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Cobra General Baba Kaku Aturuk Defects With Thousands of Troops To Join SPLA-IO

Major General: Baba Kaku Aturuk with 6752 Officers and Foot Soldiers of Cobra Faction in Paritet and Ngantholoj Declared an Allegiance to the SPLM/A-IO

Pibor, South Sudan

Gen. Khalid Bora left, Cobra officers, Maj. Gen. James Kongkong (center) and the officers of cobra in Pibor South Sudan(Photo: file)
Gen. Khalid Bora left, Cobra officers, Maj. Gen. James Kongkong (center) and the officers of cobra in Pibor South Sudan(Photo: file)

April 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A group of over 6752 officers and foot soldiers formerly belong to the Cobra Armed Faction of David Yau Yau discarded their leader who is an ally to president Kiir and, they confirmed an allegiance to the Sudan People’ Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition under leadership of the South Sudan Vice-President designated. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. The declaration commence the 17th of April, 2016.

Speaking exclusively to media outlets at his base in Ngantholoj, about 30 kilometers away from Pibor town, Major General: Baba Kaku Aturuk, the overall commander of the defectors has long-established that, he and his comrades have fall apart with David Yaw Yaw who remains loyal to Kiir.

According to the defectors, they indicted Yaw Yaw of being only thoughtful of where his own bread is to be buttering.  Attributed to Gen. Aturuk, his former boss, Gen. David Yaw Yaw has mislays their vision and the mission that had killed thousands of Murle sons and daughters during the bitter insurgency which they have ranged for four years against Salva Kiir’s government. He sold our objective as a faction and community with money to the Dinka regime of Juba. Says the General.

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This is because, what we were fighting for was not just to see David Yaw Yaw or,  whoever amongst the leaders of the Cobra movement being  kept in isolation, entertaining with ceremonial command, thrilled with costly something to eat and, a  banquettes in a hotels. We were not united as movement and a community and fights to make sure that, our ranks and files being reinstated as reserve army in the SPLA-Juba  so that we preserve a failed government by protecting it of the revolution.

When we also agreed with Yaw Yaw to signs peace dealt with Juba, it was not our interests to gets back all that we lost as individuals leaders whilst, the orphanage, wounded,  widows and widowers are left behind with no rally round. As am speaking to you, my intention to fight Juba from 2010 to 2014 was not to secure a mini and lousy state for the Murle as an isolated ethnic community. Our point was to change South Sudan from how it is and for better future.

When asked about Salva Kiir’s unilateral decision to create more state including Buma State of Murle?  Gen. Aturuk responded that, the biggest threat facing people of South Sudan today is not a question of how many State they wants because even the ten that  existing are not stable.  Initially, Murle community were not fighting for having state which is politically devise with interests to maintains  Murle community busy of violent business amongst themselves as of political intrusion from interest groups. This unilateral decision is only good for Salva Kiir and his tribesmen and women who have the advantage since it is annexing others people’ land and resources into the Dinka land.

The only main dilemma for our country today is that, the world around us gets so tired of the political elite’s continuing infighting for power, their corruption, their plundering of the nation’s wealth, persistent tribalism and nepotism. The so-called SPLM-Juba of Salva Kiir loss vision and, they will not takes the country anywhere. Those in Juba are happy only when they sees South Sudan a country where tribal politics and clannish affiliation replaced party ideology, no sound policies to deliver service to the people. Those who act as if they were the only liberators turned looters, political and economic corruption became rampant, political power greed and misuse of political power became the order of the day. These are the issues that everyone with love of country at heart has to make sure that, these they are addressed.

When David Yaw Yaw signed the decomposed peace agreement with government of Juba, we the in the movement and Murle community as whole thought the deal was to address our grievances. Unfortunately, when Gen. Yaw Yaw turns the secret language of papers into his own personal gain, we declined. As we speak,  all and sundry of Murle have erudite how miserably Gen. Yaw Yaw loses the  prop up by his own community since he has forsaken their cause and consorted himself with genocidal government in Juba.

Therefore, to fulfill the popular demand by Murle community in quiz for better country as fellows South Sudanese longing for, we the commanders of the Cobra Force-Mainstream  defected from Yaw Yaw and, as we are speaking to you now, there is nothing still called ‘’ Cobra Faction under Gen. David Yaw Yaw’’ consider loyal to Salva Kiir. We  the army that said to be his force on the ground have dumped him and we join the SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of the South Sudan 1st Vice President designate Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.

According to the General in charge of overall commands for the force currently located in Paritet and Ngantholoj Payams of Pibor County, his defection came along with Major General. Abraham Korok Lang, Major General. Juma Lokochok Konyi, seven brigadiers General, eleven colonels and significant numbers of military ranking officials predominately from Murle ethnics’ community.

When asked of their motive as to why they decided to switch side lately after the two principle rivals in the conflict have signed peace and subsequently, are implementing the Compromise Peace Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in Republic of South Sudan?  General Aturuk counters that, we delayed to declare earlier due to some moral and technical reasons.

As you may have heard of the incident that happened in February, 2016 in Pibor between our force and the force loyal to Baba Midan who is Salva Kiir’s government agent in Murle land, we were in consultative decisions amongst ourselves and the supporters on the ground. Now, we have fully greed on which direction and the cause that suited our objective. It was due to a proper organization of ourselves that make it not easy for us to early make known our joining of the struggle. Gen. Aturuk calls up on Murle community to maintain resilience and hope for future.

Gen. Aturuk regarding status of their connection with SPLM/A-IO leadership has ensured that they were in communiqué with the Opposition leadership and, Gen. Baba said, we are now in our position in the areas mentioned above only when we are direct to move next.  We are waiting general orders from the SPLM-IO Head Quarter of how we move with the arrangement of our forces.


Major General Baba Kaku Aturuk
Overall Commander of Cobra Armed Force-Faction
Ngantholoj, Pibor County

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Editorial Team


John Puok Chuol August 10, 2016 at 7:47 am

you are welcome comrades.

SCOTT Daniel John tap August 10, 2016 at 8:12 am

You are welcome braves murle welcome to the freedom fighters under C in C DR. MACHAR and wish you wonderful right decision, welcome to the justice and stability

dor nyuot August 11, 2016 at 6:57 am

you are well come braves murle i hope your being together with c in c Dr Machar will let primitive kirr to leave juba

Gatkuoth Gatdet pouk August 11, 2016 at 12:24 pm

you are highly well come ,the s.sudan is your future generation ,come all with good spirit.


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