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Jagei Community In Australia And North America Congratulatory Press Letter To Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon And His Heroic Team On Signing The IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement

Great leaders are willing to sacrifice the numbers to save the people but poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers –Simon Sinek.

Your Excellence Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.

Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/A-In Opposition.

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Logo of Jagei Community…

Jan 12th, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- As the core of the Naath people in origin, we commendably congratulate you for overcoming four days audacious intimidation from the mercenary outsiders at the outset of this ending civil war in 2013.

We inestimably acknowledged your strategic planning for compromising your strongest demands in order to discontinue more bloodletting between South Sudanese citizens in this Salvawar.

The events that have unfolded in our beloved South Sudan, from 15th December 2013 to date have left our people in deleterious conditions the across South Sudan. You have now proved to all South Sudanese and the whole world that you are not the causal of this conflict which triggered to unusual crimes against the humanity in the county. Your dedication to the IGAD Peace Agreement since the war is now going to ameliorate the ongoing catastrophic hostilities in South Sudan.

By signing the Compromise Peace Agreement, you have shown such a leadership to our citizens and indeed to the whole world. It shows that you value our people’ lives and hold them close to your heart and that peace is the only thing our people need now.

We need peace in order to give our people an opportunity to rebuild their shattered lives. We need peace in order to reconcile our divided communities as a result of this current conflict. We need peace in order to resume our national togetherness and create an equitable governance which would build a stronger and prosperous nation.

A nation that values the lives of her citizens not the current deformity under the crime committers. A nation that should invest in her people and harness the wealth of untapped potential within her industrious citizens. A nation that values the diversity of her citizens and should never again target its citizens based on their ethnicity. A nation that should display our truthful image as South Sudanese.

Even though we have paid a hefty price in terms of valuable lives lost in the current conflict. Besides the trail of destruction to property, it leaves behind its presents us with a golden opportunity to lay a solid foundation for our country. A country with strong institutions. A country abided by the rule of law and no single person should be above the laws of the land. We should use this opportunity to initiate and implement necessary reforms that our country is desperately needed.

It is only when we have such a strong foundation that the events we are currently experiencing should never be allowed to happened again.

Please accept our united voice to appreciate the SPLM/A-IO for showing a significant leadership by signing the IGAD-Plus’ Compromise Peace Deal. The onus is now on President Kiir to show the same leadership and sign the IGAD-Plus’ Compromise Peace Agreement in order to end the ongoing bloodshed in South Sudan.

Yours in Struggle.

Long Life of the Bravery of the N.

Long life Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.

Long life the Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan.

Signed by JCA and JCNA Community and Media Secretariats.

Maley K Wawudit.

General Secretary—JCA.

Malual J Bentim.

General Secretary—JCNA.

Kai P Tang.

Information Secretary—JCA.

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