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Nuer Community Council of Australia Condemns Salva Kiir and Taban Deng For Attempting To Assassinate Peace Icon – Dr. Riek Machar Teny

“Some people suggest that I beg for mercy. But this I cannot in conscience do. I would rather die on my feet with honour, than live on a bended knees with shame.” Senator Begnigno Aquino, Jr.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

By Nuer Community Council of Australia (NCCA)

Nuer Youth showcasing their cultural dance in Melbourne, Australia(Photo credits: Nen Phaltang)
Nuer Youth showcasing their cultural dance in Melbourne, Australia(Photo credits: Nen Phaltang)

28th July 2016(Nyamilepedia) —–  On behalf of the NCCA, we would like to take this opportunity to denounce and condemn the alleged Nuer supports for the murderer President Salva Kiir Mayardit which was read by Dr. Gai Yoah on SSBC TV couple of days ago.

First of all, allow us to pay our sincere and heartfelt respect and condolences to our martyrs, who were perished in four-Days-War that was started at J1 Presidential Palace as well as those who have lost their lives in subsequent army confrontations with enemy in Jebel at outskirts of juba. Also, our heartfelt respect and condolences goes to victims’ families and relatives. To those comrades, we say you did NOT die in vain. The entire Nuer community will never forget your genuine contributions to our just cause. We will always remember you and stand with your families or your loved ones whom you have left behind. As to the Nuer- of money (translated in Dinka language, as Nuer-Wew) your support message to Salva Kiir, as mentioned on the above was an acts of betrayal, and we would like to clarify some important points about this:

First foremost, this group has no legitimacy to represent or speaks on behave of Nuer community in Juba, let alone the entire Nuer Community across the world. It’s known facts from the onset of Nuer massacred on December 15th 2013, those who had survived from door-to-door ethnic cleansing are still under UN protection in UNMISS camps all over the country including Juba, Bor, Malakal & Bentiu (and they have established their own Nuer-sub- communities in those camps). Therefore, your claim of representing Nuer Community in Juba is unfounded and untrue.

Secondly, those few Nuers who are supporting the bloody government of Salva Kiir are there for reasons known only to them. One wouldn’t have logical explanation why they continuously supporting a regime that had slaughtered its people in Juba and around the country. They neither protect themselves nor the people they claim to represent.

For example, during the recent confrontations between the SPLA-IO & SPLA-IG, many of them ran to UNMISS’s facilities seeking protection and leaving behind their personal bodyguards who were mercilessly killed by Kiir-Malong militiamen. What we know so far is that, most of those who throw their support on the regime are pensioners or retirees (seventy years of ages and over) who do not fit for any job whatsoever whether in politics or as civil servants. They are there to beg for blood money for survival.

Thirdly, the August Peace Deal that was signed between the two main warring factions, the SPLA-IO & SPLA-IG, stripped Nuer-Wew allied to the government from many positions in the Transitional Government of National Unity (Kiir’s faction). Dictator Kiir and his JCE dismissed their Nuer allied from several ministerial positions they were holding before the Peace Agreement. For instance, about five Nuer ministers were fired with exception of Dr. Riek Gai, who remained in his post as National minister of Health. This was done as a “divide and rule game” since Kiir and JCE are very desperate to find a way possible to attains Lou-Nuer supports, which will never be happened and never be achieved. The reasons was that, Kiir assumed that the ten ministerial portfolio of SPLA-IO according to the Agreement, would all be occupied by Nuer and would make Nuer ethnic group a majority in TGONU and therefore Kiir had no other choice than to eliminate his Nuer allies.

Our position & stand in regard to August Peace Agreement

The NCCA is strongly support the wise leadership of the SPLA-IO under C-IN-C Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon and would like to inform the mediators and grantors of the August Peace Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan signed by SPA-IO & SPLA-IG on August 17th, in Addis Ababa & 26th, 2015 in Juba respectively. Furthermore, we urge all South Sudan peace partners such as IGAD, AU, EU, US and TRIOKA continue with their support to the peace agreement, which they have mediated. Therefore, NCCA call upon South Sudan peace partners to take serious measures against the Juba faction for violation of the peace agreement, which has become an obstacle to the implementation of peace agreement. The NCCA is strongly condemns Salva Kiir’s regime conspiracy of the assassination attempted against Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of SPLA/M-IO on 8th, July 2016 which was defused by SPLA-IO brave men & women who fought with Malong- Kiir forces of evil to death defending our charismatic leader outside the presidential palace in J1.

