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Greater Pangak Community In Ethiopia Congratulates The Chairman and C-In-C of SPLM/SPLA, Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Maj. Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam, the former Minister of Law in Jonglei State and the current military governor of Phou State, sitting next to Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yakah, the former Military Governor of Unity State and the current Deputy Chief of Staff for Operation in Pagak, South Sudan(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Maj. Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam, the former Minister of Law in Jonglei State and the current military governor of Phou State, sitting next to Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yakah, the former Military Governor of Unity State and the current Deputy Chief of Staff for Operation in Pagak, South Sudan(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Jan 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of the Greater Pangak Community in Ethiopia, and on my own behalf ,I would like to congratulate His right dignitary, Dr.RiekMacharTeny, for the appointment of the chief of general staff , deputies chief of general staff, Inspector general for the SPLA-IO , and for the creation of 21 states, particularly our own state [Phou state].

As the chairperson of greater Pangak community in Ethiopia I, Sunday Gatwech Lim, extremely express my gratitude to leadership of the SPLM/A-IO for recognizing our sons namely Maj. General Gabriel Gatwech Chan [ aka Gabriak Tangenye] as the Inspector General for the SPLA-IO, Maj. Gen Gabriel Duop Lam as the Governor of Phou state and Maj. General John Both Teny as the Commander of SPLA General Headquarters.

Greater Pangak community in Ethiopia is united and ready to support SPLM-IO, a popular people’s party that has taken majority of people in the country since its formation.

The SPLM-IO is a party for the people of the people and by the people, it represents the present and future of South Sudan. Unlike SPLM-juba faction which has adapted mass killing, torturing, large scale marginalization of the minor tribes, tribalism, one tribe-rule and corruption in the dictatorial Constitution.

Greter Pangak community in Ethiopia have received the news of appointment of our sons with so much happiness in our hearts and we are hereby reaffirming our full commitment to work under the competent leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon until the desired change is achieved for the people of South Sudan.

We call on the patriotic and industrious people of south Sudan to unite and work collectively under the able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny for the betterment of all south Sudan citizens. For these changes to be realized, South Sudanese citizens must change the rotten regime of Salva Kiir that benefits foreigners, and sold our sovereignty and resources to Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Bravo Dr. Riek Machar Teny, and congratulations to the appointees, you are the right people in the right place at right time.

Pangak community in Ethiopia condemns report of heavy shelling on civilians in Pangak county headquarters, Phom on 27, 11, 2014

The chairperson of GPC condemns the random and continuous killing of civilians and rapes, in the strongest terms possible. This murdering of civilians is a phenomenon created and masterminded by the power greedy leaders in juba, who are led by tribalistic mindsets of genocidal president Salva kiir Mayrdit, who widens the existing tribal division and cultural values only to gather personal wealth in expense of thousands innocent lives of our South Sudanese people, and particularly the Nuer Ethnic Group. I know the project was planned by traitors, sons of the area who betrayed their own people to get sufficient amount of dollars. These groups are the masterminds of the worse killing ever witnessed in history of Pangak people .

Salva kiir and his gangs have put South Sudan in to fragile state, so i called on people of south Sudan to pressure Salva Kiir Mayardit to step down and gives peace a chance.

The victims of such atrocities will never forget the lives taken away by greedy and selfish generals in Juba.

Moreover, we would kindly solute and appreciate our generals on the ground for their courageous efforts and exemplary roles that they have made toward this achievement to protect the right of our civil population from foreign aggressiveness. Some of them are as following,

  1. Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangenye, the current Inspector general for the SPLA
  2. Maj. Gen. Both Teny, Commander of SPLA General Headquarters.
  3. Gen. Gabrial Duop Lam, Governor of Phou state
  4. Brig Gen. Mawich Makuach, commissioner of Ayod County
  5. John Matien Kuol, Commissioner of Pangak County.
  6. Brig. Gen. Chuol Nhial Koka,
  7. Brig. Gen Jok Kuach,
  8. Brig. Gen Gaawar Manyoak
  9. Brig Gen Puok Wonoah
  10. Brig Gen Diang Duoth
  11. Nuot Puot
  12. Col. Kuol Gai Nyoap,
  13. Col.Duoth Dajuol and the list is so long

Greater Pangak Community in Ethiopia position on federalism system

Greater Pangak community in Ethiopia are still committed and united with their field commanders under the inspiring leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny, who is restoring hopes and bringing a lasting democracy and the rule of law through a federal system.

As quoted from the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/SPAL, Dr. Riek Machar, “after ten years south Sudan will be the tiger of Africa”, where the citizens will always wake up smiling and happy.

As we have learned from experience from other ederal systems of government that include USA, Ethiopia, Canada , Australia, Nigeria, India, Belgium and Switzerland, the level of socio- economic development and political maturity in those countries and their constitutional practices and historical experience can be synthesised and cooperated into federal and state governments.

My message to the sons and daughters of Pangak, both in South Sudan and as well as in diaspora, is that the Pangak people have suffered enough under the current genocidal regime. Therefore, we need to continue mobilizing human resources in order to protect our beloved land, the Greater Pangak, as an important part of the patriotic ideals.

Long live federal Republic of South Sudan!!!!!!!!!

Long live Dr.Riek Machar Teny!!!!!!!!

Long live Freedom Fighters!!!!!!!

Long live people of Phou State!!!!!!

The Author is a Student of Mining Engineer and the current Chairman of Greater Pangak Community In Ethiopia/ Addis Ababa.

You can reached the author through sundaylimgatech@yahoo.com or via +251 933737326.

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