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By Professor/Ambassador David de Chand,

South sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardiit (photo: file)
South sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardiit (photo: file)

Dec 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— First and foremost of all, I would like to add my voice to all those South Sudanese that have out rightly rejected the so-called proposed National Dialogue by the criminal, illegitimate and genocidal regime in Juba because that would be just a waste of time, energies and available scarce resources. How could we Dialogue with a system that we do not trust? Salva Kiir, Taban and Paul Malong Awan are pseudo-nationalists, criminals of the third kind that must and ought to meet their own fates one-by-one.

What does this proposed National Dialogue hope to achieve? Who would Dialogue with a criminal, a child and a woman killer regime? The so-called Republican Decree issued on 19 December 2016 for the Formation of the National Dialogue Steering Committee was rubbish, dysfunctional, obfuscated and would not work.

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We urge and appeal to the people of South Sudan and the Opposition in particular, not to allow them to be deceived, manipulated and maneuvered to a false premise or a fake and meaningless National Dialogue with Juba.

We should unite our limited resources to overthrow the regime in Juba through the intensification of the armed struggle and by any means necessary. Let us negotiate with Salva Kiir’s regime in the battlefront in the countryside until we will march in on to Juba as victorious army. The Opposition has been already inside Juba within the establishment and will soon rise up or to stage a coup d’état against the regime to be joined by the huge rebel forces that have already encircled and/or besieged Juba.

Senior Dinka Officers closed to Salva Kiir should link up with the Opposition to stage a coup d’état against Salva Kiir as leaders serving the vital national interest rather then the tribal short live cynical tribal interests, its loyalties, it affiliations and its primordial identifications.

There could be no more National Dialogue as a means of achieving tenable reasonable alternative [TRA] conflict resolution. It was Salva Kiir that destroyed the brokered 2015 Peace Agreement by the IGAD mediators that he signed with Dr. Riek Machar.

Instead of reconciliation for forgiveness, but not to forget the past for the sake of peace and the promotion of the culture of peace that breeds social justice and social justice that breeds peace, behold, Salva Kiir strategized a devilish agenda that was designed of luring Dr. Riek Machar’s first to be lured back Juba for peace sake, but on Friday, 8 July 2016, but he failed, unfortunately. Does he [Salva Kiir] think that Dr. Machar would be a fool to sit down with this foolish man with science of stupid like Salva Kiir? It will happen in my lifetime. Nevertheless, if Dr. Machar should change his mind to Dialogue with this killer, he would have to do it alone and that could also be the end of his political career in the opposition that’s comprised of so many factions that have neither given Dr. Riek Machar’s a mandate nor executive powers to undertake decision-making unilaterally.

Further, he [Salva Kiir] destroyed the scheduled 2015 Peace Agreement brokered by the IGAD because he said that he was advised to disrupt the elections by the US Secretary John Kerry in a statement that he [Salva Kiir] delivered to the world through the BBC Hardtack interviewed in 2015.

Whilst Salva Kiir is advocating National Dialogue, he should step down or resign because his term of tenure as the President had expired retrospect to 15 July 2015. Would the proposed National Dialogue agenda surpass the 2015 Peace Agreement brokered by the IGAD mediators and destroyed by Salva Kiir on Friday 8, July 2016?

Hence, he [Salva Kiir] has been illegitimate like President Laurent Kabala of The Democratic Republic of the Congo (The D.R. Congo) and President Jayha Jammeh of the Gambia.

Any Dialogue with Salva Kiir would produce no outcome that could lead to peace that no one trusts Salva Kiir; that he should be indicted and his generals, including Dr. Machar to face the law either in The Hague, The Netherlands, or through an African Hybrid Court or any other international tribunal that could put them on trial for having committed the gravest and the greatest crimes of genocide against humanity, war crimes and crimes against humanity, including other heinous crimes committed against humanity in South Sudan.

The only National Dialogue that has left between the illegitimate, criminal and genocidal regime with the Opposition would be the intensification of the armed struggle to overthrow Salva Kiir by any means necessary.

