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Gaguang Community Congratulate Sobat State Governor for appointing their sons and daughters into the key positions

December 16th, 2013 (Nyamilepedia) -Gagaung Community congratulates Sobat State governor, Maj. Gen. James Banak Riang Lual for appointing their sons and daughters into the state key positions. Sobat State governor recently appoints a new State Secretary as part of the wider reforms he recently initiated under the banner “get the work done” which he believed will reform the system of governance in the state.

“Governor James Banak has shown the Unity of Gaat-Duany in his Government. Below are the key positions he had given to Gaguang sons. 1) MINISTRY OF CABINET AFFAIRS. This position is 3rd position in EXECUTIVE next to DEPUTY GOVERNOR. 2) ADVISER FOR LEGAL AFFAIRS. 3) PEACE AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION. 4) DIRECTOR OF COMMERCE AND TRADE 5) SECRETARY GENERAL (MR. SG) 6) SOBAT STATE COORDINATION OFFICE.”

According to the letter of appreciation and congratulation sent to Nyamilepedia Correspondent this week, Duol Kun Thian the newly appointed Coordinator for Australia representing Sobat State, said, Governor James, is a man of the people and this “appointments mean a lot to our community” and creating more interest of participation in the leadership and service delivery.

“A trillion congratulatory to my fellow comrade in struggle and also my Guang Intellectual and Political cadre, Cdre, Maj. Chuol @Jchuol Wal for winning the of the Sobat State Governor, Maj.Gen, Banak Riang. This is so significant. A symbolic of a good, an accurate governance and integrity that a leader can do to his/her citizens that put trust upon, by equalizing all aspects.”

The newly appointed Secretary General for Sobat State, Major John Chuol Wal is set to assists the governor in coordinating several tasks for the State. Mr. Duol also expressed his gratitude and congratulates the Secretary-General for the new role.

Once again, comrade Maj. Chuol Wal deserves that position base on his academic and the hard works that he demonstrated in this historical, noble struggle for peaceful, democracy, federal and prosperous State. Without tiny of doubt in me, Guang kitnyang and Sobat State as the whole. Chuol will never disappoint anyone when serving in this very desirable post. His humble, hardworking, and viable in any circumstances will deter his ambitious, spontaneous manner of serving the State S. G with trust and accurate performance.” Part of the letter read. 

Duol thanks his community and encourage them to work hard in helping the leadership of Sobat State and SPLM/A-IO to fight for Justice, Peace and Accountability. He also urged his community and the entire people of Sobat State and South Sudan at large to welcome peace, embrace forgiveness during this commemoration period.

Sobat State is part of the 21 state-federal system of governance introduced by SPLM/A-IO in 2015 to take the governing to the people at local level. Maj. Gen. James Banak Riang Lual is the third governor for the Sobat appointed in early this year by the Dr. Riek Machar Teny.


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