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Condemnation Of Incident That Occurred On The 5th Of May 2017

By Simon MachuarManhkeracnaak,south-sudan-confederate-arrangement



May 11, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— Gogrial state Youth Union in Juba condemn the clashes that have been going on between Aguok and Apuk communities of Gogrial state since the 5th of May to present. The incident that happened on May 5, 2017, as caused the death of 25 youth and 27 others severely wounded.

We the youth of Gogrial state are seriously concerned about the ongoing conflict that started early April this year between the two communities which have resulted in death and displacement of civilians including women and children. Our population is being displaced from their residential villages by the conflict because the warring communities have been seen using heavy guns which scarred the public to leave their homes to other bordering areas of Tonj, Twic and Awiel.

We, the Union also condemn the state Government under the leadership of Gregory Vasili for its being reluctant to arrest the situation. The government has failed to engage the two communities to resolve their matters peacefully and instead, the Governor himself is heavily accused of being the cause and part of the conflict and he is not impartial in the view of the public.

The Governor has never exhausted any effort to intervene and disperse the conflict and to our dismay, they continue encouraging the conflict. We are really disappointed by the statement made by state minister for information over the media in which he denied the death toll and the number of wounded mentioned above. This has shown the citizens of Gogrial state that the government is not honest and frank.

Therefore, we condemn his failure to control escalating communal fight all over state and  we call upon our president to relieve the Governor since communities lost hope and confident in his poor leadership.

We the youth also condemn the governor’s acts of interfering in Gogrial State Youth Union activities by bribing some illegitimate youth to sabotage the  Youth Body. This act is creating division among the youth of Gogrial state. Hon. Governor made divided rule policies by paying some disgruntle youth to initiate other parallel mouth piece of his government to form pro-Gregory Gogrial State Youth Union in Juba in order to ruin the concinnity of the youth in Gogrial State.

The governor policies towards the youth of Gogrial state are destructing our unity. The Governor hasdissolved the union at state level and closed their office at gun point accusing them of being his opponents. The Governor has used some youth facilitated by his body guards to disturb the state youth union in Juba on 7th May 2017 which provoked the situation of Youth and almost resulted in physical confrontation among the youth at Millennium Hotel in Juba but due to the help and the role playedby security which peacefully maintained the order and advise youth to refrain from conflict and call off the meeting. Therefore, we the union has appreciated the role of security organs because we totally reject the transfer of Aguok-Apuk conflict to capital of the Republic of South Sudan.

Lastly, we kindly ask our President to end the politically motivated conflict by removing Gregory Vasili Dimetry.



Simon MachuarManhkeracnaak

The President, Gogrial State Youth Union in Juba

Email: wendengdit@gmail.com

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