We could not be more than pleased that President Obama and the Secretary of State John Kerry have left with only a few weeks in the White House and that the Democratic Party has lost the elections that it should accept with grace. The would-be incoming Donald Trump’s administration, we hope will bring about drastic political changes in its foreign policy agenda and to drain the canals dung by Obama’s administration in Washington, DC, to end many quagmires and undeclared wars that it created throughout the world, including South Sudan.

The political legacy of the US President Obama would be remembered as being responsible for the rise of terrorism and counterterrorism worldwide. The war that has destroyed and failed Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan has been the US President Barak Hussein Obama war. The support that the Obama administration gave to Salva Kiir that has genocide his own people and invited to the White House that was un-American and a travesty to the American democracy.

Finally, we urge and appeal to the entire Opposition to unite all its ranks and files under the leadership of the I-O to intensify the armed struggle against Juba. If any self-proclaimed Opposition could not join the overall opposition, could be considered a terrorist and a pro-Salva Kiir in Juba. The Opposition will not tolerate for a second any existence of a third army with a conspicuous agenda. It will either submit to the I-O pact or be dealt with accordingly. Therefore, Dr. Lam Akol, Colonel Johannes Okuich and General Gabriel Tang- a general without an army- have got only one and only one choice either to join I-O or to be considered SPLA Juba and has to be destroyed once and for all.

We will prevail and Salva Kiir should know that we are marching in on to Juba by any means necessary. Surely, Juba will become the next Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq and there will be no compromised on any negotiated settlement.

Affirmatively, any National Dialogue with Juba would be a total disaster, waste of time, energies and available scarce resources. We should all unite to reject Salva Kiir’s proposals for National Dialogue at the outset with whom and for what, that remains a myth to be demythologized.

We should all intensify the armed struggle to the maximum until Salva Kiir will be dethroned. We are determined and motivated on this strategic plan to become a political reality. It’s only a matter of time that Salva Kiir and his henchmen will go with the wind in Juba. Salva Kiir days are numbered in Juba, including any one that is associated with the regime. They all must and ought to go and to abnegate Abel Alier’s as the former President of the High Executive Council (HEC) in the post-1972 Addis-Ababa Accord that was responsible for the roots of all South Sudan’s problems. Nobody could trust him.

As regard to Dr. Francis Mading Deng, he belongs to Abyei and not South Sudan. He is a Sudanese Citizen because Abyei is north and has been out of South Sudan jurisdiction retrospect to 1905 and had been so from 1.1.1956 up to present.

Abyei is not south until the 2005 referendum on Abyei Protocol will be implemented and if the people of Abyei voted for that region to become part of South Sudan.

Any inclusion of any persons from Abyei would be illegal and contravention of international law. All Abyei –meaning the Ngok Dinka belongs to Sudan rather than South Sudan. They cannot have the cake and to eat it all.

Most importantly, it was the octogenarians Abel Alier and General Joseph Lago (ret.) and Equatorian intelligentsia intellectuals and other minority groups, i.e., Shilluk (Chollo) and Anuak were responsible for the re-division of South Sudan into three (3) regions by the late President Gaffer Mohamed El-Nuiemri in 1983. Can Lago and Abel really make a meaningful conduct on a National Dialogue with all southerners? Personally, I guess not. We have to have to inject new blood into the system to replace all the octogenarian leaders and the leadership.

For Bona Malwal, he should abscond himself because he does have conflict of interest. His house has been rented as the Chancery or Embassy of South Sudan in Khartoum. He could not be partial; therefore, he should withdraw from being a member of the advising Committee. Of course, there would be neither National Dialogue nor in the future and the present.


What are the DEC roles in the national political process? Who has given it an exclusive mandate to dictate the affairs of state policies? Is it a branch of the GOSS? What validity does it have in the political structure of the state and why such structures could not be extended to other nationalities? What is so particular about the DEC that other nationalities do not have possessed in South Sudan? We would like to know before it’s too late.

