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Imatong State Governor Vows To Make Peace At Any Cost

By Merio Merio

TORIT, Imatong,

South Sudan.

Governor Loluke at ( R) and Torit High Court next to him during appointed Counties Commissioners swearing at state secretariat, Torit(Photo: supplied)
Governor Loluke at ( R) and Torit High Court next to him during appointed Counties Commissioners swearing at state secretariat, Torit(Photo: supplied)

August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia)  the governor of Imatong state, Hon. Nartisio Loluke during the swearing in of the newly appointed commissioners of 12 counties, chairperson and members of commission in Imatong state said his government is committed to make peace at any cost to reduce the suffering of the state people.

Loluke assures that his administration this time will pursue the road attackers to their end and urge the group of politician who are working day and night against his administration should not create tension and hatred among the citizens of the state.

“I want to tell you commissioners of the 12 counties that if the organized forces fail to pursue the robbers who are attacking and robbing people on the high ways, I with you [commissioners] will pursue them,” Loluke announce during searing in ceremony at state secretariat in Torit.

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Governor Loluke ordered the security agencies to close the place call Mangaten of which he said politicians are always gathering there talking ill of the current government, and he also warned newly commissioners not use social media negatively as they are constitutional holders but use positive messages of government of Imatong state .

“Like congratulating government for good work done and preach peace, as you know my government is the government of youth and women, if you see now this commissioners youth are among them and if you see this chairperson and members of commission women are among them only some did not come,” Governor states .

Some citizens were surprise hearing state governor ordering security agencies to close the mangaten place where the poor woman is operating her small business just to get her a earning for her family daily living.

It is not yet clear if the woman will accept her place to be closed due to the political difference or not, and should this happen who will provide the living cost to her family.

According to the nameless person who reside near the mangaten (two mango tree) area attended the swearing in ceremony, refused to be identified by name because of his personal security said the woman will not accept her place to be closed due to some customers discussions on political issues in her business place which has nothing to deal with the owner of the place.

He said “if government want let them send their security personal to monitor those whom they think are talking against the government in Mangaten business place”.

Mangaten is within Imatong state capital Torit, Malakia residential area, Radio Tamazuj tried to reach the owner of the mangaten business place for her reaction but unsuccessfully reached.

This report was submitted by Nyamilepedia’s correspondent meriomerio. He can be reached at meriojimmy2002@gmail.com

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