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A word of thanks to the Speaker of the National Legislative assembly of the Republic of South Sudan for removing the 23 MPs from President Kiir’s Assembly.

By Ex MP, Sophia Pal Gai,

South Sudan parliament after some members of parliament fled the country or took refuge in the UNMISS camps in the country(Photo: file)
South Sudan parliament after some members of parliament fled the country or took refuge in the UNMISS camps in the country(Photo: file)

Sept 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I would like to congratulate the speaker of South Sudan National Legislative Assembly RT.Hon. Magok Rondial for relieving us the 23 MPs from the President’s Assembly not the People’s Assembly.

We are happy that the decision of our removal has finally come to an effect, at this particular time of history where the People of the Republic of South Sudan need total transformation, democracy, justice, and respect for human rights and delivery of basic social services more than any other time in history.

However, the removal justification from the assembly was on the basis that we were absent for 12 consecutive seating’s of the assembly starting from April 2014, this does not hold any legal ground, first and foremost, we did not show up out of our free will rather its tied up with security reasons since we are label to be supporting the former Vice President as such our people were targeted, many of them are victimized, killed in thousands and their properties looted or even taken to Bahr el Ghazal by thugs from the president’s clan, many of us lost everything including close relatives, friends, people, properties, vehicles, accessories, furniture, money just to mention a few.

Secondly, why would we pretend to be in the parliament in the name of people’s representatives while our constituencies are either in IDP camps inside or in Refugees camps outside the country, this is a mockery to democracy and to ourselves, the president who claimed to be voted in by the people had decided to kill his own voters while he wants support, this is humiliation to the people South Sudan.

Currently many of us don’t owned anything in the State Capital Juba even a shelter to sleep in during the rainy season, the houses are either destroyed or occupied by security guards from the Presidency, and no one appear to discuss any of this in the Assembly for fear of being interrogated by the Security unit, with the poor leadership of Salva Kiir, we are slaves of 21 centuries.

We are proud that we no longer serving the president’s assembly that works under his directive, interest and practices injustices disowning the people of south Sudan, this is true, because since the conflict emerged on December 15th the president of the Republic has never been held accountable for this senseless war that killed thousands and still killing more people under his leadership, he never visited the mess in greater areas of Upper Nile States and no one could dare to speak up on the chaotic situation in the country, the suffering of the people at UNIMESS camps or refugees in the neighboring countries are left in the hands of international communities or to whom it may concern while the persistent of killing of innocent is still ongoing, the killing has now shifted from the Nuer people only to other tribes of South Sudan, meaning any person who condemn what Salva is doing is label as an enemy.

This evidence appear clearly during our termination procedures as members of Parliament, MPs are not free to discuss, legislate laws in that parliament without any security report to the President, as this issue was table not much discussion was generated on the matter only one brave MP stated the legal implication on the system such as by elections to be done within 60 days ,whatever decision on this legality issue, the matter will still remain in the hands of the President since he own the Parliament, this is true with the removal of elected four governors in four States of South Sudan who were either dismissed, relocated to take other positions within the National Government is a total violation of the constitution of the Republic.

We’re happy that the world is convinced beyond reasonable doubts that there was no Coup, the war is instigated and imposed on people of South Sudan by the president himself claiming that there was a coup while he made the coup against himself and the people, through a voice of one man called Thomas Duoth Guet who testify about the Coup in the court during the investigation of former 11 political Detainees who were imprison for no apparent reason but later on freed without drawing of concrete evidence against them. It’s also worth mentioning that the men who spoke the truth about the imaginary coup were all dismissed from their positions such as the Director of Military Intelligence.

Usually in any normal parliamentary seating, it is a constitutional right of the assembly to vet the President over any security threats and to explain to the assembly of what had actually happened on December 15th -19th.2013, this is a constitutional right of the assembly and it had not happen as in the constitution.

Ironically, the president was not authorized to kill innocent South Sudanese by the Parliament, but why did he do it? He did because he is a dictator, he wants to silence people who are peace and democracy lovers, he wants to suppress elections and remain in power, he did it because he hate the Nuer people, this scenario can lead to disgrace and presidential impeachment or generate the legal process from voters against the president who can be remove through vote of no confidence, as it did happened in countries like Ukraine when the president was asked to step down over killing of only 200 people leave alone killings of over 25,000 innocent Nuer people in the bloody hands of security personal.

This is indeed genocide, and the president made his own coup against his owned people. The indecisiveness of the Assembly to remove the President at this difficult time made the parliament body to be weak and is not in controlled of its own operation as a body of representatives which respect laws but rather depends on Presidential directives under the hand of weak speaker.

The President through his training of a separate security forces outside the regular forces, made him implement his malicious wish of killing individuals who challenge his poor leadership style, started in 2012 when journalists such as Isaiah Abraham were killed, and many others targeted or disappeared in Juba without their where about known till today under the bloody hands of security forces including Wiyual manytap.

I would like to conclude by saying that We are happy that we are not part of the Assembly that support corruptions, tribalism, abuse of human rights, lack of democracy, oppressions, and practice of injustices and violation of the constitution, our history will not forget them, those who work against us to down play our human rights, democracy, freedom, justice, condemn the injustices, equality, unity, peace, progress, economic development and delivery of basic services within our country. The 23 MPS are proud South Sudanese who will always be remembered for their stand against a leader who lost vision of leadership in the newest nation on earth.

Finally, we want to thank the Speaker of the Assembly for relieving us peacefully at this crucial time, we trust and believe that in a long run justice will prevail no matter what it takes, peace will be achieve to end the current situation which is cemented by the blood of people killed innocently from 15th-19th December.2013, may their blood transform the country and bring democracy ending the dark days of tyranny, dictatorship, corruption, tribalism, nepotism and self-service government.

We envision a country that accommodates all diverse cultures of South Sudan people in a federal state that distribute resources equally irrespective of gender, political affiliation, religious diversity, culture, geographical location, color or any other economic, social, political or cultural divergent, we are a free nation and our country is bigger than president Kiir himself.

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