Conclusively, I have a word of thought or food for thought for the so-called Dinka Elders Council (DEC) that could not be considered as part and parcel of the GOSS. Who gives it a mandate? Personally, I think that DEC has been a terrorist organization compared to DASEH in Syria, Iraq and Libya, Bako Harem in Nigeria and Al-Shabab in Somalia. It does not have any constitutional roles in determining or decision-making in any national decision-making agenda concerning the future of South Sudan. DEC members should know hereinafter that they terrorists sand DEC must and ought to be dissolved and its members are pure terrorists that would faith the law in the future. They have been responsible for the Genocide and they could go free, but they would have to be investigated. We do know all their positions in the 2013 Juba Genocide. They can run, but they cannot hide. We will haunt them down like the Nazis that killed the Jews during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945). We will prevail in the search of these criminals by any means necessary.

The DEC should know and underscore that South Sudan is not solo Dinka entity that we all fought and died for it during the longest, bitter sweet years of the liberation or emancipation through the armed struggle against the Arabized Muslim North. It was not the Dinka alone that brought its independence that they have monopolized and destroyed it because of greed, corruption, mismanagement so far because of their science of stupid and fear of the Nuer folks. I would be obliged to state it at the outset that “No nation could be built by one tribe” and this was the main raison d’être that modern states were glued and amalgamated to be comprised of accommodating different cultural diversities like we have Sixty-four (64) or so different nationalities in South Sudan. India, one of the world oldest and the largest democracies for instance, has more than four hundred thirty-five (435) different culturally diverse nationalities. The constitution accommodates all he cultural diversities with the political and social rights, including their acute ethnicities and religious peculiarities and they get along fine. It has become the world’s largest culturally diverse and politically stable democracy. These processes also exists pretty well throughout Afro-Asia, the Middle East less Israel as the new apartheid land, Europe, the United States of America and Latin America in the New Hemisphere or the New World.

We would like the DEC to know and to underscore that historically South Sudan has not been exclusively Dinka in the past, the future and the present. Its belong the property of all South Sudanese who have fought for its liberation or emancipation and there could be no single ethnicity or nationality that monopolizes power that must and ought to be equitably shared or delegated to all the principles existing within the jurisdiction of the state. Therefore, any idea that South Sudan is solo Dinka is reducto absurdum or argumentum ad absurdum or absurd ad absurdities and could cause more bloodshed more than what we are passing through at this time, retrospect to 2013, unfortunately. We call for the dissolution of the DEC or it will be encouraging the prolongation of the war. We are now ready more than ever to fight the Jieng (slaves), savages, remorseful less human beings and cannibal-like humankind for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. We would reject an apology from Salva Kiir or from any other Dinka leader ever. We will fight back and nobody in the Africa and the world will stop us until Salva Kiir and his gangs are out of power and they will sooner rather than later. It’s only a matter of time frame; they will go out of Juba dead or alive.

This is the bottom line. For the Dinka Community, we have got nothing against it. Our problem is with Salva Kiir and anyone that wares the SPLA military uniforms and insignia. The war will not stop until they will be defeated, disseminated and annihilated. The Special Twic Militias would have place in South Sudan for they would haunted down like dogs and wolves to severely punished for things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. We pray that General Paul Malong Awan responsible for the mess will be alive to witness and to experience what will happen alive in Warrap and Aweil states in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal.

The Dinka leaders have to stop thinking negatively and to change to become positive thinkers and neo-positive thinkers and have the political will to learn with other nationalities within a politically and culturally diverse South Sudan. If we cannot make living as equals with al equities for all, let’s part ways such that each man for himself and God for all. Assuredly, any idea of Dinka domination, oppression and exploitation is out of the question. Further, any idea of superimposing Dinka cultural dominance as the master’s race, internal colonialism and internal imperialism in South Sudan would tantamount to an declaration of war and more catastrophic violence. Most importantly, any science of stupid idea that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They [Dinka] are the Chosen People” by whom and for what, that remains a myth to be demythologized.

