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Nuer Community-USA Rubbishes President Kiir’s Fake Apology.

By Goaner Bok Tut | Secretary Info.
Nuer warriors demonstrating a cultural practice, aimed to highlight how men could tactically fight off a sudden attack by spears, in a close range (Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Nuer warriors demonstrating a cultural practice, aimed to highlight how men could tactically fight off a sudden attack by spears, in a close range (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Jan 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s incumbent incompetent president never apologized for the senseless war which he sponsored to terrorize the Naath nation and all minority group in the country. Here is what he said: “I apologize on behalf of the SPLM to the people of South Sudan for the suffering they are going through as a result of war,” state-run South Sudan Television (SSTV).

This fake apology is totally unaccepted and we therefore call of president Salva Kiir to come out frankly to apologize to the victimize of this senseless war to build trust and foundation for peace and reconciliation in the country. This one meaningless statement is not an apology.

The Nuer Community-USA under the leadership of President Nyanguok Gatloa Riek has completely trashed this media apology made by President Salva Kir for the purpose of SPLM-IG convention and as a mean to lure SPLM-IO into re-unification. This is not what our people expect from the so called president of a country that has bled for two years.

President Salva Kiir, your apology is a direct slap on the face of the Nuer victims and our entire nation worldwide. You made this beautiful country a war field and very dangerous place to live and today you are apologizing as SPLM. Do you know SPLM is another problem by itself, independent of your leadership?

Now, what would your apology even mean when you are busy obstructing the implementation of peace agreement by creating useless 28 tribal states and claiming that the people have called for them. When did the people of South Sudan call for “28 states”? Mr. president the world is not as stupid as you think. People are not represented through decrees, they speak and make choices through referendums. Out of peace process our people cannot call for “28 states”. What they need is peace; why rushing to create states when this should have been parts of reforms?

In addition, thousands of thousands of innocence Nuer were slaughtered in cool blood in Juba in less than 48 hours in December, 2013. Now, here you come out with a crappy apology on behave of SPLM & South Sudanese people when it was presidential guards and your militia that killed our people. Do you accept the fact that you ordered dutkubeny militias to whipped out innocence Nuer in Juba?

Do you accept that you’re responsible for destruction of South Sudan, particularly Upper Nile region today?

The Nuer Community in the United States do strongly rubbish your nonsense apology because it is baseless and nonsense. We watched your confused speech during the convention. We are still wondering whether you were apologizing to your Juba government based and/or your Council of Jieng Eldrs, the evil elders that are governing our country because you failed.

Whom did you apologize to? There isn’t any victim in Juba to apology to right now. You’re just mocking the Nuer Community because you know at the bottom of your heart that you have massacred them, rapped their women, killed their children and let your community took over their homes in Juba. This does not need apology. It needs real work. We need to see real work in place, not fake apologies.

It’s really painful for all Nuer Community worldwide watching you talked like a baby about this conflict without elaborating its root causes. President kir, you destroyed the Nuer Land and you are here again mocking them.

Resolution of The Nuer Community USA; 

First, before any apology the root causes of this destructive war must be found and accepted. You cannot apologize for what you do not know its root causes. When the root causes are found, we will know those who are responsible. As a president, if you are not part of the root causes, you should not have let go of the criminals who planned and executed this war. The catastrophes of human life & destruction of property that has been witnessed in Upper Nile was never seen in history. Someone must be held accountable for this destruction.

Secondly, your government has done nothing to protect the victims. Instead your troops harassed and prevented humanitarian agencies from reaching the Nuer areas in Upper Nile because you planed to kill the remnants through starvation. Be advised that war crimes cannot be addressed through a simple SPLM apology. Yourself and your commanders must answer for these crimes at the International Criminal Courts for justice, peace, reconciliation and accountability.

Mr. President, your apology itself shows that you are guilty. It was all shown over your face. Your face shown that it was the serial killer forging apology. You just bullied your victims.

The Nuer Community in USA, president Nyanguok Gatloa , reiterates that “nobody would get a way with the horrible genocide until all those responsible for each crimes are brought forwards.”

So Mr. President, your apology is all rubbish, done at the wrong time, on behalf of wrong people, at the wrong place & most importantly, to the wrong people.

We believe, you (Salva Kiir) still remember the Juba door-to-door hunting of innocent Nuer civilians under your watch. This is still fresh in memories like yesterday.

We are still mourning for our dead. You only reminded us to once again mourn our loved ones. You will never cover this reality, Nuer will never accept any simple apology.

We do not know who asked for your forgiveness & whom would you direct your forgiveness to? Because you did not apologize when your apology was needed, you must now wait until an independent body is established to deal with the criminals in this country. Perhaps, this is where the root causes of the conflict and justice would be served.

Our people around the world must trash this fake apology and stay vigilant.

Signed by:

Nyanguok Gatloa.
President of the Nuer Community USA

Email: tgoaner@yahoo.com

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