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IGAD Mediation Lacks Cohesion!

By Tarjal Chuol Buong,


The IGAD envoy sharing the South Sudan conflict mediation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)
The IGAD envoy sharing the South Sudan conflict mediation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

Jan 15, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We, the Mizan-Tepi University students in Ethiopia, expressed our deepest disappointment with respect to peace negotiation in Addis Ababa which overlooks the great suffering of the people of South Sudan. The peace has no any progress in the eyes of south Sudanese people who are suffering day and night in their own land. Thousands dead and millions people left their home.

As university students in Ethiopia, we wrote this article with our heart broken because of the miserable death of young Africans who are the future of this continent. South Sudanese people are not an exception to the world peace that had been planted century ago and expecting to grow in the entire world communities. The life of south Sudanese is not trading goods, or a market area where many countries can invest their interests by tactically delaying to kick off truth of fear of losing interest in this young nation. South Sudan is country because of the people living in it; and it sound good for those countries benefiting thereof to love the people of that land because it is big opportunity for them to gratify their economic development.

Many years before independent of this young nation, some countries, especially Uganda and Kenya, which have the lion share in the country economic relations now, had no any good economic relationship with Sudan. But now they failed to appreciate that opportunity brought to them by the people of south Sudan due to their vote affirmatively for separation. Uganda, especially, should be the first country to appreciate the independent of South Sudan and should act accordingly.

Despite this, Uganda appeared as first country that had set fire to South Sudan. Now, we are urging the people of south sudan to raise up and make it clear to the world that Uganda president, Yoweri Museveni, and south sudan president,Salva Kiir have hidden agenda that traced back to the fake military pact agreement which the two leaders was signed one year back before. This agreement between two leaders come in to being after Dr.Machar tried to negotiate between Uganda rebel faction,LRA, and government of Uganda which was end up with great suspicion of Dr. Machar by Yoweri Museveni of supporting his rebel.

At that time, inside South Sudan, there was an issue of national institutions reform that was forwarded by reformists lead by Dr.Machar.The reform was perceived by Salva Kiir as it will weaken his dictatorial tendency. Of course, taking as background, these two issues are the main cause of outbreak of today conflict in South Sudan. The military pact agreement was signed without the knowledge of both parliaments of two countries; and this shows that the document was too personal which has hidden agenda that favored the two leaders, intersests in expense of the well-being of the people of south Sudan.

Furthermore, the country’s current conflict happened in the same year that the document discovered; which indicate high probability of the document to the cause of the current mess. The document has great share to what has dragged the country to that wrong phase. Therefore, the present of Uganda defense forces in the territory of south Sudan will have no help as far as their present has been prompted by the illegal agreement that was signed between the two leaders not on behalf of the people, but their own. No peace in south Sudan will materialize until this negative element is removed; Fact must be told.Salva Kiir knows that he has failed to deliver the expected service to the people of South Sudan; and he understood that he will never win for coming election and then act accordingly.

Therefore, as medicine, he made this relationship with Yoweri Museveni guy with intention to prevent South Sudanese inherent political right to choose their leader through ballot box. Make sure, if thing must be put in a right meaning, Uganda is not the only country that has interest in South Sudan; and it should not use this pretext for its present in the territory of South Sudan while preserving undisclosed motive. Moreover, people of south Sudan are lovely and one people, but lead by tribal leader, a wrong element; and that has made things more difficult for them to reconcile on the current phase.Salva Kiir is not South Sudan, but a leader of South Sudan; and his bad temper should not be let to destroy the country.

We, the students of Mizan-Tepi university in Ethiopia, are appealling to all south Sudanese to clearly, with strong scrutiny of the cause of current mess,understands that the relationship of Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir was designed by them to preserve their own personal interest which will not stop your suffering.Your commitment as one people in one nation to accept your problems and kick off discussions base on truth will take your country to its right track that you all were fought for. If the Uganda arm force is withdraw without any condition, it will be matter of weeks for south Sudan peace to materialize than expected to be before.Otherwise,this will take you with great surprise when the conflict rise to it’s regional level and destroy the whole of your country. Sudan has recently announced her being ready to involve militarily in South Sudan if Uganda will not withdraw it’s force to give peace a chance.

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Elbow Chuol


AGUMUT January 15, 2015 at 4:20 pm

IGAD should investigate or understand what was going on.

Dorar Tuoch January 16, 2015 at 12:00 am

IGAD shall change their mode of mediation. Thanks Mr writter.


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