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By Justin Kwaje,


A fighting force of SPLA in Opposition during an assembly in Central Equatoria state, South Sudan(Photo: file)
A fighting force of SPLA in Opposition during an assembly in Central Equatoria state, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Sept 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Confidential report intercepted by South Sudan Liberty reveals Taban Gai the illegitimate Vice President and Chief of general staff, Paul Malong held closed door meeting in the residence of President Kiir with some hand picked generals mostly from Dinka and few bought out former generals from SPLA-IO who have now joined Gai.

In the highly secretive meeting which lasted a little over four hours last Friday before Gai boarded flight to attend the UN general assembly in New York, it is revealed that, the meeting concluded that the SPLA-IO forces in Equatoria will never pay allegiance to the FVP and accept to be assembled at the now offered

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Cantonment sites, which was designed to alure them in a traped and destroyed, but said for integration under Taban, therefore the new Vice President in disappointment agreed that the well discipline armed opposition operating in the Equatoria regions are likely to pose great threats to his political ambitions and will prove to the Dinka and the world at large that indeed Gai has no control over the military nor political wings of the SPLA-IO, he therefore advises Paul Malong, Kiir’s chief of general staff of SPLA to use any means available at his disposal to defeat and dismantle the network of SPLA-IO forces in Equatoria.

According to the informant during the deliberation, Mr. Malong in his part vowed to derail and destroy the SPLA-IO in Equatoria within weeks. Paul Malong who was praised by Kiir for executing July 8 assassination attempts against Machar but at the same time chastised by the JCE for failing to kill Machar, assured both President Kiir and Taban Gai, that he has nearly 5000 cadets recruited from Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal to do the job this time and swears to eliminate SPLA-IO forces from Equatoria.

The meeting also resolved that Juba to send forces to the mountains and valleys in Equatoria to be accompanied by helicopter gunships foreheads by drones operated by the American Black water operating in South Sudan to which Kiir is said to have paid 300 Millions US dollors. Additionally, the informants disclosed that some of the generals from Nuer said they will join the army chief of staff in the operation to clear the rebels in Eastern Equatoria state, and they added that all the bases of SPLA IO forces in Equatoria region where they the rebels have been using to lunch attacks on Juba-Nimule and Torit and Juba road will all be cleared and the rebels will soon be scattered and defeated so that they cannot be able to regroup to disrupt the stability of south Sudan.

The Nuer generals in the camp of Gai said they have already convinced the Nuer youth to disown Riek Machar and those who want to join the national army to protect the country should join one national army of SPLA head by commander in chief LT General Salva Kiir.

But what remained unclear is, whether they will have the morals and capacities to defeat IO forces while recent battles in Eastern Equatoria state proved tracherous for Juba where the forces of Kiir and general Malong were defeated in all encounters that proved deadly for them, whilst those who survived have now taken refuge in Pagirinya, Adjumani Northern Uganda.

Different data presented by spokesperson of SPLA-IO operating along Juba-Nimule road put the numbers of government soldiers killed in different attack close to 107 since July 2016. Spkesperson for the SPLA-IO in Eastern Equatoria, Capt Theophilus Pitia Badru said their forces have defeated Kiir’s force in all battles, “ with their sophisticated weaponry acquired from Israel we have defeated Kiir’s forces in every ground, and we have taken handful new weapons made in Israel and we are now using those guns against then” “since July we have killed more than 107 this can be verified with hospital records though they kept the death of their soldiers in battle field secretive to the public this is I think to keep the morale of their skinny soldiers, but time will tell, we will vigorously withhold our ground, our boys have high spirits and upper hands as these are our lands we know its terrains and with this high resiliencies we will register victory over their underfed skinny soldiers” he  added.

Further more the leaked information revealed the likelihood of the imminent coordinated attacks to be launch as soon as possible in Western Equatoria, central and Eastern Equatoria states within days, which as today we know has already started while Wani Iga the Comedian was sent to offer Cantonments areas.

In Western Equatoria state former arrow boys who have now rejoined the killing machine of kiir with former information Minister of Western Equatoria state, Eng Charles Kisange, who was bought-out, is said to be recruiting more boys in Western Equatoria state to attack his own tribe mate. It is also revealed by Captain Theophilus that they have actually “confirmed 10 dead brothers from, Western Equatoria at the battles field brought to fight in Eastern Equatoria by the bought out, Kisanga who is gaining favors from Kiir by the blood of his people”, he added.

“We will be resolute to defend our forefather’s God given land, let them come, we will be waiting for them, they can not prepare for what is waiting for them” concluded the spokesperson of SPLA-IO, operating in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria state.

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ September 24, 2016 at 9:21 am

Justine Kwaje,

thank you for this serious information. We must treat this with seriousness. we must be be ready to defend our land. We know that the US is helping kiir but God is always with us

Mawien Magol September 24, 2016 at 2:18 pm

Justin Simon Kwaje.
I would like to ask you question, where were you during the time when Southern Sudanese were fighting against Northern Sudanese Arabs?. The whole Eastern Equatoria regions were liberated by Dinkas Sons in the SPLA while the youths of Equatorians were hiding at Top of the mountains.


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