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Lafon County Youth Leadership condemns barbaric attacks on Loudo-Oronyo road

Press Release,

By the Lafon County Union Officials,

Members of Lafon Community dancing during a traditional match in Lafon County(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
Members of Lafon Community dancing during a traditional match in Lafon County(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

August 23, 2020(Nyamilepedia)The incident took place at 7.00 pm on 17 August 2020, when two Lafon youths, Steven Ubur and Hillary Tukan, were heading from Lafon to Torit on a Motorbike.

The person riding was from Lotuho, of Torit County. As they reached a place called Wangmacari which is between Loudo and Oronyo they fall into ambush of three-armed men between Loudo and Oronyo. They were threatened at gunpoint. They asked who they were and where they come from. When they realized these armed men wanted to kill them, they gave them 5000 SSP and they were released. 

Steven, Tukan and the Lotuho guy had not gone far when the armed men changed their minds and ran after them. Steven and Tukan left the motorbike with the rider and fled into the bush in different directions. When the bandits reached the rider who could speak their language, they told him to call Steven and Tukan back and threatened to kill him if they did not return.

The rider told them that they had run into the bush and if they wanted to kill him, they were all Lotuho and he had relatives in Oronyo who would ask about his death and call in the government forces. The bandits then beat him up and took his valuables and phone. You can imagine how far it is from Loudo-Oronyo to Torit.

Steven arrived the next morning after running all night through the bush while Tukan spent two nights in the bush. The Pari community from Torit went to search for Tukan and found him on the second day in a place called Bur.

However, the Lafon youth condemn this barbaric act in the strongest possible terms and asked the government of Eastern Equatoria State to be vigilant on goons and thugs who are terrorizing people on the road. Those doing such as act should be brought to book of law and face the consequence. 

Lafon County Youth Union Chairman 

Paul Ukach Nyibuch

Lafon County Youth Union General Secretary

Benjamin Unyang Ukongo

Can be reached for more information at Nyibuch15@gmail.com or at benjaminukongo@gmail.com,

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