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BREAKING: SPLA and SSPDF Agreed To Open Up Humanitarian Access And Free Movement In Yei River State


An SPLA(IO) delegation meets with SSPDF counterparts in Yei town to deliberate on how best the two armed factions can implement the peace agreement signed by the warring parties in September, 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo credits: supplied/file/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 09, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —– Latest reports from Yei, South Sudan confirms that two military delegations representing the main armed rival forces in the country, the SPLA in Opposition and the SSPDF, have held successful ceasefire consultations and agreed to implement the peace agreement in letter and spirit.

“The meeting was so fruitful and promising towards the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.” Said Col. Lam Paul Gabriel

According to the Deputy Spokesman of the SPLA in Opposition, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, the meeting between the two military delegations were held in accordance to directives from their Chief of Staffs.

“Today 8/11/2018, in the afternoon, the SPLA IO forces based around Yei sent a team of nine (9) Officers to have a meeting with their counterpart from the SSPDF in SSPDF HQ, Yei. This was in accordance to the directives of the Chief of staffs of the SPLA IO and SSPDF respectively to, ease the implementation of the Revitalized peace agreement.” Lam Said.

While the SPLA IO delegation was led by Brig. Gen Sammy Logeleng Samson, the Deputy CDR of Division 2B, Sector 8 and deputized by Brig. Gen. Peter Wal Chol from the National Mobile force, the SSPDF being the host had enough officers from different units led by Gen. Malong the regime’s CDR in Yei.

“Soldiers from both sides should be allowed and encourage to interact freely with each other by visiting each other’s bases; they should move with departure orders and must be unarmed and in none uniform.” Reads part of the agreement extended to Nyamilepedia.

Opening of Humanitarian Corridors.

The rival forces agreed that roads from Yei to Lainya, Lasu, and Kaya will be opened to civilians to move freely and that there will be no detention or checking unless a person is carrying a gun and wearing a uniform.

“Agreed to render humanitarian organizations unhindered access to the most vulnerable population so that basic services can be provided to them.” Read part of the statement.

Col. Lam said both teams recognized the presence of NAS TC and therefore agreed to put posts along the roads to protect civilians using these roads.

The SPLA IO leadership applauds both teams for the breakthrough during this meeting and asks them to continue with this interaction informally so that final peace can be attained.

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