Thus, we support the decision taken by the peace partners to send an additional peace-keeper forces from African countries as a third party between warring factions of the SPLA-IO & SPLA-IG for the protection of civilians in case of any future army confrontations between the two main parties.

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The Unilateral appointment of Taban Deng Gai, to replace the C-IN-C of SPLA/M-IO, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon.

We urge peace grantors to fully oversee the implementation of this Agreement to the latter a spirit without any changes made by either rival party. Because, this agreement is the only hope and option for South Sudanese people to regain stability and to put to an end the current war imposed on us by Salva Kiir’s. For the ongoing political development in Juba, regarding an alleged conspiracy against the SPLA-IO and its leadership is an unacceptable. In this case, we call upon conspirators especially SPLA-IO members who are involved in this dirty game to detach them-selves from such risky indulgence orchestrated by enemies of peace in Juba. Remember that, Salva Kiir’s regime is using “wedge politics” of divide and rule- let’s not succumb to lies. Comrade, Taban Deng’s move to replace FVP and leader of SPLA/M-IO, Dr. Riek Machar is dangerous and risky to the peace agreement that will take the country back to a full-scale war and instability.

Mr. Deng must understand that SPLA-IO is not fighting for positions; we have a genuine cause for this war, which is the unexplained massacred of the Nuer ethnic group, which was executed by Kiir’s regime in 2013 to eliminate Nuer. Dr. Machar is not greedy for any position as some of his opponents always alleged. If he were, he would have had assumed the leadership of South Sudan after the death of John Garang in July 2005. Dr. Machar is a peaceful leader who always advocates for peace and reconciliation for all South Sudanese people. Gen. Taban Deng Gai has pressured and threatened the SPLM-IO members living in hotels to nominate him, as FVP and some of SPLMA-IO members have no choice for serous threatened from Kiir’s security. However, only five (5) members of political bureau out of 23 members have nominated Mr Taban. Gen. Deng on the position of FVP.

To make it clear, Taban Deng has no military army in the field, how can he become a FVP and leader of SPA/M-IO, while he is not in control of SPLA-IO’s forces? Would Taban be responsible if any clashes occur between the two warring armies, which is the SPLA-IO, and SPL-IG? Never. Gen. Taban Deng Gai is not longer a member of SPLA/M-IO as he was fired by C-IN-C of SPLA/M-IO, Dr. Riek Machar from his ministerial position as well as SPM-IO structure before Salva Kiir unilaterally appointed him on the FVP. Instead, Gen. Taban Deng Gai would be known as leader of SPLM-In- Hotel (SPLM-IH). We hope that Gen. Taban Deng made this move under threats and duress of which the SPLA-IO members in Juba are undergoing after the failure of the assassination attempt and escape of their leader Dr. Machar. Otherwise, time will tell if Cde, Taban has any other ill-intentions against the Movement of SPLA-IO and its leadership. Therefore, NCCA is hereby calling upon for South Sudan peace partners to ensure the safety of SPLA/M-IO Ministers and ordinary members who are still in the hand of Salva Kiir’s regime National Security.

In conclusion, NCCA is standing behind the leadership of C-IN-C of SPLA/M-IO, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon who is fighting for the freedom of all South Sudanese people. Therefore, we would like to tell South Sudanese, Africa and the world that, Taban Deng Gai has no supporters back home or in diaspora.

This letter is sign by NCCA’s leaders:

  1. Mr. Simon Gatluak Golong
  2. Acting President and Vic President of NCCA
  3. Dr. Tidial Buom Manguet
  4. Secretary of NCCA
  5. Mr. Stephen Khor Wal,
  6. Treasurer of NCCA
  7. Mrs. Martha Nyakuoth Thanypiny
  8. Women President of NCCA
  9. Mr. Gach Bhar Wan
  10. Youths President of NCCA

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David July 28, 2016 at 10:35 pm

Hey Nuer people try other person rather than Machar to lead you this time because this man is killing you without knowing it.

Paul Dut July 28, 2016 at 11:24 pm

Whenever I see fellow Africans such as these wear a leopard skin as a symbol of beauty, I wonder what they think of the following scripture:

“Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil,”Jeremiah 13:23


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