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“Call it draft constitution for one Man or Call it draft constitution against one Man or Call it draft constitution against the whole nation of South Sudan”

By Brig Gen Isaac Nhial Wich Lok,
Salva Kiir, displays the transitional constitution after forcefully signing it into law in 2011(Photo: Reuters)
Salva Kiir, displays the transitional constitution after forcefully signing it into law in 2011(Photo: Reuters)

Nov 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — One purpose for writing this article is to point out the an incalculable danger brought by what was so call South Sudan draft constitution which was written to prolong one man his leadership or which was written for the well being of one man President Salva Kiir Kueth Pieny known as Salva Kiir Mayardit.  That empty astray philosophy call draft constitution written against one man the first Vice President LT Gen Dr. Riek Machar, and against the whole nation was very very drastically severely damaged the live of the young nation of South Sudan.

I can’t imagine why the world of South Sudan SPLM Party Politicians was against their own first Vice President for the last nine (9) years and wrote what I call now a draft constitution for one man or a draft constitution against one man or a draft constitution against the whole nation, even those who have the urge to accomplish something worthwhile in life back down supporting that useless draft constitution. During the course of that useless draft, there were only two Nuer doctors who pointed out that this constitution would be too dangerous for the country we love in the days to come with difference objectives or difference kind of view like what Honorable Both Dieu did long ago in the history of Sudan.

The first doctors was Dr. David De Chan. Dr. Chan who was simply walk out in draft constitution room saying what is so call draft constitution was the invitation of dictatorship to South Sudan, the invitation of more killing, the invitation of more murdered, the invitation of more massacre, the invitation of more genocides, and the invitation of more ethnic cleansing.  But, the government of South Sudan teams lead by Minister of Justice the man in charge of every mess now John Luke Jok, quickly reply back to Dr. David De Chan by saying and I quote “whatever Dr.Chan claiming was just empty and baseless and term him as Hungry man because he is Jobless”. “He is only fighting for a position he said”. Thereafter, Dr. Chan left the country or South Sudan land to unknown place. Nine (9) years later what the political scientist Dr. Chan claims came to live.

The second doctor was the nation is Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. The man who was inside among the bunch of enemies who doesn’t want him to serves the people of South Sudan, those who call themselves true SPLM Party members whom it was utterly bitter for them to see him leading the country.  But, for him to became an achiever in South Sudan he thoughts one must have the quality of SPLM Party believer who is really enthusiastic among the Dinka communities. the question is who want to pay attention to give ears, minds, and hearts to him from those bunch of an enemies?  But, only one guy, was a savior to his position for the last eight (8) years and half and the man was LT Gen Paulino Matip Nhial. The man who seems to have good mutual understanding with the President Salva Kiir Kueth Pieny known as Salva Kiir Mayardit by the nick name of his father giant bull. On the other hand President Kiir knew very well that there are a lots of things he needs help with in politics or a lots of things he doesn’t understand in the politics of the world and Dr. Machar is the only best man to keep on his right hand. But, the rest of SPLM members don’t see it that way, they call it  a betrayal to SPLM Party and to the Dinka communities in South Sudan.  Them politicians don’t want to see him as powerful leader because they considering him as their enemy.

Then. Dr. Machar became silent due he don’t want to loss his position. Therefore, one thing he said to the Minister of Justice John Luke Jok, a man who wrote the damn draft constitution for one man in the nation and against one man in which the whole work turn around became draft constitution against the whole nation warn by the Vice President Dr. Machar and I quote “I guarantee Mr. John you will face your hand written draft constitution when time come” the Justice Minister John Luke quickly reply Mr. Vice President you don’t know what you talking about since you have no degree in the field of law.

Just this month John Luke air a meaningless apology. I don’t know if that will means the end of John Luke in politic or not. When Minister John Luke was doing work he did not realized that even the air seems full of dreams, plans, and terrific ideas instead for him to draft what became now Nuer genocides or cleansing.  However, former Minister of Justice John Luke came out to express unspecific apology. I thought Mr. Luke should wider his apology meaningfully either to the victim of his genocides draft constitution the Nuer community in particular or he should directed his apology to President Kiir Kueth Pieny to allow him back to is government. And if he to apologize to the Nuer let him address the Nuer community world wide meaningfully and state it clearly why now? and What move him to apologize now then?.

Beyond every things I was awed that the President Kiir Kueth perhaps did not thoughts of the lives of his country women, children, and men but decided that unpopular draft constitution would be the one explanation of his happy spirit. Needless to mention that what suppose to be the nation protector army from the outsiders became SPLM Party army and was not separated from the SPLM Party at all.  The commissioners, the governors, the Ministers, the Vice President, and the President except Dr. Riek Machar was having huge bunches of the SPLA forces around them instead to used police forces who had been training a little bit about the law. That alone can cause what is call conflict of interest between police and army.