As I see it, South Sudan will not become a heterogeneous united multiparty democracy because there many fault lines or it will disunite and to disintegrate such that each region should to fan out for itself and God for all. We will not now and forever under no any circumstances accommodate Dinka domination, its racist epithet “Monjiengism” (Gaat Kuanyni) that expresses the Dinka cultural supremacy, which does not have any basis of scientific, political, sociological, methodological and anthropological roots, but cheer arrogance and science of stupid.

The people of South Sudan and the Opposition in particular, totally and completely rejected the DEC political ideology that would take it nowhere like the DASEH, Bako Harem, ISIL and Al-Shabab terrorist organizations. DEC should be challenged from within and without.

If we could not build a culturally diverse or a multicultural society in South Sudan, let’s part ways peacefully to give the future generation a chance to reunite. No nations could be built by one tribe and that was the logical purpose and raison d’être to have glued and amalgamated different nationalities to form modern nation-states systems. For instance, the UK, the USA, France and other industrialized nation-states have become multicultural and their peoples do get along fine. Why can’t we get along fine?

Assuredly, South Sudan will not become exclusively Dinka, but we will make sure that it becomes a heterogeneous, pluralistic and a multiparty democracy rather a dictatorship of the Dinka fools blind folded by love of power for the sake of power, money, control and science of stupid. We would create a flexible ethnic federal system compared to Ethiopia or to adopt, for instance, the USA, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates (AUE), Tanzania and many other systems worldwide.

It’s completely incomprehensible and exclusive and realistically extremely outrageous for any single ethnicity to proclaim its supremacy in South Sudan to create gerrymandering or land grasping or encroachment on other people lands to create imaginary states for the Dinka migrants who have been migrants and landless in such states. Because of Salva Kiir’s demagogic policies, the Dinka migrants in the Greater Upper Nile would have to be relocated to Bahr-el-Ghazal as their original homeland. This measure would be for their own safety because they murdered the Nuer and Shilluk [Chollo]. They [Dinka migrant] should know henceforth that they have no future in the Greater Upper Nile region. The must and ought to be repatriated to Bahr-el-Ghazal by any means necessary. They have killed so many the Nuers and the Shilluks people with arms provided them by Juba because they have professed to be Dinka. Therefore they have become the enemies from within and had to be flashed out before it’s too late. This would be an administrative and management decision-making to frame its feasibility studies.

The land has been the source of power; therefore, taking it away and giving it to certain individuals could generate political resistance and a politico-legal wrangling prolonging nasty situation that could become similar to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict retrospect to the 1917 Lord Arthur Balfour’s Declaration to find a homeland for the Euro-Jews in Palestine, the 100-year old Skype-Pico Agreement that chopped up the Middle East up to the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War as well all other wars in which Israel through its military might annexed more Palestinian lands. Salva Kiir neither has the same capabilities compared to the Israelis nor does he have men and women with guts and gusto and the red bold of courage behind the guns.

Everything that the Dinka have is Dinka. The fact that they hired foreign troopers to come to be fighting for them in a domestic quarrel, proof beyond any reasonable doubt that the Dinka men and women in the army and their militias are weak, less determined and less motivated, cowards of the cowards who have no guts and gusto and courage to confront the Nuer nation and its resilient people or what the Dinka nowadays termed as the “Black Germans” [Panzers] or “Thon Anyar” or Tut muok (Buffalo Bills] in Thok Nath or Thok Ram mi raan [the Nuer language of the people of the people. We would like the Dinka to rethink the spectacular events on Friday, 8 July 2016 by less than a 1,000 Nuer soldiers that created devastation in Juba town. What, if there were 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 or 10,000 or 100, 000 up to a million (1,000,000) Nuer rebel soldiers, well-armed, well-trained and well-disciplined were deployed in Juba, what would happen in Juba? I guess, Juba could have been a ghost town, left in ruins and rubbles like Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. We are determined and motivated to kick out Salva Kiir and his foreign troops through the armed struggle and the strategized “Tet” offensive inside Juba and throughout south Sudan soil. We are marching in on to Juba, thus, everyone inside Juba should be prepared for the worst. There would be no mercies, reconciliation and forgiveness.

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