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By Clement Maring Samuel,

Late Pastor Johnson Makueth Akeen and his wife were killed by unknown gunmen on Sunday morning, May 13th, 2018, in their house(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Late Pastor Johnson Makueth Akeen and his wife were killed by unknown gunmen on Sunday morning, May 13th, 2018, in their house(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)

May 15, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — Pastor Johnson Makueth Akeen and his wife were innocently killed in their home in Juba by evil armed men guised in a notorious institution in the capital city Juba known as the known gunmen, although they are operating under a known leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit. The Pastor was reportedly met his fate in an attempt to protect his dear wife Gloria Mathew from being raped by these merciless and savage armed men. The act is so barbaric and criminal which is condemned in the strongest terms.

It is a common practice that despite of this detestable crime committed, the culprits may be left to go, and if they are not arrested, they will continue to terrorize the citizens of Juba in the same manner. This must be brought to an end, for are finishing the people in Juba. Crimes committed under Salva Kiir’s leadership have surpassed that of Satan who is the master of evil, and the authorities in Juba careless about the people.

The regime in Juba is not concern about the daily abuses and suffering of its people but they are busy perpetrating criminal activities such as rape, looting, killing and robbing at broad day light. The same people being abused and betrayed by men in uniform under the watch of the authorities were the ones who voted for this government which is turning against them. Where is legitimacy here when the citizens of South Sudan are treated like the economic migrants who were ill-treated in Libya like non members of African continent? The legitimacy that president Kiir is singing day and night is lost. The leadership is operating in the blood of people and using rape as a psychological weapon.

A responsible and accountable leadership strives to cater for the interest of its citizens, providing safety for them, but not humiliating and terrorizing them. A leadership that is turning against its people is cursed. Consequentially; the reciprocal punishment by God in defense of innocent souls who are brutally killed in the hands of reckless authorities will be worst than this lustful ego.

Killing innocent Pastor and his wife is like killing innocent children and this is a despicable crime that even Satan will not do. Salva Kiir must not pride himself in running a government that is so terrific to its citizens; he must stand up boldly to put an end to these criminal activities. The president is hearing these heinous crimes every minute, every second and every hour, but all these falls in deaf ear. Instead, he is busy playing selfish games of seeking elections, who will vote for him when even pastors who has no machine guns are brutally killed in their houses?

It is apparent that the attack of this innocent Pastor and his wife has never taken long period of time; it followed the hateful speech directed against religious leaders by the Vice president of the government. The government has handed church leaders into the hands of hyenas and lions. The authorities will not care of what is happening to these innocent couple since the government has declared hatred towards religious leaders, and so, this act is fulfilling their objectives.

This regime must know henceforth that God has already turned his back against them. What so ever, the leadership is doing is just a mist in the eyes of the people, but the glory of God has run away from them. Once leaders in the country are turning their wrath against religious leaders; it summarizes the end of that regime. By resorting to kill religious leaders and their wives in cold blood, South Sudan leadership under Salva Kiir Mayardit is summarizing its tenure of office. And this is not far from the very soon.  

May the innocent souls of late Johnson Makweth Akeen and Gloria Mathew rest in eternal Peace.

The author is an independent researcher; he can be reached on warun1maring@gmail.com

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