If we speak truths to power in the SPLA forces we only give credit to the nation former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar that he never touch none of the SPLA forces as his own forces or as his own protector. He was only used secret services and the police which is the right idea for democratic nation and why not others politicians can n’t do the same in South Sudan?  If we claims to be democratic country therefore, our government should be a government “for the people and by the people” not a government of one man and that was the reason why we saying in the SPLM in Opposition President Salva Kiir Kueth Pieny has lost his legitimacy. This means that we the people can vote for candidates who we believe in the base rights of is people and who will govern honestly and with integrity, men or women who hold to our values and seek to honor God with their lives but President Kiir and his cabinets are not any more hold that commandment.

“The old test now was repeated itself again”

Isn’t it amazing how a person, no matter how burdened, can create and release dynamic forces that turn back defeat? Now, the old test was being repeated itself against Nuer and our leaders Dr. Riek Machar, Governor Taban Deng, and the rest. The world and the South Sudanese historian keep bringing up 1991 but forgot to keep alive what had happened in 1983. However, I would like to ask all the SPLM In Opposition (the Nuer) to make  right strategy for us to win this war.   Ask yourself in where you are, would we win it or fail it again? Would we refused to accept defeat or would we accept defeat now?

I thoughts it is too late for the world to talks about SPLM Party reunification because the people they have kills are not SPLM Party members. Those they have kills are just ordinary citizens. When they arrested the really SPLM Party members then they did not kills them, what is that for? What had happened to the Nuer was painful. We all saw the beginning of it but of course we don’t see the end of it. If it may happen that the SPLM Party may have resolved the whole problem according to the way they did in Aruaha then that is alright but let them not forgot that the Greater Upper Nile lives and properties has been devastated by the war.

My Father Chief Wich Lok Yoah of Thiang Nuer used to told me “avoid agreeing with people merely to keep peace, when not doing so, you will conquer obstacles to achieve what the truths you fighting for” in that case, there is nothing wrought to give huge for peace but if accept it just merely to keep it, that ain’t sound to good.  It look like sophisticated crowd that can not convince their nosy to quiet when their leader addressing them.

“Arusha leadership on SPLM Party reunification, Addis Ababa leadership on Peace talks between Opposition and the so call government, and the Nuer live in South Sudan Politics”

Perhaps you wonder what happened to the SPLM Party members in Arusha, Tanzania. It seems like SPLM Party is coming to live in Arusha, Tanzania.   But, the question is, how far distance the relationship between Arusha leadership and campala leadership?  It is true that the peace talks that run by Addis Ababa leadership seems to be useless undermine by the man which run the show campala Mr. Yoweri, thinking that Addis Ababa leadership is favorite the Opposition (the Nuer) which is not true. Therefore, if the SPLM In Opposition leadership will endorse the continuing of Salva Kiir Kueth Pieny leadership, then I am afraid that Dr. Riek Machar will join the killers alone and the Nuer struggle will keep going till Salva Kiir Kueth Pieny gone. It is not impossible for both Dinka and Nuer to come back to peace but our demand are Kiir Kueth Pieny must accept to exit or to be a ceremonial president and give chance to South Sudanese to deminstrate Federalism which means creation of twenty two (22) States namely.

  1. Liech State (Genesis Land State) this is South of Bentiu
  2. Unity State  (Homeland State) this is North of Bentiu
  3. Fangak State (The Empire State)
  4. Beah State (The Lord State)
  5. Nasir State (The Promise Land State)
  6. Paloch State (The Promise Land State)
  7. Bor State,
  8. Pibor State,
  9. Malakal State,
  10. Yirol State,
  11. Rumbek State,
  12. Wau State,
  13. Raja State,
  14. Tonj State,
  15. Yambio State,
  16. Marid State,
  17. Yei State,
  18. Juba State,
  19. Torit State,
  20. Kaepota State,
  21. Awiel State,
  22. Warap State.

So that the Federal government can do a well coordinate programs of compensation through States, Counties, Payams, Bomas, and Villages in order to heal the hearts of the broken people and the broken nation. It happened before in United State of America during their civil war between South and North, and in that case, it is not impossible for us to do the same when peace come at last. United States were rewarded the Southern States with more money to do more rebuilding or constructions to restored peace within their union. Many Nuer people would like to choose joy, but sadly would actually deny a deceiving peace moderated by the Nuer genocidal Campala leader Yoweri and his invisible others four leaders which already sent their soldiers to fights against Nuer while uniform them with Ugandan military uniforms. We the SPLA In Opposition Army, we urge the SPLM In Opposition politicians to look carefully the Arusha leadership meaning how far their working relations with Campala leadership?  Is Arusha leadership independence and not working out the minds of Campala leadership? The SPLM In Opposition army will not accept any peace that seems to awards the Nuer killers and dictators but will accept a peace that has determination, the future of South Sudan, and the Nuer and their friends life.

The author can be reached at nhialwichlok@yahoo.com

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