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Nuer Community in the Kingdom of Netherlands Support IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Draft.

Nuer dancers from Unity state during Sunday's declarion of cultural activities in Bentiu Independent Stadium 10 November 2013 (Photo: file)
Nuer dancers from Unity state during Sunday’s declarion of cultural activities in Bentiu Independent Stadium 10 November 2013 (Photo: file)

August 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Dear all; Nuer community, people of South Sudan, supporters and sympathizers of both government of South Sudan and SPLM/A-IO and all peace loving people across the globe, we the Nuer community in the Kingdom of Netherlands do hereby stand tall and united in support of ”IGAD-Plus proposed peace document” tabled by IGAD-PLUS peace mechanism before the warring parties of the ongoing civil war in South Sudan since Dec 15, 2015 to reach lasting peace and stability in war torn South Sudan.

The proposed document is wisely worthy to be signed for the sake of our people stranded in UN camps-UNMISS protection of civilian sites in Bentiu, Bor, Juba, Malakal Maluet, Wau and among other towns in the country and those in refugee camps in Neighboring countries( Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and beyond).

Indiscriminately, We are supporting and encouraging the IGAD member states, region and international communities to press hard all political and military pressures on two warrying parties to accept the IGAD-PLUS peace proposal that is seen as the best solution to installed the long awaiting peace and stability back to the Republic of South Sudan and restore confident, trust, and co-existence to its diverse communities. When necessary the regional and international communities can hardly imposed the toughest measures that is to say effective sanctions on influenced individuals who will be seen as transigent of denying peace.

As members of Nuer community in particular and as citizens of South Sudan in larger term, We wholeheartedly, urge the two principles; Gen.Salva Kiir Maryadit and Dr.Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon to sign the IGAD-PLUS compromise peace draft to stop the appalling conflict and swiftly drawback our young nation from shameful and embarrassing image on the eyes of regional and international communities.

The whole world has been shocked by the devastative war which erupted in capital city, Juba where tens of thousands of innocent people have lost their lives due to severe brutalitiy and crulety of war since at the onset of the deadly conflict which is taking ethnic dimensions. The proposed IGAD-PLUS peace document is far more better than the 2005 CPA which had peacefully led into idependent of Reublic of South Sudan through fair and free refrendum’s polls.

In the power sharing, the SPLM in opposition can accept in a compromised deal the 33% of powering sharing of would-be transitional government of national unity(TGoNU) and 53% in greater Upper Nile region although they are not represented in two regions; Greater bahr el ghazal and Greater Equatoria, but for the sake of peace in interest of our people to return to their homes and get out of dire humanitarian catastrophy they are going through in UN protection of civilian sites and refugees camps.

In security arrangements, the demilitarization of national is apparently acceptable in line with international standard and it will overhauled the current insecurity in Juba and at the later time respectively. Normally, there is no any national capital that can be militarized unless it’s a plan against peace and stability. We accept the regional IGAD and UNMISS joint security forces to be deploy immediately during pre-transition period to guard the national capital and other major towns in the country to avoid 15 Dec, 2013 Nuer massacre. As citizens of South SUdan, we want UPDF and all allied foreign troops to leave South Sudan’s soil before the implementation of peace agreement come to light as UPDF and other allied mecerenaries are plague of our country’s sovereignity and has been the source of intransigency between the two warrying parties during peace talks in Addis Ababa.

More importantly, we support the establishment of hybrid court to held those responsible and accountable for committing human rights atrocities and bring them to book for justice to take its course. The hybrid should be presided by international judges and legal experts for transparency during trials.

Also we appreciate the establishment of compensation and reparation authority to oversee and make sure all who lost their love ones and properties destroyed during the rampage are compensed without preconditions.

We have read some reactions made by some government officials in regard of rejecting the current peace proposal saying oil-rich greater Upper Nile region should not be given to Riek Machar instead war will continue; this is absolutely sign of inflexibility and an appeal of being not committed to peace and the on going mass mobilization of youth, women, civil society and the entire population in the government control areas to stage demonstrations in the quest of rejecting the proposed peace document, so as the Nuer community in the Kingdom of Netherlands we definetely condemned such organized anti-peace activities in the strongest terms possible. Peace is neither for interest of Riek Machar nor for Salva Kiir but utterly for people of South Sudan.

We want South Sudan to enjoy peace as soon as poosible!!

Simon Gatdet Tuach, Nuer  community chairman in the Kingdom of Netherlands, reachable at simi_gt@yahoo.co.uk

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