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Converting Kirr’s Madness into Achieving the South Sudan We Wants

By Chuol C. Puoch


Source: Zee Machar/Nyamilepedia
Source: Zee Machar/Nyamilepedia

Jan 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — It’s not endurable and practical to be negotiating with the killer if your love one that doesn’t admit their mistake when you are desperately hopeless and in real pain as a result of his/her acts.

Men have forgotten love, women have finished their tears – their eyes can’t produces more tears further; they are internally crying endlessly as a result of Juba regime’s December 2013 madness of assassination attempt which later resulted into Nuer massacre, yet the system is working days and nights to intensify the effort of killing rather than looking for peace.

Juba regime has and is killing people, especially innocent civilians daily on the basis of their ethnicity (Nuer). They have encouraged their various local youths to stands as enemies to this particular tribe call Nuer, referring them as ‘Nyagats’ and must be wiped off South Sudan through the guns barrels.

The regime has extremely killed tenth of thousand unknowingly apart from those who were maimed in Juba massacre in the first days; Thousands have been killed in Paloc, Adar, Maban, Bentiu, Greter Equatoria and greater Bahr el Gazel unquestionably.

The few Nuer individuals in the government have chosen to propagate and act against the fact of Nuer massacre for them to get a snug in Juba. The whole things can be termed as a ‘madness of Juba regime’ to think that defeating, cleansing and forcefully rule this Nuer tribe, which is a crime in the making, is necessary and can be pursued and eventually achieved.

No matter what, we have to deal with this madness in a way that we try to not only stop it, but also go further and turn it into achieving the real South Sudan we have been looking for; the South Sudan which killed millions of our hero and heroines in the search for it, intellectuals and ordinary South Sudanese for over the last 50 years.

To mention the few steps toward converting Juba’s madness into achieving the wanted South Sudan, so many commitment and sacrifices have been done and will be done to put the mission in progress, indeed, it’s progressing.

“Stop crying; stop revenging; tied your stomach and let’s go to Addis Ababa and negotiate with them, those who have killed our love one” SPLM-IO leaders told us and we accepted it and let them go and ‘negotiate’ with them (Juba government) – the killer of our loves one. Step one.

Step two, our people were killed indiscriminately without discipline, but Riek Machar and other commanders in the moment asked the White Army to fight with discipline, they did it and many more lives were saved from the hands of White Army  in Malakal, Bor, Bentiu and other areas.

The wise leadership of Comrade Riek Machar is not bothered by what had happened, or rather by the insolent and continuous misbehavior of Juba regime; instead he and the moment is busy focusing on shaping the future of South Sudan. That is the least a leader can do and we expect Salva Kirr to do the same by admitting his grave mistake and take the whole responsibility of everything that has happened since the onset of the crises he made by planning to assassinate his comrades.

Toward converting the Juba regime’s madness, the SPLM-IO has touched the heart of citizen and found out that the creation of more states is a paramount and must be implemented – It’s done!

Federalism should be the best governance system to peacefully govern this diverse Country, it’s not a demand of Equatorian alone; or Riek Machar (SPLM-IO) either; instead, it’s a prime demand by the people of South Sudan. It’s proposed, accepted and will now be implemented. We are not longer talking about revenge plans but rather federalization plans.

Here is where I would come to advice my Country men and women to rise up their heads; even a tortoise does, so why not you; and embrace what is good for them and reject what is bad for them. Silence or violence will never take us further. There are no other times you and I will propose what we want for ourselves and our Country.

Let’s altogether convert this madness, whether it’s Riek’s or Kirr’s, into achieving the South Sudan we have been longing to see, enough is enough.

Chuol C. Puoch can be contacted via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com

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