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Press release, SSSAK

By Chol Ajok Barec     

          SSSAK29th October 2014(Nyamilepedia) — THE south Sudan students Association in Kenya (SSSAK) felt disheartened by the deadly incident that occurred two days ago at Kakuma Refugee Camp among south Sudanese refugees in Kenya. We learned this unruliness with shock and disgust that our brothers and sisters who run away from a brutal killings in our country have now replicated the same barbarism among themselves.

We express deep sense of loss for those who perished as a result of this skirmishes; May their souls rest in eternal peace. It is our humble prayer that victims recover quickly from the injuries they might incurred including the young girl who was allegedly raped and was believed to be what triggered the rages. It is an issue that needs to be address and pursued conclusively with civility as per the law of the Kenya. we urge the Kenya police to beef up its patrol around the camps.

It is now very hard for us to comprehend this recurring cruel behavior. You must shun this retrogressive, archaic, and intolerant behavior toward yourselves but rather embrace attitude change while living outside your country’s borders. Develop a change of perceptions that only Promote tolerance, understanding, and respect for each other regardless ethnicity, age and gender disparity. It is now evident that the ongoing war in our country has cascade down to all levels of our society and it is sabotaging our harmonies coexistent, nevertheless, we ought to instantly realized that there is need more than ever before to exhibit utmost courtesy among ourselves and with our neighbors because the present and the future belong to us.

We strongly urged you to be calm and instead adopt our theme of the year, ’ORGANIZE NOT AGONIZE’ ’Make Kakuma refugee camp your peaceful Home for Home is not necessarily where you are born but where you live, hence you should live peacefully as if you are going to be there forever even if you shall go back to our country tomorrow.

We shouldn’t behave as if we lose our senses and began behaving like a rabid dog. Because a rabid dogs, when they are affected, they lose their senses and cannot distinguish themselves from other dogs. They cannot distinguish a friend from a foe. A rabid dog bites anything and everywhere in his path including her body. This is exactly what is happening to us, we forget that we are one people with one goal, one destiny; that is why we have been doing all these along.

The UNHCR have been donated to you food, firewood, shelter, health care et cetera, but remember nobody will ever donate peace to you because it is something natural and indispensable; it is part and parcel of you; until you meditate and give it to yourself, it would never emerge from anywhere else other than yourself. While you’re there, we expects you to utilized the free primary and secondary education afforded and accorded to you by the united nation high commissioner for refugee (UNHCR) so that when you repatriate, you would definitely build a promising future for your family and society at large. Spend your leisure time in recreational activities that are part of a healthy lifestyle as well as to participate freely in sport, physical education drama, literacy, music and other forms of cultural life.

Finally, we request our SSSAK STUDENTS who are recently reported to have visited Kakuma for internships, the likes of Chak Gatnyang Riek and Gabriel Mabior Arok and others to help youth restraint and refrain from such abnormalities. We also extend this message to all SSSAK expatriates wherever they maybe across Kenya to help in restoring calm among the south Sudanese youth fighting in Kakuma refugee camp.

Yours sincerely

Chol Ajok Barec                                                                                        



Signed 29th 10/2014: 11am EAT.

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