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By Ambassador/Professor David de Chand,

Ambassador/Professor David de Chand
Ambassador/Professor David de Chand

Feb 24th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —— CMA based on the Franco-American Revolutions of 4th July 1775 and 14th July 1789, respectively, ideals, principles, and ethics declare that political change is necessary in the leadership in South Sudan because the concurrent leadership has failed the people’s revolution, the State, and the people’s hard won revolution after two scores and ten years of intensification of the armed struggle against Khartoum partially elected so-called democratically elected governments and the rag-tag military junta that ruled the country the longest. Those who would resist change could be identified and termed as the enemy of the people.  Neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Machar has the capacity to govern South Sudan because both have abandoned their Constitutional Oath, thus leaving the citizens to their own peril. This also would apply to anyone that had been “ins” and “outs” to become political prostitutes or political polylandarists of sort.

We are therefore creating the CMA for the citizens to defend themselves against genocide being ushered in by Salva Kiir in collusion with his defecting staffs. CMA exists not in the poetical scene for the sake of national unity, vital nation interest, peace and tranquility, unity of purpose and of equal of all citizens in the land under Salva Kiir’s illusions while genocide running into millions to impose fear upon constitutionality of CMA.

It has come to my attention by virtue of the Citizens Militia Army herein after CMA and who have vested power onto David de Chand as the Pro Tempt President of South Sudan. The CMA constitutes controlled of the 95% of all tribes which constitutes 95% of South Sudanese population.

We, the People of South Sudan do hereby declare that we are the majority Sovereigns of South Sudan herein after the United Sudan of Africa [USA] as a De Jure Republic of the united Sudan of Africa… ( See Luther v. Borden, 48 U.S. (7 How.) 1 (1849)[1], was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States established the political question doctrine in controversies arising under the Guarantee Clause of Article Four of the United States Constitution Republic form of government (Art. IV, § 4). CMA-IO concur same.

Whereas: The present pseudo-government of South Sudan is inherently a de facto and illegitimated retrospect to 15 July 2015 up to now as ethnocentric government of criminals committing genocide or democide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and causes of hunger and the effects of cannibalism, for We the People united to stand in unity for federalism exclusive of de facto government, thusly, legally and lawfully we are the government of present South Sudan.

Whereas: CMA is the de jure Army of the Federal Republic of South Sudan (FRSS). to protect its citizens from harm, from suffering, from economic hardship, and to usher in a new form of Constitutional government affording equality, liberty, freedom, democracy fraternity as well as economic prosperity, globalization or global trading emanating therefrom of its ecological wealth, to shelter the homeless, to feed the hungry, to bring medical personnel to treat the sick, medicine to bring quality of life, et seq.

Therefore: It is incumbent upon the international community to recognize CMA is the present de jure government in lieu of the present purported government. As per case law of Luther vs. Borden, We the People declare that the present occupied de facto government is not a “republican” in nature because it restricted the electorate in effort to hold claim as absolute government without remedy to cure sufferings as said above.

Be it resolved: That CMA would adhere to a Constitutional form of government to protect our nation and national identity in one effort for absolute peace and harmony and to co-habit as One Nation, One People, indivisible under God. CMA urges and appeals to the Dinka folks that nothing to fear except fear itself because of the crimes of genocide defined…. as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity …..

Further, We call on all opposition of different political ideologies, in despite of our political differences, we need to Dialogue par cum pari (equal) with each other to steer for an agenda that could facilitate the formation of a comprehensive and inclusive Constitutional government of the Federal system to become the majority sovereigns and de jure and legitimate system of government in exile.

Whereas, we the opposition alliance controlled over 95% of the countryside and more than 90% of civilians’ population, that by virtue of this development that metamorphosis. We have become the majority de jure and legitimate.

Therefore: CMA and SSDFP urge and appeal to all parties and individuals opposed to Juba to be ready for Dialogue as the best remained alternative status quo ante to overthrow the genocidal, barbaric, cannibal-like and wicked regime in Juba. Rest assuredly, we shall not and will not relent or to wait any further for those résistance to change. The train got to start moving, its pretty long and wide coaches, and it has many rooms compared to Jesus Christ statement that in his father’s mansion there are many rooms and he went there to prepare a place for a everyone on board after death and hereinafter. At the same, we have many stations and many passengers on the way. We would, of course, would come on aboard for change in Juba and throughout South Sudan. We have no time to waste to accord Salva Kiir and his cronies more time to commit more atrocities.

In conclusion, SSDFP and CMA urge and appeal to all South Sudanese in unionism that this is the time or never to make Salva Kiir and his cronies walked like a naked emperor or similarly to “Canute” the legendary Danish monarch that stood by the beach and commanded the waves to stop to proved power. All the people of South Sudan regardless of their cultural backgrounds should stand up for change with or without neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar because they are both obsolete and lack the abilities and capabilities to govern any further in South Sudan. They must and ought to exit the political scene in South Sudan.

As for the Dinka Youth who have been misled by the octogenarian so-called Jieng Elder Council (JEC), they need to repent for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. The enemy of the people of South Sudan as a whole has been the Special Twic Dinka Militias and terrorists that have died terrible death tolls in the Greater Upper Nile region under the direct command of the trio-musqutters Salva Kiir, Paul Malong Awan and the hibernated notorious General Deng Wal secretly promoted to the rank of a Field Marshal for having butchered his fellow countrymen, women, children, and the elderly. The would-be federal government military and its security forces would not relent to pursuing them whenever, wherever, however, and by any means necessary until those terrorists and cannibal-like savages and terror have defeated or they surrender to the government authorities to adjudication of justice. We would leave no stone unturned in search and hit and destroyed mission on these terrorists and cannibals and savages. Revolution against Salva Kiir would succeed grater then ever before because it’s only s matter of time, it will. We urge all the forces and left with Salva Kiir to rebel to join CMA for real political change. For instance, those would resist change if they were caught on Salva Kiir’s side, would have lost everything, including pension and all benefits for their families for the years of service to the nation.

God bless you all.  Have A Good Day!


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