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Fighting In Raja Creates Panic At The Border Town of Nimule, Eastern Equatoria State

By Andrew Olweny,


South Sudanese SPLA soldiers are pictured in Pageri in Eastern Equatoria state on August 20 where they fought an armed group identified as SSAF(Photo: Gehtti Image)
South Sudanese SPLA soldiers are pictured in Pageri in Eastern Equatoria state on August 20 where they fought an armed group identified as SSAF(Photo: Gehtti Image)

June 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- An alarming development is taking place in Ma’di Corridor Magwi County. After a heavy fight broke out Wednesday morning in Raja Western Bahar el Ghazal State, credible sources within the inner Circle of Paul Malong has revealed to South Sudan liberty news that preparations are on the way to wipe out the Opposition forces in Eastern Equatoria State.

Eyewitnesses along Juba Nimule road reports a huge contingencies of the Dinka Centric SPLA headed to the Ma’di corridor Magwi County. At the same time the previously deployed tiger Battalion in the Magwi County are said to be entering the bushes and when asked why they said in a hunting expeditions.

The same informant revealed to South Sudan Liberty news that the Dinka Centric SPLA-Kiir felt they needed to Clear Magwi County for the safe heavens of their Cattles.

For the Last 10 years and more the region has been a hide away for the Stolen Cows of Dinka herdsmen who accompany these cows heavily armed, this however has changed the last few Months as the citizens of these regions have engaged in combats against these Dinka cattle keepers who have no regards for peoples lives nor their livelihood the farms.

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By the reports of these Cattle keepers, these Cows belongs to Bing men in Juba, thus it is no surprise the tribal government of Kiir will send elite forces to secure grazing lands for their cows at the expenses of lose of lives of fellow Citizens.

An elder in Nyogwa north of Pageri said “ if the government agreed to give cantonments for the SPLA-IO in Equatoria, why will they now provoke a fight and go after the SPLA-IO forces in the area?” “These SPLA-IO forces have not caused problems for the locals, so here the Dinka Government is coming to support their cattlemen fighting the locals in Magwi County” he added.

We at SSLN agree with the assessments of this old man, we too think this is yet another classical example of Kiir preferentially serving his Dinka people against the rest of us. It is Kiir using the state power for the advancement of the Dinka conquest of other people’s ethnical territories, was this not we fought the Arabs for?

The Solution to fighting between the heavily armed cattle keepers and the locals is simple; remove the Cows as Kiir himself decreed it many times in the past.

We reached out to the spokesperson of the SPLA-IO in the area Captain Theophilus Pitia Badru, who said they are aware of the government’s moves. Captain Badru stated that their intelligent sources in Juba revealed to them that the Dinka Centric Malong under Kiir, plans an imminent attack on their bases and they are fully alert and shall respond decisively when provoked.

We call on the IGAD and Troika nations to take notes that Kiir is provoking further unrests and war in Greater Equatoria. Peace is not achieve by the barrels of the gun but rather by respecting the rights of fellows Citizens and it is Justice that brings peace not hunting for those who are dissatisfied by the rule of Tyranny. Kiir Should call of his tribal hunting expeditions and the UN should call him to it.

The author of this article, Andrew Olweny, is a journalist who correponce in Nimule, Magwi County. He can be reached at andrew.olweny@gmail.com

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