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Condemnation of the Killing of Civilians in Leer and Mayiandit Counties

By Dak Buoth,


For Immediate Release,

People of Leer and Mayian dit counties hiding in Swamps from government soldiers(Photo: file)
People of Leer and Mayian dit counties hiding in Swamps from government soldiers(Photo: file)

May 2nd, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — We condemned with contempt it deserves the ongoing violent campaign against noncombatants in Southern parts of Unity State, particularly in Mayandit, Leer counties and other environs. Over the last three or so days, Juba Government forces have been carrying out scorch-earth policy in the aforementioned localities without any slightest feeling of mercy.

The kind of suffering that had been inflicted on them is unimaginable. So far many civilians, young and old have died in the hands of the marauding government forces and its affiliate militia. Now thousand people had been dislodged and forced to shelter in swamps without basic needs. We hereby call on all humanitarian Agencies to run and rescue those internally displaced persons from certain death. As we converse now, hundreds of civilians are in dire need of food and shelter wherever they ran to. Thus, any quick assistance accorded to them at this time of need shall be highly appreciated.

As lobby group that work to foster peace and democratic values, we felt very sad with this latest turn of event. Time is ripe for all peace loving individuals and parties to speak out against such human humiliation without equivocation. King Selassie 1 once opined, ‘‘it is us today, it will be you tomorrow’’.

You would fondly recalled that this violent campaign followed President Kiir’s recent public statement in Juba that he can’t and won’t step down; that he will instead crush those who are perceived and opposed to his regime and his autocratic policies, and that he regretted saving certain people’s lives in the past.

We think he should not regret to save people lives. He ought to be reminded that the hallmark of life is to save someone’s life in one way or another. In light of that, we call on President Kiir to redirect his soldiers toward peace and not war. This violent campaign must stop forthwith. There is no need to continue subjecting innocent people to pain and suffering simply because they are opposing a system that they’re satisfied with.

This blatant violation of peace by South Sudan Government is one thing, and the silent of IGAD and the International community is another. The IGAD cannot keep postponing peace talks and at the same time maintain a pin drop silence in the face of these wanton gross human Rights violations in South Sudan.

We therefore urge IGAD and the international community to come out clear and identify these perpetrators and their masters with a view to shame and held them accountable for their chaotic actions.

It is our view that Juba regime cannot be allowed to frequently act in total disregard of the cessation of hostilities agreement signed in 2017.

Thank you

Dak Buoth

Co- convener, Senior Youth of South Sudan (SEYOSS)

Nairobi, Kenya

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