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Congratulations To Ayod Students Association in poCs ,Juba.

By Gabriel Gatluak Dak Yau.

June 14th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —– Zillions congratulations to the newly elected board of the Ayod Students Association in the Protection of Civilians sites(PoCs) in the capital Juba under the leadership of Hon.Thomas Nhokuoth Payoi. With sincere gratitude, I thank Mr. Chuol Maet Machar who accepted defeat and demonstrated leadership after losing the elections.

Those two young politicians have demonstrated and strengthen our unity as Gawar-Nuer community through their peaceful campaigns which they successfully carried out in the UN camps. Their campaigns were mature, respectful and without name calling or insults. This is the kind of politic, we as a community, wants to escalate to all levels of leadership in our community.

Author, Gabriel Gatluak Dak Yau ...
Author, Gabriel Gatluak Dak Yau …

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly commend the electoral board, which was chaired by Gatkuoth Kunjiek,  for their remarkable adjudication of the electoral process. As Gawaar-Nuer nation, we are humbled and indebted by the your hard work and the organizational skills that you invested in this election despite lack of resources and prevailing circumstances in and around the Protection sites. On behalf of our community, I’m obligated to once again say “Thank You”!

On the other hand, I give my votes of thanks to all the Ayod students who humbly
and respectably accepted and commit to abide by the declaration of the results. May such spirit continues, leaders come and go but community remains!

Last but not the least, my appreciation to the former chairperson Mr. Gatluak Joar Rest and his entire board for declaring the term limit in good faith and I hope Mr.Nhokuoth will follow the foot steps of Gatluak and Lony Ruei to abide by the constitution of Ayod Students Association in poCs and beyond.

Trillion congratulations to new board of 2018-2019, we wish you success in
your leadership and may God give you wisdom and knowledge to lead your people and remember education is the key to success. Take this as an opportunity to learn and educate those around you and our community at large!

List of new executives board:

1. Thomas Nhokuoth Payoi, Chairperson.
2. Ruach Mayiel Tiek, Deputy Chairperson.
3. Riek Malou Gai, Secretary General.
4. Nyatang Buom Kuol, Deputy Secretary General.
5. Gatkhor Guet Wuol, Secretary for Finance.
6. William Deng Daniel, Deputy Finance.
7. Gatkek Mathot Gatchang, Academic Secretary.
8. Wieh Gai Jock, Deputy Academic.
9. Kaleny Manyuon Nien, Internal and External Affairs Secretary.
10. Ruach Jany Kuei, Deputy Internal and External Affairs.
11. Wieh Koang Both, Secretary for Information and Broadcast Cooperation.
12. Puot Binyuony Puok, Deputy Information.
13. Nyadoar James Mawich, Secretary for Genders and Social Welfare.
14. Nyamuon Jima Duoth, Deputy Genders and Social Welfare.
15. Both Jock Wuol, Secretary for Culture and Sports.
16. Waar Jock Pur, Deputy Secretary for Culture and Sports.
17. Peter Bol Gatmai, Secretary for Religious Affairs.

Board of Council.

1. Elijah Hon Lony Par, speaker .
2. Nyaruach Thomas Tut, deputy speaker.
3. Nhial Mawich Khor, secretary.
4. Deng Duoth Chan, member.
5. Nyakueka Gatkuoth Wan, member.

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