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“Government planning to attacks our positions” NAS Spokesperson


South Sudan People Defence Forces Spokesman Gen. Lul Ruai Koang addressing media in October 2018. (Photo: filed/Nyamilpedia)


December 13, 2018 (Nyamilepedia) -South Sudan government is planning to clear National Salvation forces out of their positions in Central and Western Equatoria States respectively according to NAS spokesperson Suba Samuel Manase.

The spokesperson revealed that during the Sudan People Liberation Movement states chairpersons’ retreats in Lobonok, the South Sudan People Defence Forces (SSPDF) were ordered to remains in the Lobonok to clear armed opposition groups operating in the area.

“NAS intelligence has uncovered a military operational plan by the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) to carry out coordinated attacks against NAS forces and positions in Central and the Western Equatoria States respectively.”

In a press statement seen by Nyamilepedia editorial on Thursday, NAS accused the government of what is about to trigger ethnically motivated attacks ordered by the president of South Sudan in a bid to clear the areas from rebels forces of NAS.

A combined force of the SSPDF (Mathiang Anyoor) and the Presidential Protection Units, that provided protection during the SPLM meeting in Lobonok, have been directed to remain in Lobonok to carry out attacks against NAS positions. These planned operations, coming on the heels of verbal attacks by the President on the inhabitants of Lobonok and its surroundings, will likely be ethnic motivated and targeted attacks on civilians around Lobonok.”

The armed faction further accused the government of amassing troops in Kuroki, South of Juba to link up with the forces already deploys in the Lobonok area to close down the Eastern Bank of the river. The statement further revealed that the government is actively engaging airlifting troops using Helicopters from Luri Military base to Mapoko, in Tore County of Yei state and Rasoul in Maridi county, in Mardi State.

“NAS leadership is aware that the Government is planning for a dry season offensive against NAS positions, using two axes in Eastern and Western Nile, covering the entire sub-region of Central and Western Equatoria States. NAS reiterates that this dry season offensive will not succeed; instead, it will only further worsen the tragic humanitarian conditions of our people.”

NAS is now calling upon the International Community to intervene and ask the president Kiir government at large to dissuade from proceeding with these “unprovoked planned attacks.”

National Salvation Front is not a signatory to the September Khartoum Peace Agreement signed by various opposition parties which seek to revive the 2015 August Peace agreement. However, the group’s activities in recent weeks continue to decline in the areas of Greater Equatoria.

Lead by former Deputy Chief of staff for Logistic, Lt. Gen. Thomas Thirilo established NAS as a new rebels movement to change the government of South Sudan through armed. 


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