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IGAD’s Pre-High-Level Revitalization Consultations continues in Juba

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READ MORE: Press Release-Pre-High-Level Revitalization consultations continue as Special Envoy Ambassador Ismail Wais meets IGAD partners in Juba

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Stephen Dak November 25, 2017 at 6:39 am

Dear IGAD partners, thanks you so much for what you are doing on behalf of South Sudan although I realize sometime you have a divergence view on this issue. At least I see you are making an effort to solve this situation. But it is up to you to judge whether you are getting a genuine respond or it may be away of tactic for all those individuals and groups to keep doing what they are doing at the movement. For me event though I am not a part of that groups, I can see from a distance that some of them mean what they said and others are not. You have been working on this for almost two years now by now you should have an idea who is sincere and who is just pretending. Do what you can on your disposal to minimize the risk of those who are helpless.


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