Press Release

Government Forces on Offensive in Imatong State

Office of the Military Governor,
Imatong State,

Soldiers of SPLA-IO holding up their guns during a parade in a rebels' held territory of South Sudan(Photo: file)
Soldiers of SPLA-IO holding up their guns during a parade in a rebels’ held territory of South Sudan(Photo: file)

March 5, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– From 28, February, 2017; 12:35 PM, forces loyal to the regime of president Salva Kiir and his First Vice President Gen Taban Deng launched a sustained scorch earth military operation in Magwi and Ayaci Counties of Imatong State.

Clashes took place between galant forces of SPLA-IO and government forces and their militia in Amer of Panyikwara payam and Chomboro of Agoro Payam which left 4 government soldiers dead and 5 wounded. SPLA-IO forces recovered 3 assault rifles and 1 hand grenade.

Galant forces of SPLA-IO similarly intercepted and repulsed government reinforcements made up of local militia and Mathiang Anyor in the western vicinity of Magwi county headquarters.

Early this morning at 8:00am a combined forces of government and local militia launched punitive and revenge attacks on civilians in Agoro and Amer payams killing 26 civilians, of whom 11 were children and 7 women including 1 pregnant ; 7 women were also raped. The village of AGORO Chomboro is completely destroyed, looted and burnt down by marauding angry government forces and militia.

The attack on Agoro and Amer is part of wider genocide campaign and systematic policy of the regime of juba to target civilians of specific community and their property in Equatoria region and South Sudan at large.

I am instructing all the resistant forces of the SPLM/A-IO to protect civilians and resist in no uncertain terms such acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing by the government of president Salva Kiir and his Vice President Taban Deng Gai. I am urging all the youth in Imatong state and Equatoria region in general to rise up and expel the forces of the regime committing atrocities in the region. If you don’t rise you will finish.

Edited and submitted by the Military Governor of Imatong State, Dr. Hon. Nathaniel Pierino Locha, Governor of Imatong State, Former. HoD Dpt. and Senior Lecturer of Political Science Uni. of Juba, and Former. Chairman Political Committee, SPLM/A-IO,

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