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Applauding letter to Twic East Community leaders and citizens for job well done

Press Release,

Source: via Dinka Twic East
Source: via Dinka Twic East

August 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Greater Twic East Youth-USA applauds our community leaders for their outstanding job well done to Ayual and Dachuek Clans. Especially, the on going process of peace and reconciliation being carried out within our community. It is a very great step forwards to bring peace back to our decent Clans that have not had any historical disputes.

We are so thankful to Twic East County Commissioner, Hon. Dau Akoi, every head chief of our Dinka Twi Community, the committee being headed by Dun Chagai in connections with Twic East Community leadership of South Sudan-USA, plus other citizens of ours who have volunteered themselves to deal with this an uninvited situation. Thus, we couldn’t be more thankful to our people about these ideals of solving our problem within, and not the other way which is totally often contradict with Dinka Twi Community traditional customary laws’ applicant.

Right now we believe it is time to restore our dignity, “Enough is Enough.” And that means we need to return back to our fantastic chieng of Mawäkääi kɔŋ/kɔn kɔ̈ɔ̈c. Kɔŋku/kɔnku kënnë piŋic apieth ku bi wo rim jo dhiɔ̈m të yenyië. Dukku anän bɔ̈ ɣɔ̈ɔ̈ŋ cɔ tek wo yiic Twïnyda.

You, particularly, the Nyuak Payam citizens you know that you are the centrifuge of Twi Dinka community according to Greater Twic Community area geographically convey it. So we don’t want that weakness in our Twic East County citizens people of Nyuak Payam. Also violent solution is totally contrast to Twi people who are known for their diplomatic more solutions first and foremost than violent way.

Our closing, as there is always “time for everything,” at the moment we believe “it is time for peace,” Ayual and Dachuek Clans.

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Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA.

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