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Unity State Women Representative, Nyakuoth Yoah speaking During Unity State Leadership swearing- in in Nairobi(Photo credit: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Unity State Women Representative, Nyakuoth Yoah speaking During Unity State Leadership swearing- in in Nairobi(Photo credit: supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 24, 2021(Nyamilepedia)On 17th February 2021, the Liech Community Association in Kenya (LCAK) clapped and cheered on hearing the appointment of Unity State County Commissioners, State Government Ministers and Heads of various Commissions by President Salva Kiir in consultation with relevant stakeholders to the Peace Agreement ending the long year of anxiety and restlessness in our community.

This new development elicited hopes for the residents of Unity State especially the internally displaced persons (IDPS), refugees and expatriates who are yearning to return homes and contribute to the growth and development of the state and the country as a whole. We are very optimistic for a better and equal Unity State under the Leadership of Governor Dr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil. 

We wish the newly appointed state officials a best of luck in their respective assignments. On the same note, this appointment presents a great opportunity for the officials who have been recycled and reappointed to various constitutional posts to redefine and redouble their roles and efforts in service delivery.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said ‘‘we need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity.’’ We demanded the newly appointed officials to demonstrate unconditional love for the people of Unity State and South Sudanese at large by respecting their oaths of office and adhering to the principles of the agreement that brought them into office.

As much as we embrace this new development, we however regret the deliberate delay of the formation of the State government for it is a total breach of the Revitalized Agreement of the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS). 

As we speak now some States in South Sudan are still without a government, and it’s sad. What we have just done was supposed to be executed a year ago, but because of laxity and unnecessary political arrogance it has not been possible. Going forward, the parties to the Agreement should avoid dragging their feet by expediting the process of finalizing the implementation of the Peace Agreement to the letter and spirit. 


In addition, we call on Unity State governor, Dr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil to establish a Diaspora commission (DC) that will link the state government and its diaspora communities. 

The Diaspora commission can be tasked to receive and gather the views of its expatriate on the way forward for our war torn Unity state. As we are all aware, Unity State is one of the states in South Sudan with a huge number of diaspora communities which need to be involved in generating amicable solutions for our future.

The quest to reunite and rebuild Unity State after it has been unilaterally divided during the war is not a walk in the park. It needs concerted efforts at all levels of the society. Therefore, as we undertake this historical journey of working together as one people, one nation, no group should be left out or left behind. We all need to be part and parcel of this noble mission to reconcile and reunite our people. To realize this dream, there is a need for a Diaspora commission to be constituted as an extension of the Governor’s office.


Finally, the first mandate of this new State Government in our view is to create a solid base foundation on which it can function without sabotage. And this solid base foundation is none other than ‘the governor-Meet the people tour’. We hold that the first thing to do is for the Governor to embark on visiting the seven counties of Unity State, and its Diaspora communities are no exceptions. 

We believe the governor-meet the people tour initiative will produce a bank of ideas that will enable the State Leadership to achieve the much desired unity and reconciliation rapidly.  Lastly, given that this State Government is composed of officials from different political parties, we expect democracy to thrive ahead of elections slated for 2023. 

It is our hope that Unity State should remain peaceful during and after that forthcoming plebiscite. We anticipated that there would be tolerance in the way people engage themselves politically. At the grass root, all we need is maximum peace and security which are the prerequisites for development and business operations.      

Dak Buoth Riek-Gaak, 

Chairman, Liech Community Association in Kenya (LCAK)

24th February, 2021, Nairobi 

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