Erupted In Malakal Last Month In The Watch Of UNMISS Representatives

By James Miaker,

PoC site in Malakal has been burned down by Government forces (Photo/Nyamilepedia)
PoC site in Malakal has been burned down by Government forces (Photo/Nyamilepedia)

March 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– First and foremost, we the Eastern Nile State in Diaspora would like to inform the African Union, United Nations, UNMISS and civil societies around the globe that we strongly condemns the violence which has erupted on February 17th & 18th , 2016 in the UNMISS Camp in Malakal. The cause of the conflict was fueled by some elements of Shilluk politicians who were against the creations of 28 states in South Sudan. They were behind the recent attacks in Malakal as a form of destructions of the 28 states, and as a technique aiming to destabilize Malakal.

The conflict was well coordinated by the opposition leader Dr.Lam Akol who is the current leading opposition group in the country, Anyito who is the Member of Parliament, and General Johnson Ulony who is a head of Tiger Battalion and Agwelek rebels. Even though, Malakal has never been a Shilluk land, these groups were not happy about the creations of new states in the country that annex of Malakal to Eastern Nile state as their head quarter. The Shilluk politicians kept inciting and mobilizing their youth to carry on any attacks in the UNMISS camp if they get chances, and that is exactly what those Shilluk politicians are planning. This is not the first time IDPS exchanged hands with each other.

We, the Eastern Nile state are urging the government of the Republic of South Sudan to hold accountable politicians like Anyito, Peter Aduok and Lam Akol who incites ethnic wars through media in a form of creative and abusive used of the freedom of expression. We do as well Urge ethnic politicians from Shilluk communities to stop politicizing hate and preaching of atrocities and accept dialogues with the Eastern Nile state because war shall never be the solution to this matter nor shall it solve any problem at all.

Furthermore, we the Eastern Nile State have strongly condemns the UNMISS peacekeeping forces in South Sudan for failing to protect the civilians inside Malakal couple weeks ago. It is their failure because nowhere in the world that the United Nations have abandoned the vulnerable people. Where in the world are IDPS allowed to stay under the umbrella of UNMISS with guns? Is the UNMISS in South Sudan against the UN resolution for protecting the IDPS or is there a cover up dealt going on here?

More explanations and investigation need to be independently conducted against every UNMISS Camp in South Sudan to find out exactly what’s behind their tactics in the ROSS. How did guns entered into Malakal UNMISS camp? Therefore, it is UNMISS’s failed to monitor the activities of the displace persons under their care, which victimizes women and girls for raping daily by rebels, while guns are being transported into the camp at the present of the peacekeeping forces.

It seems Like UNMISS in South Sudan have failed their mandate to protect the innocent people completely, and to mark you, this is not the first time; the Jieng IDPS ethnic groups in the Malakal Camps were isolated and brutally killed in the watch of UNMISS peacekeepers. We, the Eastern Nile state urge the United Nations to pay more attention to their peacekeepers staffs in South Sudan not to let this negligence happened again. Otherwise, the cover up and what the UNMISS is doing in South Sudan would be a violation of human right of which you will be accountable for it because in the court of law, the incident was pure negligence.

The Eastern Nile state wants to inform her neighbouring communities that we are peace loving community in South Sudan and we are very certain that you know it very well. However, this has been taken wrongly as our weakness by our neighbouring communities in and out. We, the Eastern Nile state are asking all the peace loving communities in South Sudan and in around the globe to help us to condemns this massacre which has happened in the watch of United Nations peacekeeping forces in Malakal POC site.

The author, James Miaker, can be reached at @ akotjames2004@yahoo.com for further comments and concerns about this article.

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Abiel March 17, 2016 at 8:01 pm

The three things happened when the fighting erupted in camp in Malakal town and South Sudanese should know these things.
1,the leader of minority Odigo declared war against Dinka Padang in Parliament and everyone know that.
2 Collo smuggling guns by a boards to unimiss camp than they attack Dinka unit
3,the leader of splm in opposition called members of Nuer in a camp to involve in fighting against Dinka
Our brothers Nuer and Cllo thinking that when they cooking something Dinka Padang can not know or can’t see the smoke what you have been doing it well known to Padang community.

Bol Gatjang March 18, 2016 at 7:33 am

Abiel, let’s just prays for peace to prevail if there’s so called peace in the country. Those Padang Dinka paddle and their canoe will break mysteriously if peace failed, trust me.

Thon DJ Machar March 17, 2016 at 9:33 pm

James, I was surprised to hear this lost incompetence president along with his confused home boy presidential MP Awan talking trash as if they were drunk in the article posted on Sudantribune.com condemning the current Governor Chol Thon for an incitement that was coordinated by the Shilluk MPs and the Nuers MPs in the Parliament. Because he is a president without order and lacking judgment, he better know that Padang is tired of his sell out and weakness this time. He was the one who announced the creation of 28th states following electing their governors. Chol has every right to relieve all Latjor and Western Nile States officials to go work in their own states. If a dump president doesn’t get it, whom are these Latjor and Western Nile States going to serve any way when they heated the Jieng? Mr. president when you created that mess in Juba, you know very well that it did not kill your people in Barelgazel, and now you want to incite the same shit again. Are you slow, retarded or dump? Why can’t you understand that what you started in juba has created a tribal hatred? If you want to create business on Padang this you are going to lose. The President and his confused office MP Awan has no direction either because Chol was not the one who should be blamed for this. You are Mr. President because you have no order and you only announce decrees when drunk. you better dealt with consiquences or leave the presidency to the Public of south Sudan.

fuckyouAwanGuol March 17, 2016 at 11:05 pm

I totally agreed Thon, there come a time Padang say enough is enough of sellout from a dumb, corrupts, thief, visionless, lazy drunken loon, and asshole president. When will Padang get tired to cover useless president ass who surrounding himself thefts? Even a useless minion called Awan , who run away from western world because he work as an asshole peon, has some thing to say to patriot general Chol thon. Without padang , useless president would never cross Nuer to capture any thing. He wouldn’t still enjoy oil up now. Why would those called themselves tough generals never cross lou nuer to capture Akoba? Because they are cowardly Lunatics.

Cuaredual Naath March 17, 2016 at 10:17 pm

I don’t know where you were all these months and wrote foolishly like that. I never hear in my life since I was born that Malakal is the Dinka land. In the Nuer academic books we learned that Malakal is for Shilluk. Sorry guy for your disastrous government of Dinka not for South Sudan.

thondit jieng March 20, 2016 at 6:49 pm

Cuaredual Naath, you need to get your head off your ass. The book you read was written by an asshole like yourself and because you lack information that’s why you still have your head stuck deep in your ass. It would be wise of you to look up the Angelo Egyptian map about the South Sudan so you can learn about Malakal inhabitants.

Edward March 21, 2016 at 12:20 am

Look at that map yourself and you will know the truth.

James March 21, 2016 at 10:32 pm

Cuaredual or whatever you called yourself ,please you need to do a thoroughly research on what you are claiming.Do not act like an idiot.Do Nuer have Academic books that record the history in the Sudan leave alone in South Sudan?Even Nguendeng does not have a book! Shilluk came to Eastern Nile for green pastures. I hope your mother will tell you more about Malakal if she still alive.Therefore, don’t let your be pool around by those parasites who were sucking our blood for a long time.

Bol Gatjang March 18, 2016 at 2:09 pm

Abiel, How do you like the picture of your ghost town Dinka intentionally created in South Sudan?

Abiel March 19, 2016 at 12:34 pm

Bol peace is good to be prevail for whole South Sudanese especially Nuer because it will not let them to be remained in exile


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