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It is Too Early For The Republic of South Sudan to Die!

By South Sudan’s For Generations Organization,

Leadership in

Nairobi, Kenya

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Source: via Salesian Sisters

Oct 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The SOUTH SUDAN’S FOR GENERATIONS’ organization would like to invite the partners to join us in advocacy to rescues South Sudan from the hand of the leaders. The president and the former Vice president are the one created the problem and also the right people to reconciles and heal the wound that they created to the nation. We understand that many of South Sudanese communities do not beliefs that the beauty of the country is warm of all of us, Nuer, Shuluk, Dinka and so on and so pose. As Abraham Lincoln put it “ A House divided cannot stand’’ we want to inform the world that, the South Sudan peace negotiations speed is not up to our expectations, it’s very slow; The Mediators and Negotiators lack right skill and modalities to negotiate and come out with something tangible for us.

It is important for Mediators and Negotiators to:

  • Have clear agendas and priorities. They need to be precise, brief, and define the issues and expected outcomes clearly. State what the decision-maker can and should do, and back this up by developing constructive relationships with them.
  • Be prepared for a conversation with clear talking points. Try to relate what you are saying to something the decision-maker has done or said. Don’t avoid controversial topics, but do remain calm during discussions; debate is fine, but avoid being combative.

Negotiation is a process to resolve conflict, through the give-and-take of negotiations; groups try to agree on a solution that both sides can accept, Kolb, Deborah M., and Judith Williams (2000). Successful negotiation requires a careful appraisal of where one stands on the issue and what can be done to improve the situation. The Mediators and Negotiators must a negotiation and persuasion capacities, backed by sound knowledge and evidence, are central to influencing decisions. IGAD, AU and UN agencies must put in mind that, influencing political players require much more than providing the right evidence. It requires building pressure on you the decision-makers by adding strength (such as by forming strategic relationships and partnerships), strengthening the capability and actions of pressure groups, and developing public arguments that recognize the parties’ challenges. Mediators & Negotiators must do the following steps to prepare for solution if there they are there for us:

  1. 1. Take stock: Look at the weaker parts of the proposal and the organization, then you can plan ahead to find ways that overcome the possible deficit.
  2. 2. Collect the facts that support case, and learn as much as you can about the other group, their circumstances, perspectives and interests. Find ways to understand and accommodate their concerns.
  3. Develop alternatives: Use the information acquired to formulate alternatives and assess what the other party will do. This will help to better decide whether to compromise under terms you initiate or walk away.
  4. Get fresh perspectives: Talking with others (Pressures group) whose judgment you trust often helps you see the situation in a new way.

In conclusion

My personal remark is that the three slogans (EQUITY, LIBERTY and FREEDOM) that we achieved at independence were not well focused on in media for our forces and citizens whom we have not yet made to be absolutely national to know their meaning. The dances we always see for the past eight years on SSTV and radios stations should be focusing on the meaning of the three. In such, environment the Citizens and our National arms should live to “know that we are one’’ national arms should not to be tempted to kill the people they are oblige to protect. The interim constitution would names the president (Kiir) as head of state, Where the Prime Minister would be the chief executive of the Government of South Sudan, if South Sudan employed parliamentary system.

James Gajaak Koang



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