Press Release

Condemnation of the recent General Massacre of 140 innocent civilians in Leer County by the Juba Government.

Republic of South Sudan

Lich state – Bentiu

Dok Community in Sudan – Khartoum

Dear all,

Dok Community 2015-10-28 at 1.36.33 AM

Oct 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- In the light of the above mentioned subject, we, the Dok Community in the Republic of the Sudan, condemned in the strongest term possible the killings of hundreds of unarmed civilians by soldiers loyal to Salva Kiir the SPLA_Juba, and their allied armed militias, mobilized from Koch and Mayom Counties by Nguen Munytuil (The Caretaker Governor of Unity State) and Koang Biel (Koch County Commissioner) in a series of incidents in the Dok-Nuer lands on October/ 21, 22,23,24,25,26/2015.

The first of these incidents took place just one month after the signing of the peace agreement by the two principles (Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir. The massacre by the SPLA soldiers of more than 100 persons in a one week time, many of them unarmed children, women and the elderly in Gadoor, Gueny, Adok, Philieny, Yang and Lual villages during the preceding week. Those inhuman activities against our clan engulfed the attention of the Dok-Nuer community into the sorrowful mood.

We are calling on all Dok sons and daughters worldwide to record the master minders and the actors of the Leer genocide. Their names are as follows:

1/ Salva Kiir Mayardit_President

2/ Nguen Munytuil Wijang_ Governor

3/ Maj. Gen. Thayib Gatluak_ GRSS 4th Division Cdr

4/ Maj. Gen. Matthews Puljang_Mayom militia’s leader

5/ Koang Biel Char_ Koch Commissioner and leader of Koch militias

6/ Wal Yach Gatkuoth_ Desperate Leer County Commissioner

7/Khor Gatmai Garang_ Desperate Mayiandit County Commissioner

8/And all the silent killers and pretenders in the likes of Brig. Gen. Peter Phar Jeck Kuich, Brig. Gen. Samuel Gattet Machar Duoth(whose father slaughtered at Gaadoor by the government he is serving), Brig. Gen. Kuol Tap Gai, Brig. Gen. Latjor Gai Daliey to mention but a few.

To the Government under Salva Kiir Order your troops to stop killing unarmed civilians immediately in Leer and other parts of Unity State if you meant what you signed on the peace agreement.

To the international community:
1- Bring all possible pressures, on the South Sudan government and its insurgents to halt the slaughter of unarmed civilians in Leer and to observe international humanitarian law.

2- Bring possible sanctions to the perpetrators of Leer assailants on the Condition of financial and other assistance on a halt to these killings.

To the United Nations:

1/ Revive the International Commission of Inquiry (South Sudan), implement the important recommendations that you have previously made, and provide it with a new mandate to investigate arms trafficking in Leer and other war affected areas and propose to the Security Council, a specific and concrete measures aimed at curbing the proliferation of mortars, small arms and light weapons in the area.

2/ Establish an effective Protection of civilians’ havens/sites for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Leer County Head quarters

3/ Provide the necessary food and humanitarian assistances to the people living in the reeds and papyrus areas of Leer islands that is in dire need of basic aids.


Mun Gai Nyoab

Secretary for information, Dok Community in Sudan,

For more information contact: +249915502285.

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John Gile Mach Ruon October 31, 2015 at 4:11 am

Let me advice you special those who are claiming about 28 states, then I can not claim on any things accept that to hold your gun on Kiir his regime. if you’ re waiting Kiir’s change like zebra, you will see what difference like Nuer mascara see in Juba. my friends let learn lessons, if you’re receiving your money in Juba you know that the time of food is very little when you pass it away in to toilet. Therefore, I appreciate Nuer & Chollo who know their right, I thanks very much God say that, if you’re going don’t look bind go forward. until you reach your gold.


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