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Emboldened By The Obama Administration, Kiir Continue To Place Road Block In The Return Of Dr, Riek Machar, In Hope He Could Form A Transitional Government Without Machar, As Threatened By Troika.

By Justin S Kwaje

SSLN, South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir trying to clear himself during US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visit to South Sudan(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir trying to clear himself during US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visit to South Sudan(Photo: file)

APRIL 24 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— An insider in the president’s Cabinet reveals to SSLN that, through the workings of the JCE, Kiir and his Dinka Centric government has resolved to effectively frustrate the efforts of Dr. Riek Machar to return to Juba. In this efforts, Kiir and his cohorts are relentless as they smell blood, emboldened by the reckless and life endangering blames the Obama administration has thrown on Riek Machar for the obstructions placed by Kiir to the return of the Man who last had to run for his life from Juba from this very same people who are not throwing one obstacle after another for his return to Juba.

Per the informant, they are very well aware of the International communities putting the blame on Machar,for their games, and warning that if Machar does not come to Juba, then the transitional government shall be formed without him. This has emboldened the Dinka centric government who abhor Riek Machar more than even the Jellabas, thus they resolved to continue to play this game of obstructions in the hope the Troika and IGAD shall give them the green light to form a government without Machar, this way their greatest menace they hope shall be behind them. this will be in keeping with Paul malong’s swearing that Machar shall never be president as long as he lives.

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In the latest Move by the Dinka centric government of Salva kid Mayerdit, after sending inspectors along with international monitoring group to Gambella and verifying the weapons that the SPLA-IO is supposed to travelled with and clearing them, Juba refused to give airway clearance for the Ethiopian Airline that was to bring Riek Machar  and a Sudanese airline which is supposed to bring the SPLA-Io Chief of staff. It is beyond believe here that, the kiir government clears the Weapons but yet refuse to give airway clearance for the planes to land in juba, yet the Obama administration fails to call them out on it.The JMEC watch dogs are mute after they declared no further delay is tolerated?

If this old guards, semi illiterate administration are able to fool the world this way, then what guarantee is there that, once Machar lands in Juba, they will continue to throw road block at the effective functioning of the transitional government until they trigger another unrest, in attempt to eliminate Machar yet again, with the hope they will blame it on machar? It seems the Obama administration has heart for Tyrants with the hope that appeasing such will convert them into saints. A rude awakening is awaiting them.

Justin Kwaje is a journalist corresponding from Juba, South Sudan. He can be reached at j.kwaje@aol.com

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